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Nice smelling body lotion

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motheroreily Mon 13-Nov-17 08:42:30

I can’t really afford any decent perfume. So was thinking of getting some body lotion / butter.

Can anyone recommend one that smells nice and the smell lasts? Thank you smile

Angryangryyoungwoman Mon 13-Nov-17 08:44:25

Coconut body butter from the body shop, they always have 40% off too

Nakedavenger74 Mon 13-Nov-17 08:47:54

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée

peppykoala Mon 13-Nov-17 08:48:35

Any of the Roger & Gallet ones - Bienfaits & Fleur de Figuier are gorgeous.

Nettletheelf Mon 13-Nov-17 11:55:36

I always buy the Sanctuary whipped mousse. It smells gorgeous and the scent really lasts.

Also, you can get monoi oil from Hei Poa online (think Amazon and ASOS both do it). It smells divine and it’s less than £10. You need to warm the glass bottle on a radiator to melt the oil if you live in Britain though!

RubbishMantra Mon 13-Nov-17 14:57:53

Molton Brown Ylang Ylang. Smells amazing, and sort of comforting.

motheroreily Tue 14-Nov-17 13:02:25

Thank you for all your ideas. I’ll see what I can find in the shops near me

DubiousCredentials Tue 14-Nov-17 13:20:04

Any Molton Brown lotion will last all day. It’s like wearing subtle perfume. I use the shower gel too. I like ylang ylang and also pink pepperpod but there are loads. You can get the sample sized bottles on ebay for about £5.

sanitygirl Tue 14-Nov-17 14:36:23

Palmers raw shea body lotion smells amazing - you can find it in superdrug, boots, sainsburys...

sanitygirl Tue 14-Nov-17 14:39:04

ps if you look in the right places you can find decent perfume at an affordable price e.g. what kind of smells do you like?

questionbasket Tue 14-Nov-17 15:37:12

I second the Roger&Gallet ones. Divine, not expensive and normally discounted online.

motheroreily Tue 14-Nov-17 17:35:53

Oooo sanity that looks amazing. To be honest I don’t know what smells I like!

I like jasmine smells. I used to like Charlie red! I smelt Dior j’adore other day and liked that

Wormulonian Tue 14-Nov-17 18:04:51

Korres Jasmine bodymilk is about £8-10 and smells very distinctively of jasmine (in a good way IMO).

Heathcote and Ivory do great smelling lotions from about £7

Sparkletastic Tue 14-Nov-17 18:10:31

If you might consider an oil Caudalie L’Huile Divine lives up to its name.

NinonDeLenclos Tue 14-Nov-17 18:10:35

Roger & Gallet perfumes are really good value and you can get body lotion to go with.

My fav are Thé Vert & Fleur D'Osmanthus.

NinonDeLenclos Tue 14-Nov-17 18:11:59

Speaking of Caudalie they do a nice fresh eau de toilette 'Fleur des vignes'.

I also like the cologne 4711 - which you can get very inexpensively.

jalopy Tue 14-Nov-17 19:06:27

Rituals - Sakura body cream. Fab.

motheroreily Sat 18-Nov-17 19:00:18

Oh my mum liked cologne 4711 that’s nice it will remind me of her. In her last couple of months she kept saying she wanted to smell it so I brought her a set (sorry this is a bit morbid).

I smelt a nice perfume today in debenhams. J’adore by Dior much too expensive for me

prampushingdownthehighst Sat 18-Nov-17 19:46:49

Sometimes it's good to get the body lotion rather than the perfume.
I have la vie est belle lotion and it lasts all day.
Better price than perfume/eau de parfum too.

Greenglassteacup Sat 18-Nov-17 19:47:20

This is lovely, it goes a long way and the scent lasts all day

motheroreily Tue 21-Nov-17 18:41:09

I smelt the sanctuary white Lilly and rose as a body lotion in boots. It was lovely! Will def order the body butter they didn’t have any in store

HotDamnState Tue 21-Nov-17 19:45:16

Yes to Roger & Gallet lotions, hand creams and perfumes.

Bodyshop lotions are good value, too. The Wild Atlas Rose one and the Gardenia one are lovely and last well in to the day.

If you hang on until January all the beauty sites - Look Fantastic, All Beauty, Escentual, Notino etc - do big discounts on perfume & body lotion gift sets at all price points.

pamelastone Tue 21-Nov-17 20:55:44

Vanderbilt is good. Its a perfumed body lotion. It smells lovely.

titsbumfannythelot Tue 21-Nov-17 21:17:16

Zara have some nice perfumes at £15.99 and next has perfumes too.

JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Nov-17 23:07:53

I really like the body butters from the Body Shop. They also do mists and eau de toilette in the same fragrances (but don’t last that long).

If you’re looking for a budget option, see if you like any of the Elizabeth Arden stuff. Their Green Tea has been my staple for years - it’s just as good as expensive perfumes. With some luck, you can get a whole set (100ml eau de perfume + shower gel + body lotion) for £20 in TK Max.

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