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dancing on the edge

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MrsBucketxx Wed 06-Feb-13 07:31:16

whos been watching it, I have been gripped the last few nights.

I'm still trying to work out what luis has done at the start.

oh and id kill. for all the dresses too.

LittleAbruzzenBear Thu 07-Feb-13 13:31:10

I think it's on again next Monday at 9pm. I love that the BBC have spent time and money on this rather just having two episodes. I want more of these programmes!

mummylin2495 Thu 07-Feb-13 14:59:57

yes it is Janet ! I am going to scan the photo, and try and get it on here that way.I think by moving all my photos the files that go with them are now missing so will try that way.

mummylin2495 Thu 07-Feb-13 17:56:58

cant get the photo on but if anyone wants it pm your email address

mummylin2495 Fri 08-Feb-13 11:26:55

Thanks to help from tech the photo is now on my profile.

MrsBucketxx Fri 08-Feb-13 13:43:10

she is even stunning in normal life.

btw your twins are gorgeous, made me very very broody again.

mummylin2495 Fri 08-Feb-13 17:20:59

Not my twins ,my sisters who are 1 years old today !!

LittleAbruzzenBear Fri 08-Feb-13 19:10:41

I second what MrsBucket said, very gorgeous girl.

MrsBucketxx Mon 11-Feb-13 07:44:39

its back on tonight yay.

kitsmummy Mon 11-Feb-13 21:09:17

It's on!

I'm sure it was Julian? wasn't it?

Clawdy Mon 11-Feb-13 22:55:48

Odd thing is,why did he turn and call out to Louis at the top of the corridor,instead of hurrying off?

MrsBucketxx Tue 12-Feb-13 07:15:19

I think its julian now too, poor louis is going to be framed for it sad

LittleAbruzzenBear Wed 13-Feb-13 13:54:50

There is an odd relationship between Mr Masterson and Julian. They seem to have a hold over each other. I'm still not sure which of the two hurt Jessie. Yes, poor Louis will be framed.

fussychica Thu 14-Feb-13 15:58:45

Like it but it's soooooo slow.

GeorginaWorsley Thu 14-Feb-13 21:07:09

Love this programme,the clothes.the music.the make up....
Jacqueline Bisset beautiful as ever.
I think maybe Masterson Julian in it together.
Poor Louis.

comeonbishbosh Thu 14-Feb-13 21:33:16

I'm loving it, didn't even notice it was slow which seems a fairly common complaint. But then I'm living in the twilight zone that is looking after a 3 week old, so anything outside of that seems positively dashing.

comeonbishbosh Thu 14-Feb-13 21:37:06

Yes, agree the clue is in the Masterson / Julian weird relationship. Can't decide whether Julian is setting up girls for Masterson, or visa versa.

gaelicsheep Sat 16-Feb-13 00:26:44

Just want to say, I love this programme! Best thing on TV in ages

gaelicsheep Sat 16-Feb-13 00:31:22

And I don't think it's slow at all -well maybe the first episode was a little. It's such a rare treat to be able to immerse yourself in a story and characters for long enough to really care. I love the original Brideshead Revisited for that reason and it's all too rare these days. Bravo Stephen Polliokov!

As for slow, what was that god awful thing recently with Benedict Cumberpatch and Miss Whiplash (or whatever that suffragette's name was). THAT was slow. DH wanted to slit his wrists after watching one, and I wasn't far behind him.

gaelicsheep Sat 16-Feb-13 00:36:36

I don't think it was actually Julian who Louis saw. I think he's been framed to look like he's lying.

comeonbishbosh Sat 16-Feb-13 02:09:23

Ooo, interesting theory gaelicsheep! May have to go back and check, his voice is quite distinctive. But 'they' didn't know Louis was coming back early, so seems unlikely they would have set up a decoy?

Also, what does Pamela know? Her weepy concern for her little brother seemed a little more oTT and specifically triggered than a general concern for his well being.

gaelicsheep Sat 16-Feb-13 14:28:38

I may be too fond of conspiracy theories! But it is the fact that we very pointedly did NOT see him in close-up, and Louis saw him down the corridor. I think we're at least supposed to wonder.

comeonbishbosh Sat 16-Feb-13 20:07:17

Yes true. It was suspiciously long distance and vague.

MrsBucketxx Sun 17-Feb-13 10:57:22

I really hope its mr masterdon, he is just very odd and seems to pull all the strings imo.

teejwood Mon 18-Feb-13 22:18:38

Oh a thread! Have been watching this avidly for weeks and just thought to search for a thread <doh>. This is so not slow - the standing joke between DP and myself is that it is positively break-neck speed for a Poliakoff!

Agree with the theory that Julian was the aggressor all along - and that Masterson has a mahossive crush on him and will get him out of anything and everything, whatever it takes.

Also - maybe I'm just too suspicious - but is it possible that Masterson himself is a con artist and not as wealthy as he makes out? It wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing turned out to be a house of cards and the deception only needs to last as long as it takes Masterson to get himself and Julian out of there.

Poor Louis sad

fussychica Tue 19-Feb-13 20:39:22

I think Anthony Head's character is going to land up being the baddieshock.

Let's hope the final episode picks up the pace a bit and isn't the usual let down that BBC drame/ thrillers endings so often are.

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