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Homeland - Season 2 Finale, the Final Thread

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Fiderer Wed 19-Dec-12 16:04:21

The other one's nearly full, so here we go with Carrie & Brody, St Saul of Snacks and our theories of What Happens Now.

Hassled Wed 19-Dec-12 22:07:30

A season 3 trailer/teaser/bloody useless really thing

LightHousekeeping Wed 19-Dec-12 22:12:43

Oh, I'm not going near it!

diddl Wed 19-Dec-12 22:16:49

´Tis not a trailer but a montage of things from eps 11(?) & 12.

It gives the ending of ep 12 away.

petshopgirls Wed 19-Dec-12 22:19:49

Oh damn damn damn just realised we are going out on Sunday evening and then on Monday DC are around all day and then we are out on Monday too. Christmas Day evening it is then for me. How on earth will I manage to wait that long AND avoid seeing any discussion of what happens on here/ Twitter?!

gypsyfloss Wed 19-Dec-12 22:21:48

Right slappers , sluts n bitches what are we collectively going to watch next?

I rarely watch tv and this bit of MN has given me The Wire, that pottery cross dresser who did the big artwork whose names escapes me, Claridges , last Tango in Halifax and of course ginger Nick, nice arse Quinn, beardy snackman Saul and mustn't forget Mike the faithful Labrador grin

I'm relying on you all to keep me entertained throughout the winter smile

petshopgirls Wed 19-Dec-12 22:51:03

I do like the sound of the Wire. I hardly watch TV too so if I'm going to it needs to be something good!

gypsyfloss Wed 19-Dec-12 23:16:50

It's brilliant. I was waxing lyrical about it on the other thread. Do give it a try, there's loads of it , about 5 or 6 seasons so plenty to get stuck in to.

donnie Wed 19-Dec-12 23:19:37

I just couldn't get on with the WIRE. however much I want to shag Idriss Elba, I just wasn't able to ....y'know....connect, as it were. He is utterly swoonsome though. (drool emoticon required)

Back in the day I was an NYPD Blue girl. Best theme tune/opening sequence ever IMO. The first two series were blinding!!!!

Now I am a Homeland Whore and proud.....grin

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Thu 20-Dec-12 00:03:41

Are we not missing the obvious about Claire Danes being pregnant and therefore most likely character to be killed galvez style and then make a miraculous come back mid season in series 3? Brody running round like a headless chicken trying to find Carrie/rescue her while being pulled from pillar to post by the goodies/baddies/inbetweenies? That's my theory anyway... Oh and I think Galvez has been on a basic acting training scheme in the 1st 2 series and now has put in enough hours to qualify for promotion to main player in the next series. Spurred on by the indignation that his burst stitches/being muslim put him in the frame for mole, he's going to go all out to prove himself to be a key actor character/good guy. Then flip at the end of the series. Ahem. grin

Wingedharpy Thu 20-Dec-12 04:03:28

I was so sure that Brody's house was going to be blown sky high when he dropped the family off but didn't go in himself.
There's time yet I suppose........
Maybe something of an exploding nature has been inserted into Galvez's abdominal cavity and that's why his wound had been opened up?...
This programme is filling my head with unhealthy thoughts.
Maybe as well it's the last one on Sunday for a while.
It will give my medication chance to work before the next series starts.

Gingerodgers Thu 20-Dec-12 04:25:07

Ooooo have seen the final episode too. We are just soooooo fu..... Modern in nz!! Not

diddl Thu 20-Dec-12 07:54:40

"Are we not missing the obvious about Claire Danes being pregnant"

Not any more, she isn´t!

cornycarrotshack Thu 20-Dec-12 08:05:18

saw this morning that she's had her baby. awww!
Who is her husband - the article said he was a British actor? What's he been in?

diddl Thu 20-Dec-12 08:55:04

He was in The Big C recently.

HarkTheHattifattnerSing Thu 20-Dec-12 09:03:22

<SIghs happy sigh>. What a great programme. Watched the finale earlier this week, this has been one of the best TV dramas in a long while. I saw in the credits its based on an israeli show/book/play?

Look out for St Saul's facial expression at the end. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

MulledPinot Thu 20-Dec-12 11:26:35

I think Quinn is going to be a bigger character next series. Rupert Sexlicious Friend is too good an actor and a 'name' to miss.

Lordy, I love this show.

I actually have a Homeland based namechange ready for next series (I'm late for this one)

HalleLouja Thu 20-Dec-12 12:46:40

Maybe we could name change for the last episode.

Nancy66 Thu 20-Dec-12 13:30:33

I've just seen the final episode.

It's a goodie....

zamantha Fri 21-Dec-12 20:29:04

Want you all to watch it so we can talk about it. Lots to figure and hum and ah about. I also liked Saul's facial expression.

donnie Sat 22-Dec-12 14:50:56

well I just looked in the TV guide and tomorrow's episode is an hour and a half - oh joy!

Can't wait to watch it and then have a really detailed post episode analysis with all of you!


Nancy66 Sat 22-Dec-12 14:57:33

it's actually only 63 minutes - so the rest must be filled with ads

donnie Sat 22-Dec-12 15:07:23

27 minutes of adverts - what an awful thought.

gypsyfloss Sat 22-Dec-12 17:21:15

My usual trick is to pause sky about 10 minutes before Homeland starts, then I am constantly playing catch up and can whizz thru the ads. By the last ad break I'm usually on normal playing time.
Can't wait to read everyone's thoughts smile

HalleLoujainHomelandWonderland Sat 22-Dec-12 19:27:25

Do you like my new Xmas and Homeland hybrid nickname change? grin

HalleLoujainHomelandWonderland Sat 22-Dec-12 19:27:49

I hate adverts!

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