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Does this item exist?

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 31-Aug-20 20:42:05

Suspect this thread has been done a million times before, sorry!

I want a black, lightweight raincoat, at least mid thigh length and possibly longer (but no longer than knee length).

I want it to be breathable, so ideally with a cotton lining.

I have a Joules Coast and the fabric/weight is perfect for me, but they don't do black.

Any ideas where to look, please?

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HowDeeDooDee Mon 31-Aug-20 20:43:19

Whats your budget.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 31-Aug-20 20:45:53

Flexible, but I don't really want to go over £100 unless I find something absolutely perfect. So ideally somewhere that does good offers!

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AnaViaSalamanca Mon 31-Aug-20 20:47:43

Not a trench coat?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 31-Aug-20 20:49:35

I want waterproof. Have got a trench coat but got drenched in it the other day, even with a huge brolly.

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penguin81 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:51:29

I have just been looking for this! Have come across rains and happy rainy day I think

Pigletpoglet Mon 31-Aug-20 20:54:29

I have a tin cloth coat from them which is absolutely great.

HowDeeDooDee Mon 31-Aug-20 20:58:59

Hunter but more around 200 pounds

HowDeeDooDee Mon 31-Aug-20 21:08:18

Uniqlo have a lot but running out of sizes

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 31-Aug-20 22:01:25

I like that Seasalt one. Do they ever have offers?

The Rains ones look nice, but seem to be rubbery looking, and ideally I want it to look/feel a bit cottonish.

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Ellapaella Mon 31-Aug-20 22:04:28

I have the seasalt kellifray in black which seems to meet all your criteria. Had it since 2015 and it's still going strong.

Usernamenotavailabletryanother Mon 31-Aug-20 23:10:58

Would you consider green?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 01-Sep-20 20:44:06

Thanks, both.

I would consider green if I had to, but I don't like Kin stuff - it's made for people much taller than I am, and I don't much like that shade either. I'd consider a 'proper' khaki, but would prefer black.

Seasalt definitely looking most like what I want, but I don't really want to spend £140.

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Livingthecovidaloca Tue 01-Sep-20 21:31:31

Have you looked at Iles Jacobsen?

Ellapaella Tue 01-Sep-20 22:16:37

Not black but These raincoats are decent quality for the price and have a similar look to Seasalt

SadiePurple Wed 02-Sep-20 13:10:16

I've seen black Didrikson for £80 but only available in size 12, RRP is £180 so a bargain

askinfforfriend Wed 02-Sep-20 13:31:59

I ordered this one. Should arrive today 😊

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 02-Sep-20 19:18:01

No to all of those, sorry.

Might have to save up for the Seasalt one!

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Bloomburger Wed 02-Sep-20 19:20:40

I've a nice one from Lululemon but it was a bit more than you want to pay. Have had it couple of days and 3 people have asked me where it's from already so feels like I've found Holy Grail of raincoats!

Cismyfatarse Wed 02-Sep-20 19:21:01

Protected Species?

Ellapaella Wed 02-Sep-20 19:29:28

@RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie I would just save for the one you really want. You won't regret it - my Seasalt coat has lasted so well.

TooMinty Wed 02-Sep-20 19:51:19

As you are going for black, then a slightly more expensive one is a good investment. Won't go out of fashion so you can get a good few years out of it.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 02-Sep-20 19:58:48

Bloom - can you link, please?

I think I need to review my budget. I wouldn't think twice about spending £200 on a leather jacket, for example, but somehow I resent paying it on a raincoat!

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Miseryisabutterfly Wed 02-Sep-20 20:05:03

Rains! I have one in red, lining is like this... it’s not rubbery on the outside and I find it pretty breathable (see vents!). We had torrential rain here today and it kept me dry for 3 school runs.

Trumpton Wed 02-Sep-20 20:09:17

This is not in budget but I know they do offers .
I have had mine at least two years and absolutely love it . Soft and comfortable and I queued for 2 hours in the pouring rain and was still dry.

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