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In my quest to be more stylish I have decided that I need a summer bag. ... Any ideas?

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RedFraggle Tue 27-May-08 15:40:22

It needs to be quite a good size as I have two small children so will need to be able to fit, nappies, wipes, small knickers etc as well as the usual purse, keys, phone, diary, handcream etc...

I am also a fan of lots of pockets! grin
Ideally it could do with being less than £25 as I am rather poor at the moment.

I am fed up with having a black bag with my nice summery clothes though angry

Please help me oh stylish ladies.

DirtySexyMummy Tue 27-May-08 22:25:31

What kind of style do you have?

birkin style

stylish, trendy

Dearer, but nice

a bit more simple, but classy

this one is lovely

this one has the pockets, but is pricier

this one is more expensive too, but I have this bag and its great!

Hope this is helpful smile

RedFraggle Wed 28-May-08 08:39:00

Thank you DirtySexyMummy!
I like the first one actually and it is within budget. grin

My style is jeans and nice top with boots. Or in good weather slightly flared skirts to just under the knee with a simple top and little heels. Nothing very fancy. But I have a wide range of black bags and NO summer alternatives... (only started using bags once I had children, until then it was just pockets!)

Sputnik Wed 28-May-08 10:43:00

This suggestion may not be for you, but if you get one of these, which will fit all your nappy stuff plus phone, wallet etc, you open yourself up to a world of cheap and cheerful (but pocketless) summer bags.

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 17:25:40

Message deleted

Tutter Mon 14-Jul-08 17:30:02

pmsl at mulberry suggestion

she said £25 budget

reduced in HOF sale

Tutter Mon 14-Jul-08 17:31:11

and anopther

ChippyMinton Mon 14-Jul-08 17:32:25

Have a look at the magazines - lots of nice freebie bags at the moment

Tutter Mon 14-Jul-08 19:20:15

some good reductions in the nine nwest sale

NorthernLurker Mon 14-Jul-08 19:24:15

Have you looked in Fat Face? I have serious bag envy over two friends who both got lovely bags from there. Don't know if they have any in the sale though.

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