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Underwear for flabby 'apron'

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60schild Sat 22-Aug-20 09:28:26

I have lost four stone and am now size 8/10 but have a really big 'apron' due to fluctuations in weight for decades and three caesareans. Exercise has helped with lots of other loose skin but the apron isn't going to shift!
What would you recommend? I don't want anything where I can't breathe and I'd prefer it if they weren't enormous! I'm currently wearing scratty little cotton primark briefs which sit below the bulge and are no help at all! Thanks very much.

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CrunchyNutNC Sat 22-Aug-20 09:31:26

M&S do cotton firm support pants but if you buy a size up they provide nice support without been squeezed!

60schild Sat 22-Aug-20 14:46:26

Thanks - good old M and S!

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gubbbbbddaaaa Sat 22-Aug-20 19:24:36

I like tesco knickers , they have a range of soft sort of shapewear ones but they are comfy . They really hold in my tummy well.. usually come in a pack of two and are about £6.

fucknuckle Sat 22-Aug-20 19:34:57

boxer shorts for women from asos. so comfy.

MrDarcysMa Sun 23-Aug-20 15:29:07

I like m&s no VPL midi pants, they come up quite high and my belly always looks better in them.

Beachbodylonggone Sun 23-Aug-20 15:30:32

Primark hangered pack of 3 stretch but not tight.. A fiver in black or nude...

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 23-Aug-20 15:35:01

For a size 8/10 I think Spanx works out better. You get really good support without the flab being moved to other parts of your body

CodenameLevonelle Sun 23-Aug-20 15:39:21

Do you have a link @fucknuckle ? I've just taken a look on the ASOS app but couldn't find anything

Beachbodylonggone Sun 23-Aug-20 17:56:07

After many dc and an emcs I have separated stomach muscles. Spanx are way way too tight for them. Makes me feel actually sick. The Primark ones are stretch but not as taught..

60schild Sun 23-Aug-20 22:51:46

Thanks so much everyone. I think I might order a bit of a selection. I'll report back!

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MissPatty Sun 23-Aug-20 22:56:36

The high-waisted Brazilian knickers from M&S and Tu at Sainsburys are nice as they’re high enough to cover the apron but not ginormous around your bottom

StarlightLady Mon 24-Aug-20 03:50:45

Both Debenhams and Pour Moi offer control thongs for around £15, which are not overly rigid and are comfy providing you get the sizing right; you may want to try sizing up on the Pour Moi.

They do the job without looking too frmpy and ”Brigitish”.

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