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Smart casual for work

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FamilyOfAliens Sat 14-Mar-20 10:09:47

I work in a school but not in a classroom and spend most of my time either with parents of with social workers, health professionals, etc.

I wear smart work trousers with some elastane from Next (all from charity shops - I have about 8 pairs), brogues and either a shirt and cardigan or a fine knit jumper. I don’t wear anything fitted or restrictive as I sometimes have to sit on the floor with a baby if a parent brings one to a meeting smile

BunnytheBee Sat 14-Mar-20 10:03:23

I was wearing a lot of skinny jeans (no rips but any colour) and even smart trainers but I felt too casual (law firm) so have modified a bit - wear chelsea boots instead of trainers, dark / smarter tops eg a nice black or dark green jumper with black skinny jeans (rather than lighter jeans and t shirt), a smart dress a couple of days a week.

Shoes are a big part of it

I bought a few new pairs of boots (3 of them are chelsea boots) from Kurt Geiger so I have some to go with most outfits and they are smart and comfy.

BikeRunSki Sat 14-Mar-20 08:49:53

@purplecatshopaholic has just about described my “smart casual” work wardrobe. I also have a couple of jersey blazers.

Purplecatshopaholic Sat 14-Mar-20 08:26:47

I also work in an education environment. I wear skinny jeans (not ripped), cigarette pants, and cropped trousers mostly. Sometimes with a shirt, sometimes a fitted tee, or other relatively smart top. I like my heels, often ankle boots. If flats, brogues work well as not too casual

museumum Fri 13-Mar-20 22:09:05

No ripped or light blue denim I’d say. Rotate dark skinnies with chinos or maybe cords. Try gap.

BikeRunSki Fri 13-Mar-20 22:06:11

I work within a similar dress code, and spend a lot of time On building sites, so dresses also an issue for H&S. I have 5 pairs of Boden Richmond trousers, skim, stretch cotton trousers. Fit the gap between suit and jeans perfectly.

Richmond Trousers.

BunnytheBee Fri 13-Mar-20 21:41:38

My other jeans all have rips in them, and I assumed this is a no no?

I would say so.

Im also trying to build up a new work wardrobe after my office has gone to smart / casual. I used to wear suits and now people wear jeans. I want something in the middle - not to casual but comfy!

Wolfgirrl Fri 13-Mar-20 20:49:53

I'd go with skinny work trousers (plain black ones, houndstooth or other prints) you can get ones that are quite stretchy and comfortable. Brogues and either a white/light blue shirt or a thin knit sweater. Congrats on the new job wine

MikeUniformMike Fri 13-Mar-20 20:47:42

They are EZY not EZ.

MikeUniformMike Fri 13-Mar-20 20:43:16

I usually get jeans from charity shops. Current favourites are straight slim Fat Face ones (£2) but I've had top brands for less often in almost new condition I've also had loads of crap ones, and most in the shop will be very unstylish. I've also had the odd nice top or jumper (hobbs, agnes b, toast, jigsaw, kew, cos, baukjen, boden etc) from the CS, but they tend to be few and far between. It's much easier to find coats and dresses. I rarely pay more than £3. I find that charity shops in rougher areas or hospice shops in well-to-do areas are usually the best.

MikeUniformMike Fri 13-Mar-20 20:41:09

I would definitely look at Uniqlo as they have brilliant basics at good prices. The ez trousers and knitwear are good as are things like coats and t-shirts.

Quality is great. I don't like their jeans though, but that's me. I've had a few pairs from there and only one pair was perfect. The others were only worn once or twice.

Dark jeans generally look smarter. Cigarette pants with brogues are fine. Perfect probably.

I think that some of the men at work might wear coloured jeans but I can't say I've looked closely. I think smart trainers would be fine - I mean plain leisure shoes not multicolour logos.
People always notice shoes.

Tinkhasflown Fri 13-Mar-20 20:02:31

Thank you @MikeUniformMike. All education establishments closed here now due to coronavirus, so I'll have a bit of time to wardrobe and do a bit of online shopping. I'll have a look at Hobbs.

I've had a bit of a browse on pinterest too and wonder if the cigarette style trousers might work with loafers or flats.

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MikeUniformMike Fri 13-Mar-20 09:31:31

I ventured into Hobbs near work yesterday. Lovely shop but the assistants pounce on me when I go there. Lovely stuff but mostly more smart than casual.

I have been watching what colleagues wear. It's a bit of a mixed bag as some floors are suited and booted.
I'm in tech and chelsea boots are popular, heeled ankle boots with dresses for smarter female colleagues. Brogues, loafers or flats (incl. DM shoes) with tunics or trousers and top seem to be quite normal. Men generally wear shirt without tie and trousers or chinos, and generally look a bit smarter than the women. Some but not many wear trainers but they are of muted shades.
Very few people wear jeans even on Fridays

MikeUniformMike Wed 11-Mar-20 20:12:35

Have a look at the EZ trousers by Uniqlo.
Skinny jeans sound ok but would need to look fairly smart.

Tinkhasflown Wed 11-Mar-20 19:12:49

Grumpy they wear skinny Jean's and one woman was wearing denim culottes this week. There are only 2 women doing my role. All other women are admin roles, they wear dresses, but I can't because of they type of lab work I do. It would be a h&s issue! Not practical either.

Even my boss wears jeans, although my boss is male. Maybe the dress code is more casual than smart casual, but I don't want to look too casual....

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GrumpyHoonMain Wed 11-Mar-20 19:05:27

What do the women wear? If they wear skinny jeans then fine but I wouldn’t view them as smart

Tinkhasflown Wed 11-Mar-20 19:03:35

I recently got a job lecturing at an Institute of Technology. The dress code is smart casual, ( I think!). It's mostly men in my Dept. Who all wear jeans or chino type trousers with shirts and jumpers.

I have a pair of black skinny Jean's and a pair of dark denim ones that I've been rotating with jumpers or a shirt. My other jeans all have rips in them, and I assumed this is a no no?

I can't wear skirts or dresses because of the type of labs I teach.

Anyone have any suggestions on what type of clothing I should be wearing?

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