Eyebrow pencil that stays put?

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fairyhouse Fri 18-Jun-21 23:10:49

Is this an impossible ask? My eyebrows are getting so sparse as I get older and I have to draw them on every morning. I have quite oily sweaty skin so I'm always paranoid they will rub off during the day. Any recommendations for one that won't budge? Currently using Rimmel Brow this way, but just the powder part as I fine the waxy stuff slides off my skin.

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heywhatswrongwitu Fri 18-Jun-21 23:16:33

I've found ardell stroke a brow to stay on totally brilliantly - but it's really hit and miss in terms of its flow. Sometimes nothing comes out of it!

fairyhouse Fri 18-Jun-21 23:22:21


I've found ardell stroke a brow to stay on totally brilliantly - but it's really hit and miss in terms of its flow. Sometimes nothing comes out of it!

Thank you I will have a look smile

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Gardengrace Fri 18-Jun-21 23:23:33

Have you tried brow gel, it's much better stick than pencil.

fairyhouse Fri 18-Jun-21 23:24:56


Have you tried brow gel, it's much better stick than pencil.

Is it tricky to use? I have no eyebrows at all towards the centre of my face so struggle to get the shape right sometimes. Wish I could afford microblading (sigh)

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Thisnamewasnttaken123 Fri 18-Jun-21 23:25:14

Try getting them tinted and then use a brow powder.
Gives a softer look.

17june2021 Fri 18-Jun-21 23:25:37

Hi, I think changing your skincare products instead will help. It’s inevitable that oily skin will make even the best makeup in the world slide away. Focus on addressing the oily skin and the makeup will rectify itself.

Otherwise you can try something like Anastasia dipbrow which I think is waterproof or has a bit more longevity than pencil


fairyhouse Fri 18-Jun-21 23:29:12

Thank you for the suggestions smile

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Littleguggi Fri 18-Jun-21 23:55:36

Have you tried a primer beforehand? I use hd brows pallette but it's not fully smudge proof unfortunately!

Gilead Sat 19-Jun-21 10:16:30

Kiko do a felt tip type pen. Stays on for days!

ChequerBoard Sat 19-Jun-21 10:21:02

Having tried all sorts of solutions, I am now set on the Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen. It does take a little getting used to - it's a wax pencil which fills in the brow and thanks to the wax element really stays put.


I also like to finish off brows with a fibre mascara type product. Personal favourite is Boy Brow by Glossier.

In combination these fill my sparse areas, thicken my brows and stay put.

fairyhouse Sat 19-Jun-21 21:41:09

Thanks for all the suggestions smile

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Draculaswedding Sun 20-Jun-21 01:36:48

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow wiz pencil. I’ve used it for years. It doesn’t budge till you remove it. It’s easy to remove with miscellar water. I love it. I can’t find an eyeliner or a mascara that doesn’t give me panda eyes but brows are no problem with this product. I have a really oily eye area and this does the job. Not cheap but lasts ages

PainterInPeril Sun 20-Jun-21 03:19:56

I just use my Max Factor False Lashes waterproof mascara on my lashes first then lightly on my brows. Stays put fairly well.

octopusrus Sun 20-Jun-21 10:18:08

I've been looking too, due to trying to cover up some faded microblading which I've posted about before. I've tried a few now and my most successful one is the Maybelline Waterproof 36hr pencil (choose carefully as they all look the same on the display but are all different!)
It goes on like a felt tip/gel pencil feeling, which looks v dark, but then you use the other end which is like a mascara brush to even it all out.

I've tried more expensive ones and this definitely lasts the longest (although not 36hr!). I wash my face everyday so not checked the longevity without touching them, but they stayed put during the hot weather last week and also a trip to a hot tub! Think it was £6.99 or something so worth a try.

I got the darkest brown shade.

DumpyDonkey Sun 20-Jun-21 10:52:54

Had mine microbladed. Never again will I fill them it. It's amazing.

fairyhouse Sun 20-Jun-21 18:04:01

Ooh just seen more replies, thank you. I can't afford microblading unfortunately and also have read stories where it didn't work properly due to oily skin so I would be a bit cautious anyway I think.

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Draculaswedding Sun 20-Jun-21 18:24:46

fairyhouse. My skin is oily and it took 3 microblading sessions to get it dark enough and I still had to use a pencil as it didn’t take that well in the end. The person who did mine was great and did the 3rd treatment free as she said it hadn’t taken very well and that this does happen sometimes, but I bet lots wouldn’t be that nice. I’m glad I got it done as I have a good outline to work with but I think you’re right to be wary if your skin is very oily. I love the Anastasia brow wiz pencil though.

PegasusReturns Sun 20-Jun-21 19:15:00

I’ve been using maybeline brow tattoo recently which is pretty good but a bit of a faff. You have to put it on and then comb it through to avoid the marker pen look. I’m getting my brows micro bladed next week. Cannot. Wait!

SwimBaby Sun 20-Jun-21 21:22:26

I tint mine at home every 8 days and your a brow eye shadow from collection on day 5 to 8. I’m really happy with this routine.

Nuggetnugget Sun 20-Jun-21 21:24:46

I know you can't afford microblading now but it's really worth it if you could save and even in a years time. I had vitually none and now they are perfect.

KatharinaRosalie Sun 20-Jun-21 21:52:43

I have oily skin so went for tattoo instead of microblading. Best thing ever. No more painting them on every single morning.

CHISistoast Sun 20-Jun-21 22:15:29

My micro blading has faded and I'm using Benefit Goof Proof, mainly as they had the correct shade, a kind of dark grey even though you'd think my brows were brown.

CHISistoast Sun 20-Jun-21 22:15:44

Ps I like it a lot.

TableNiner Sun 20-Jun-21 22:28:41

I use MUA, the fine one, v cheap. I daren’t get addicted to expensive ones as I go through them. I have oily skin. Also like Glossier boy brow, you don’t need all that many hairs to use it.

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