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Help me find a cool dress for DD 4 to wear to my Best Mate's Wedding

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SickForGoreAndBleedsBile Sun 04-Oct-09 11:15:44

BFF is getting married in a few weeks. I want to find a lovely dress for DD and thought I'd turn to you for inspiration.

There will be lots of other little girls the same age there, so it's going to be lots of fun, but it's also meant that every time I've popped into Monsoon I've been struck by the thought that every other mum is probably in there pondering just how excessive 55 quid is on some adorable sparkly/net/pleated/satin ribboned number is for their DD.

I'd like to find something somewhere else. I loved nt-338608.htm these style of dresses from Joules this summer but was so strapped for cash back then I couldn't justify it and now of course, they are sold out.

I also like these ones here and here from Monsoon.

I will spent up to 50 quid I think as it can get use as a party dress from now on and through Christmas. Any delights for less than that, bring them on!

blametheparents Sun 04-Oct-09 11:19:22

I think this is lovely from Next

blametheparents Sun 04-Oct-09 11:20:20

Or maybe this

SickUpGoreAndBleedBile Sun 04-Oct-09 11:25:48

Oooh, I LOVE the teal set. And perfect for October wedding.

Not DD's best colour I fear but I will search it out in the flesh and have a gander.

blametheparents Sun 04-Oct-09 11:26:01

Similar to the Joules one you like

blametheparents Sun 04-Oct-09 11:26:49

Yes, the Teal set is my favourite too. Am thinking of getting it for DD.

cookielove Sun 04-Oct-09 11:30:18





SickUpGoreAndBleedBile Sun 04-Oct-09 11:44:46

Yes, it's nice blame, but something not quite bold enough about it for me, if that makes sense.

Cookie - lol at your link for no 1 - is that what you meant?

Like the others but only number 4 seems dressy enough and wintery enough to have life beyond the wedding, and I'm not a puffball fan unfortunately. smile

cleaningsucks Sun 04-Oct-09 11:51:12

please ignore the horrific name of the shop this links to... but they have this dress on sale and its very pretty...

SycsUpGoreAndBleedsBile Sun 04-Oct-09 11:54:53

OOOH, that is VERRRRRY pretty.

Am worried about going white though, for obvious reasons and also because another mum has made an odd comment to BF about, erm, how shall I put this, other mothers dressing their daughters like bridesmaids even though there aren't supposed to be any.

WFT, I couldn't care less about that sort of nonsense. It is VERY pretty. Stupid comment is ringing in my ears a bit though.

cleaningsucks Sun 04-Oct-09 11:59:22

ah, yep = fair point. they have it in teal too. i really like the i love gorgeous range (cant get the window to open) but i do think they are over priced. but... there are some other gorgeous dresses on that site i linked to which are a bit more, and... not white.

i reckon if you got the teal one, and raspberry cardigan it wouldnt be too bridesmaid-y. and - my dd has one and she wore it the whole next year too.

SycsUpGoreAndBleedsBile Sun 04-Oct-09 12:00:18

Oh, they don't have it in age 4 size, nor in the blue either.

And now you made me look at this one, which I am in love with and it's nearly 100 quid!

Sorry to keep tweaking my Halloween name btw, this is it now, I'm sticking with the Vileness of the above grin

cleaningsucks Sun 04-Oct-09 12:03:11

oh, bums, sorry - had it in mind she was 2. my mistake. how about this one?

SycsUpGoreAndBleedsBile Sun 04-Oct-09 12:06:44

Tis lovely, they all are, but I'd probably put DD in that as a day dress blush grin

cookielove Sun 04-Oct-09 16:08:09

yes i see where you may be confused with that one, have no idea how that ended up there blush

elmofan Sun 04-Oct-09 16:24:40

great taste blametheparents smile i have just bought that pink/purple dress from next for dd [3] sooooooooooo cute

no1putsbabyinthecorner Sun 04-Oct-09 16:34:08

I adore this one thispage

no1putsbabyinthecorner Sun 04-Oct-09 16:38:04

What kind of colour does she like or what do you think looks good on her?

JackieNo Sun 04-Oct-09 16:58:49

Red (also comes in blue)
unusual colours but rather £££

JackieNo Sun 04-Oct-09 17:05:01

This is pretty in the brown or the pink.

SycsUpGoreAndBleedsBile Sun 04-Oct-09 17:12:02

If you look at the one I linked at 12:00:18 then that will give you some indication of my taste...also the Joules one in the OP.

DD suits oranges, vibrant pinks, browns, cream, gold. She's got brown hair and big dark brown eyes, still sporting a bit of a tan from hols!

Going click the new links now. smile

starwhores Sun 04-Oct-09 17:13:24

Monsoon has a mid season sale!

starwhores Sun 04-Oct-09 17:18:47

so many you wouldn't believe it!!

starwhores Sun 04-Oct-09 17:22:04

my dd would love this

starwhores Sun 04-Oct-09 17:26:51

[ and this]]

and this

of course this

[ and most likely this]]

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