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If I throw myself at your mercy with regards to my forthcoming weekend in london, will you all be nice??

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filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:40:01


I am a scruffy old hippy with no spare cash. I am a size 10, 5ft 6 and 37.
I will be staying at a grand hotel (though not eating there I imagine so won't need glamerous evening attire)
I need a capsule wardrobe to see me through travlelling on a train, appearing at grand hotel, spending a day at Hamleys with ds2 and other parents/children.
I need two outfits to see me through...preferably using existing garments (unless any of you clarsy birds wishes to lend me some stuff)
I don't wish to take too many clothes as we will be carrying a lot of toys home with us wink

Please advise!!

LaCod Mon 03-Sep-07 13:44:38

youa re tiny lovely uou
where do you live

LaCod Mon 03-Sep-07 13:44:59

what have you got

EffiePerine Mon 03-Sep-07 13:46:16

Nothing that will crease. Capacious bag. Comfy shoes. Cattle prod (for Hamleys).

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:48:15

I'm in yorks.
I have usual neutral basics, browny beige linen trousers, white linen shirt, sort of ok monsoon black and turquoise skirt, black wrap top, and a nice cardigan coat thing from M and S. and 2 wrap dresses (stop sniggering)
Twill be end of september. I have no money. And it's CLARIDGES <<hyperventilates with fear and exctiement>>>

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 13:48:45

If it is a truly grand hotel it matters not one jot what you wear (at least during the day, if you are going to dine there in the evening it may be different)

I still slum around in my jeans (cod cover your eyes and ears) when I stay at the Lanesborough / Ritz / Savoy etc

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 13:49:20

Ah Claridges - a truly grand hotel. Yes, it won't matter what you wear

EffiePerine Mon 03-Sep-07 13:50:06

No linen if you're travelling on the train. Wrap dress / cardi and skirt better. Dark fabrics if you're travelling around London as you will get grubby.

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:50:48

really? I joked on another thread about them taking one look at my son and I and offering me the Charlie Bucket Suite (out in the yard behind the kitchens...)

Hurlyburly Mon 03-Sep-07 13:51:02

FMV - don't worry - jeans will be fine - unless dressing up is part of the fun?

Congratulations on the win btw

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:52:17

everything else I have is combat trews, disreputable jeans and lentil-weavery tops

EffiePerine Mon 03-Sep-07 13:52:39

Jeans with smartish top and boots would be great .

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:54:30

Can you tell I'm a pleb from the provinces grin

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 13:54:57

Yes really - smart hotels don't care what you wear generally. You're a paying guest and you will get first class service irrespective of how you look

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:56:01

ah but <<<whsipers - I'm a competition winner, so I'm not paying>>>

MrsBadger Mon 03-Sep-07 13:56:08

anything, really - though obviously, as with every style thread, No Fleece, No Trainers, Nice Bag - but would counsel against light-coloured linen trews on the tube.

Well-fitting jeans and a neat jacket will take you most places.

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:56:54

well fitting jeans <<thinks hard, panics>>

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 13:57:27

I'm proud to say I have no trainers! And fleeces are for camping only

EffiePerine Mon 03-Sep-07 13:57:30

If you wanted to buy something, you could get some plain fitted cotton tops (Kew do some nice ones).

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 13:57:58

Doesn't matter - you'll still get first class service

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 13:59:01

Don't forget to post when you get back about how you found it.

I am sure you will have a lovely time.

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 14:01:15

thank you. I so slightly embarrassed about my lack of experience in these things....I live a simple life, me!

So, wrap dress and nice boots?

mine is like this style but in greens
Jeans and nice top and jacket?

fridayschild Mon 03-Sep-07 14:01:57

I'd go with the decent pair of jeans option - unless the impovrished hippy look could be described as boho-chic?

If you try to wear your "good" stuff you will look like you are trying too hard, and also be stressed about keeping your good stuff looking that way.

Comfy shoes essential.

handlemecarefully Mon 03-Sep-07 14:03:39

You don't need to be experienced in these things. It's their job to make you feel comfortable and at ease there.

EffiePerine Mon 03-Sep-07 14:05:13

Like the dress . Wrap dress / jeans plus tops, with boots and jacket to go with both sounds good.

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