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Shoes to wear with straight trousers for work

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Thisismynewname123 Sat 29-Feb-20 08:07:38

If you were to get these trousers for work, what shoes would you wear with them? M&S

I like the trousers, but nothing quite looks right. I usually wear skinny trousers or skirts with ankle boots.

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NiteFlights Sat 29-Feb-20 08:10:49

What would you like to wear? And especially, heels or flats?

Sexnotgender Sat 29-Feb-20 08:12:43

I’ve just ordered these for work.

Thisismynewname123 Sat 29-Feb-20 08:17:30

I should have said, I can't wear heels, and I have narrow feet and ankles, so I need some support.

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samlovesdilys Sat 29-Feb-20 08:24:27

I've got similar and I wear with flat ankle boots...probably swap to brogue like shoes for summer...

NiteFlights Sat 29-Feb-20 08:31:11

The material looks quite soft? Interesting that they’ve styled them with trainers.

Can you wear smart trainers to work? If so, that would look good.

How about something like these ? If that heel height is okay. Or a flatter, ballerina pump version if they offer enough support.

I also think they might look good with mules, but they might not give enough support either.

Depends what look you’re going for really (helpful)

Ellapaella Sat 29-Feb-20 08:40:56


Thisismynewname123 Sat 29-Feb-20 08:41:36

It's actually a new job so I don't really know the dress code yet but my old job I just wore jeans and trainers so I'm trying to get a basic wardrobe together before I start.

I actually have the trainers they styled them with. They're from M&S last year.

Ankle boots look wrong with them and pumps looked a bit frumpy.

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LIZS Sat 29-Feb-20 08:59:13

Lace up black brogues?

nitgel Sat 29-Feb-20 09:00:53

brogues or loafers, pointy flats

Lucked Sat 29-Feb-20 09:02:40

Flatform brogues. M&S have a few styles.

ChainsawBear Sat 29-Feb-20 09:03:23

Brogues, smart trainers if workplace allows, loafers, or smart pointed flats.

Thisismynewname123 Sat 29-Feb-20 09:12:27

I'm going to give brogue a try as so many people suggested

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