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Anyone else missing the shops?

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mellobrllow Thu 19-Nov-20 11:12:00

I am missing them now.
Not even for buying things,just for browsing.
I love the atmosphere this time of the year.

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ExConstance Thu 19-Nov-20 12:11:37

Me too, missing everything. Being in Anthropologie in Bath would make me fee 100% better, followed by lunch at Sotto Sotto

Deathraystare Thu 19-Nov-20 18:28:46

Bloody hell yeah.

Wanted a table lamp as mine broke. I have had to leave big light on so I can see to get out of bed for constant wees.

Tried Argos as they do same day/collections. No delivery that week. would have to collect at 4pm. Nope working afternoon/evenings so nope.

Tried Amazon. All ok until the delivery. Got an email saying they could not orde rit (no explanation) said would refund unless I wanted to try again? I tried. All going through until I got another no can do message. I tried Argos again and was notified I could pick it up tomorrow, then when I had just finished the order, the Amazon one arrived.......Doing my head in!

Cannot orde from Boots either. They have a list of my Debit cards, but not the recent one. It says to edit or add another card but won't let you!!!!

Theseptemberissues Thu 19-Nov-20 18:38:26

Yes! I love Xmas shopping and browsing the shops. I never go peak sat lunchtime though! As much as I also love online browsing and ordering (I know my Hermes driver well 🙈) it’s not the same

NeedWineNow Thu 19-Nov-20 18:38:57

Yes, so much. I'd be out to all our lovely independents doing some Christmas shopping. Even just going into Boots looking at the gift sets. It's not the same buying online.

lookdeepintotheparka Thu 19-Nov-20 19:00:17

Yes me too - I love going around testing perfume and I miss the beauty counters.. Buying clothes is too difficult online and I'm bored of sending them back because quality is rubbish or they don't fit.

I'm waiting until we're out of lockdown (hopefully) so I can buy my Christmas presents from the local independent shops in our town. I really feel for them this year sad

Snackasaurus Thu 19-Nov-20 19:14:51

Nope! And this is from somebody who used to be in the shops all the time!

I've realised how much I used to spend on absolute rubbish shock

whatswithtodaytoday Thu 19-Nov-20 19:20:49

Yes! I never thought I was that bothered, but I miss browsing the shops at this time of year - I'd normally have a day in London, and a day in the nearest pretty town for the independents. I feel completely uninspired looking online.

Madbengalmum Thu 19-Nov-20 19:21:59

Nope, not missing at all.

tobee Thu 19-Nov-20 19:26:26

Yes! And I don't particularly like the shops. I just miss the possibility and the human interaction. But then I've been shielding for my Dh and haven't been to any shop since March. The idea of going to a co op seems exotic right now! confused

gingercat02 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:29:06

Yes would love a mooch around the shops and a coffee or lunch

Cheesypea Thu 19-Nov-20 19:30:34

I miss charity shops. To be fair I've saved a fortune.

TroysMammy Thu 19-Nov-20 19:31:37

No lock down in Wales at the moment but shopping is not a pleasure any more. We can't try on clothes and I'm not a person who can pick something off the rack knowing it will fit. I've never liked the faff of returning items so I won't be buying new clothes for a while sad

FinallyHere Thu 19-Nov-20 19:35:48


In fact, if I never go into another shop, it will be all good for me. I have had some help from an online style/shopping consultant which was brilliant for finding great things in line. I'd rather have lots shipped, try them on at hone and send any that don't fit back than rely on whatever a detail premise has in stick.

I fully intend to keep going for bra fittings but otherwise, no more 3D shopping for me. Hurrah.

Odile13 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:36:39

Yes, I miss the shops and I don’t even have much to buy at Christmas. I loved looking around, taking things in and thinking about what I might get my DH or sister. The gifts in Boots and John Lewis were fun to look at. Then a hot drink at a cafe in the shopping centre. It’s not the most important thing we’ve lost obviously but it was fun and there was a sense of togetherness with other people and a good atmosphere.

Rainallnight Thu 19-Nov-20 19:37:11

Yep. I’d give my right arm for a wander round Cos.

Oxyiz Thu 19-Nov-20 19:40:57

Yes, like a pp I used to think I wasn't bothered, but I really miss them. I'd love to wander around the John Lewis Christmas department right now, then go buy some Krispy Kreme donuts and a pretzel, and just soak in the ambience of Christmas lights and people in restaurants and milling in and out of shops.

TableNiner Thu 19-Nov-20 19:41:26

I like to go to shops to have a look at what I’ve seen online. Three seconds of sizing up a garment versus ordering, paying, waiting, trying and then very often returning. I do wonder why online retailers don’t put more effort into displaying stuff more accurately given it’s their shop window and all the time and money spent dealing with returns, not to mention the environmental impact. I guess they hope people will just forget or not bother to return stuff

fantasmasgoria1 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:41:34

Yes I'm missing shopping for craft items and Christmas presents etc.

pinkdragons Thu 19-Nov-20 19:42:07

Yes I am.
I feel the urge to sexy&smarten my wardrobe. I have become so drab and 'mumsie' I literally can't stand it any more.

Don't want to order online because I enjoy trying on first.

Lindy2 Thu 19-Nov-20 19:44:58

Yes. I'm not even a regular shopper but I do so miss being able to have a relaxing browse. When I've been in a shop it's felt more like some am SAS mission than shopping. Locate item and liberate by purchasing in as quick a time as possible. The pleasure and any fun element has gone.sad

Mimilamore Thu 19-Nov-20 19:49:24

Not one bit....

TokyoSushi Thu 19-Nov-20 19:49:39

Yes! I said to DH earlier that I'm really missing shops this time!

LynetteScavo Thu 19-Nov-20 19:57:00

No. I'm not.

I live a good browse a and did get quite excited M&S food hall the other day. But generally no. Having said that I would like to be able to visit shoos twice a year to buy things I've been eying up online. I guess that's how it is for people who live in really remote areas. Maybe I could rethink my whole lifestyle!

hammeringinmyhead Thu 19-Nov-20 19:57:24

Yep. I even miss Shedfest aka the Bath Christmas Market.

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