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My Crocs rocked today leaving all you prettied -shoed fools with egg on your faces.

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Spidermama Fri 20-Jul-07 17:01:13

They are my summer wellies.

I loved splashing through the flood waters in my crocs today while other mums were mincing around puddles winging in their attractive but imrpactical shoes, which are now ruined from being soaked.

With predictions that this weather is set to get more familiar, can I suggest you dissenters do yourselves a favour and get down the croc shop.

I was once of your number, but now I wear myh Dutch National panto costume with pride.

MegaLegilimens Fri 20-Jul-07 17:02:37

Me too and DS3 in his little pale blue ones. It was most refreshing and my feet have never been cleaner or softer.

totaleclipse Fri 20-Jul-07 17:03:12

Dont your feet slip in them?

MegaLegilimens Fri 20-Jul-07 17:12:59

No, they squelch a bit and get a bit squeaky though.

meandmyflyingmachine Fri 20-Jul-07 17:14:07


I wore my wellies today. I have dry feet.

handlemecarefully Fri 20-Jul-07 17:14:54

flip flops did just fine too actually (without looking so daft )

coddy Fri 20-Jul-07 17:15:18


meandmyflyingmachine Fri 20-Jul-07 17:15:34

But it was cold today!

Piffle Fri 20-Jul-07 17:15:42

I'm sorry my Campers were well up to the task too... and they look nice...
End of

MegaLegilimens Fri 20-Jul-07 17:16:51

I am cheating mine are croc flip flops (the caymens are not a good look on my size 10s)

MintChocChippyMinton Fri 20-Jul-07 17:26:20

Right there with you spidermama. Was at legoland - inch and a half of rain in an hour apparently
Climbed into car, wiped feet and inside crocs and voila - dry feet and shoes.

Like all converts aai ma in danger of becoming a zealot (they are ugly tho', there's no denying it)

MintChocChippyMinton Fri 20-Jul-07 17:27:07

aai ma????
I am

Spidermama Fri 20-Jul-07 20:11:11

Nice try Piffle but there's no way you can charge through gushing flood water with Campers. I thouroughly enjoyed the water rushing through my shoes actually.

I'm surprised so many people worry so much about how they come across to others.

<< Miaowwwww. Swipe. >>

Spidermama Fri 20-Jul-07 20:14:10

Mint my sister was at legoland too. Was it good?

I am also a little evangelistic about crocs now.

I agree they're not very attractive on grown ups, but I comfort's more important for me.

I do think they look nice on kids.

Cammelia Fri 20-Jul-07 20:15:43

"I'm surprised so many people worry so much about how they come across to others."

Really Spidermama ?

lucykate Fri 20-Jul-07 20:29:46

afraid i went for wellies today. jeans got drenched just walking the school run, had to put them in the washer on a spin cycle

Spidermama Fri 20-Jul-07 20:33:25

I had a skirt covered by a coat, bare legs and crocs. Despite stamping up to the ankles in flood water my feet were dry within minutes of going indoors.

MintChocChippyMinton Fri 20-Jul-07 20:49:08

legoland today? Flippin awful until about 1pm, when the sun came out and we went home to dry off! Have annual passes so it didn't matter that we spent the morning watching the 4D movies, building racing cars and eating icecream

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