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Didrikson parka

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WutheringTights Mon 07-Oct-19 21:49:27

I'm after a very warm coat for, amongst other things, standing around for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning watching the kids play football. Does anyone have a Didrikson parka? Are they warm? As in really, really warm? Not sure whether to get a down filled coat instead, but will need something waterproof, which is why I like the look of the Didrikson.


Musicforsnorks Tue 08-Oct-19 08:27:33

I have one, I love it except I had to have the arms tailored. They were so long that turning up or tucking wasn’t a possibility. Like they fell to my mid thigh!
Even my 6 foot DP fit them😂

I am average height and do not have short arms.

Other than this expensive issue, it is the warmest coat I’ve ever worn - totally waterproof and wind proof. And it looks good too. Don’t size up.

Musicforsnorks Tue 08-Oct-19 08:29:21

I have this one

SoupDragon Tue 08-Oct-19 08:29:31

I have one that has seen me through years of watching my DSs play rugby and it's been great.

HeyMicky Tue 08-Oct-19 08:31:40

Love mine. Bombproof and incredibly warm

WutheringTights Tue 08-Oct-19 09:25:51

Thanks for the replies. I'm going to order one. Had a disaster with an (admittedly cheap) down one that I hate so wanted some opinions before splashing out proper money on a coat that I want to last for years. Good to hear that they keep going a long time and, most importantly, are warm! At 5 feet 9 I'm pleased to hear about long sleeves too!

Thanks again.

Whitney168 Tue 08-Oct-19 09:45:11

Which style is that, please, @Musicforsnorks?

I am lusting after one too, although I will probably wait for the sales as they do seem to have decent reductions. (Various are half price now at the likes of Cotswold Outdoor, but not in the colour and size combo I want.)


SoupDragon Tue 08-Oct-19 10:05:04

I've had mine since 2011. I've had to mend the pocket linings but that's all.

Betty777 Tue 08-Oct-19 11:25:48

My friend was raving about hers recently too - she very much feels the cold and this is her saviour. Also is tall and found the arms fit her well

LaPampa Tue 08-Oct-19 12:17:03

I have a Gap men’s parka bought when pregnant. Very warm and dry. Bonus is now not pregnant I can fit a down coat under it if I need to stand around.

Make sure you have warm boots too. I find that half the issue - cold coming through the soles. I wear sorrel snow boots in those situations.

Sunshine1239 Tue 08-Oct-19 18:47:03

I’ve got one. Try tkmqxx as they always stock various Didriksons

I’ve had their fleeces and ski jackets from there too

DogAndCatPerson Tue 08-Oct-19 18:52:47

I love mine. Great for dog walking. It’s a long one, I don’t know the name. It’s properly waterproof and warm. A lot of the down ones are warm but aren’t waterproof which is bloody useless in the UK.

SpiderCharlotte Tue 08-Oct-19 18:58:50

I've had mine since about 2012 and wear it all the time in winter - watching DS play football, DD play hockey, school playground duty. You name it. I love it and although it's looking a bit tired, I'm very attached to it!

mistermagpie Tue 08-Oct-19 19:00:57

I say this on all these threads but check out an Arcteryx Patera Parka. Pricey for sure, but full Gore-tex and down filled and actually reasonably smart. I have one and it's the best coat I've ever owned!

PepperOnMyPaprikash Tue 08-Oct-19 19:00:59

I have the Angelina - super warm and waterproof with a massive fluffy hood. Absolutely love it

whataboutbob Tue 08-Oct-19 19:13:18

I have one, I think it’s the same one as in the picture above. I feel bullet proof in it . However, I am 5’4” and I think they design with tall Scandinavians in mind, I had to try many on and eventually found the right one on a German website after carefully reading the dimensions to find one that fitted.

Hellohah Tue 08-Oct-19 20:06:20

I'm only 5 foot 2 so I got the Selma Parka. It's not as long as the others.
Only got it this year so not done a proper winter, but did climb Scafell in it when it was pissing down and blowing a mighty gale. Kept me warm and dry at the top of the mountain.

LuluBellaBlue Tue 08-Oct-19 20:20:11

I have one and love it, super warm only second to a parajumpers long down jacket I used to have. And they’re mega mega bucks.

SheShriekedShrilly Tue 08-Oct-19 20:56:47

whataboutbob Would you mind saying which one that was? I’m your height and have been avoiding Didriksons as I assumed they would be huge on me (I’m fairly petite) but if there is a style that fits it would be amazing. My 8 year old North Face parka just isn’t as warm as it used to be, and I’m in the market for a new winter coat that’s really toasty.

Another Didrikson fan here. I got mine last winter and it’s brilliant; warm, waterproof, lightweight, not too bulky. I’m actually looking forward to it getting cold again so I can wear it!

brusselsprout5 Tue 08-Oct-19 22:16:40

I bought one last winter & it is great at keeping out the cold. I hated the fur hood but it unbuttoned so I took it off. It def does keep out cold/wind. I'm a 12 & wish I'd ordered a size up as def run small. Would recommend as warmest coat I've ever had but quite expensive. Hopefully lasts & lasts.

TheStuffedPenguin Tue 08-Oct-19 23:21:24

I've got one and love it. Got it discounted at Blacks . Keep an eye out.

Passthecake30 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:19:16

I have a thick one and a rain coat, I'm 6ft and I got them specifically for the fab long arms.

DogAndCatPerson Thu 10-Oct-19 08:18:17

I’m not as tall as you, Passthecake. I’m 5’7” but I am a human orangutan, so the arm length is greatly appreciated.

whataboutbob Thu 10-Oct-19 22:14:59

@sheshriekedshrilly it’s the Ronja which still seems available on some websites but couldn’t see it on the official Didrikson one.

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