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How do I get holiday clothes and packing right?

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Starbear Tue 14-Jul-09 20:59:09

It's too late for this year I'm off in two days. But for another year. How do people look so co-ordinated, stylish and smooth on holiday? Do you start buying clothes in April? Is everything new (has not worked for me in the past!) I don't want to pack everything I own? How do you pack? Do you spend lots of time and money (something I never really had) Strangely I can pack for a camping holiday but nothing else.

duvetheaven Tue 14-Jul-09 22:27:19

Toiletries/ make up - I pack things which I can use for moe than one thing ie Benetint
Clothes - if I am going for 2 weeks , pack one weeks worth and find a washing machine! Don't consider myself partc stylish so can't help you with the 'capsule wardrobe'!!
I always bear in mind that I will be carrying what I am packing and that always keeps me focussed smile.
Have a nice holiday.

eggsonthebeach Wed 15-Jul-09 01:44:28

After realising some years ago that no matter where I went or for how long, I wore at most a quarter of what I packed, I developed a strategy that works for me:

I have a 'holiday wardrobe' that rolls on from year to year and is rarely seen at home.

I ignore fashion - I always want to wear things on that are comfortable (natural fibres,) and flattering (not too much flesh).

I look for my holiday basics all the year round, and mostly find things in sales. The bulk of it has been going strong for years.

Often my beachwear is not intended to be beachwear - it might be a winter season oversized shirt, but it works with my look. Real clothes seem to travel well from from beach to bar to going out.

Most of the time, even if I'm staying somewhere really smart, I don't worry too much about the evenings. If it's hot I really don't want to be trussed up, so a simple dress is enough.

I travel in white converse, take metallic birkis for day, and some smarter metallic sandals for evening. This way all the shoes go with (almost) everything. A bigger bag can be hand luggage and beach bag, and a small strawish looking one goes with all but the most glamorous looks.

I take a maximum of 3 bikinis. As long as there is one dry, then that is enough.

A hat is good. I also use a spray on hair sunscreen. Korres do a great one that isn't too greasy. (I think they sell it in Waitrose now.) For the simple clothes to work, the hair needs to stay looking in good condition. Sunburn really ruins the look, too...

I do decant all the basic stuff like shampoo into small bottles (Tesco do quite good ones, or did last year), because I don't want to surprise my skin/hair with anything new. And I take minimal makeup. And anything that might leak is double wrapped. A footfile is good for keeping on top of the dry heels.

Hope some use!

Starbear Wed 15-Jul-09 18:55:23

duvetheaven I'll make sure in future any where we stay has a laundry. That's why camping is so good always a laundry on site.
eggsonthebeach I think you are right. If I buy things all year around for holidays 1, I might buy things I really like 2,stop the panic buying.
What I might do this year is figure out, what works and what doesn't. Also what is missing. Then note it down! I can't wear kaftans, they make me look too old and trying too hard. I think a nice man's shirt on the beach might be my style too. Not into metallic anything but I get the idea wear the same coloured shoes & sandals and they should work with everything else!
Cheers smile

Starbear Wed 15-Jul-09 18:56:52

What do you think of polo shirts? To boring or okay?

applepudding Wed 15-Jul-09 21:39:30

To pack your clothes so that they don't come out creased don't fold anything up (or even roll anything which is the usual packing advice). As long as you aren't trying to get your luggage as carryon, a normal sized holiday suitcase should let you lie most of your clothes out flat on top of each other (T shirts, shorts) or with one fold in the middle (dresses, trousers. Shoes, toiletries, books on the bottom, then clothes laid flat, and underwear, nightwear stuffed around the edges.

eggsonthebeach Thu 16-Jul-09 12:39:37

Not a fan of the polo shirt here - tis neither one thing nor the other, and reminds me too much of being sent cross-country running. And I look terrible in them

wh00ps Thu 16-Jul-09 12:51:02

choose a colour scheme and stick to it so that everything you take is mix and match! I also agree that neutral colours work best for things like shoes, jewellery etc - that way you can coordinate every outfit.

I would also advise packing things that fit well with room for the inevitable holiday growth!

duvetheaven Thu 16-Jul-09 18:25:45

Polo shirts suit some figures but do not suit the ample bosom grin

mrsmaidamess Thu 16-Jul-09 18:38:10

No to any kind of polo shirt

Cies Thu 16-Jul-09 18:42:37

I lay out my clothes on the bed at home. I think about what activities I'm going to be doing on holiday - is it sightseeing (comfy shoes, skirt and top), beach (casual dress and bikini), sporty activities (shorts and t-shirt). When everything's out on the bed I take away anything I "wasn't sure" about and leave that out.

Monty100 Thu 16-Jul-09 23:47:29

Polo shirts? Why?

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