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I love American Apparel , but .................

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melsy Mon 06-Jul-09 10:58:09

a) you have to have "Im ok about my body", days far to often!!

b)when might I be needing these pray tell????? !!!

everything looks so enticing (in a "if I put that on will I look like that", NOT, kind of way)and then you start looking at their pre baby bodys and think argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, quick click on another tab!

Theres something about it all that makes me think back to when I was 16!!!!

woodenchair Mon 06-Jul-09 11:19:56

Those just look wrong!

omg they come in pink too MY EYES!!

melsy Mon 06-Jul-09 11:28:18


missmelly Mon 06-Jul-09 11:34:12

it's almost soft porn

Sunshinemummy Mon 06-Jul-09 11:43:23

I read an article about the owner recently and he's not a very pleasant man. Sexual harrassment and claims of exposing himself to workers!

missmelly Mon 06-Jul-09 12:08:18

maybe it was him taking the pics on that shoot?

LadyRaRa Mon 06-Jul-09 12:11:01

yes i think the catalog borders on porn tbh
also found the shop underwhelming

LaurieFairyCake Mon 06-Jul-09 12:14:17

I always wonder why in those shots women look like they're trying to climb the walls hmm grin

to get away from creepy ass-fixated photographer??????????

Sunshinemummy Mon 06-Jul-09 13:05:29

I love the clothes but it did put me off reading about him.

southeastastra Mon 06-Jul-09 13:07:56

oooh i love it! the shop is fab, really messy and staffed by blokes who look like dancers. dp refuses to enter.

melsy Mon 06-Jul-09 16:14:00

Tis a tad soft porn me thinks, Im sure dh looks at it for kicks, I know he was looking over my shoulder last night!!! Ick ick at the news surrounding the owner , I hadnt read that bit.

I have actually ordered a few bits for my dd's from the site today, mainly some basics. I went into one in USA a while back and like Ladyrara said, was also a bit underwhelmed by it all! May be they have to sex it up a bit, as its all basics and very plain?

PurlyQueen Mon 06-Jul-09 16:19:15

I love the Baby Rib Tank dresses/vest tops- they're long enough to cover your tum, come in lots of bright colours, they never shrink in the wash and if I'm feeling very brave (and unlikely to leave the house), I wear them as a dress.

PurlyQueen Mon 06-Jul-09 16:20:44

Oh - and they're stretchy enough to double up as maternity wear. My vests have sprung back into shape far better than I did blush.

Sunshinemummy Mon 06-Jul-09 17:00:45

Purlyqueen I have a towelling strapless dress that I used right through my pregnancy and it still fits me perfectly now.

moonshine Mon 06-Jul-09 19:02:58

I think this might be a candidate for the elusive school-run dress, no?

cerys Mon 06-Jul-09 19:10:35

Moonshine - grin hmm and shock at that dress

grin moonshine!

And here was me thinking American Apparel were kind of on a par with Gap...

FruitynNutty Mon 06-Jul-09 19:19:18


moonshine Mon 06-Jul-09 19:38:29

Surely to God this is just not right

PortAndLemon Mon 06-Jul-09 21:20:21

Oh my dear Lord.

TheBolter Mon 06-Jul-09 21:22:54

I just don't get American Apparel. I don't think I've ever seen anything vaguely inspiring or flattering on that site. The clothes are just random and weird.

coppola Mon 06-Jul-09 21:33:55

oh god and their staff are so amusingly rude. t-shirts are good though and I like their plain baby/kid stuff.

Yurtgirl Mon 06-Jul-09 21:38:31

So what is there to love about American Apparel - cos all of those links show absolutely horrible stuff

No such thing as a fashionable shop here! I have never heard of American Apparel......... It doesnt look like I am missing much

coppola Mon 06-Jul-09 21:46:19

no logos on their stuff, also no sweat shop.

i have a rather fabulous pewter gym bag from there too.

marenmj Mon 06-Jul-09 21:59:18

can't get behind AA as I find the owner beyond skeevy and don't want to line his pockets.

-btw, yes, he is the one taking the catalog photos, and the "models" are not licensed/unioned/represented affairs but are generally taken from his staff

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