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Facial hair remover cream! Which one?

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AgathaMystery Thu 19-Jan-17 13:21:29

blush need some blush


dannyglick Thu 19-Jan-17 17:34:55

OP, I go to a beauty salon every 4-5 weeks for waxing of eyebrows, upper lip and chin.
Done in minutes.

statetrooperstacey Thu 19-Jan-17 20:08:07

Don't use hair remover on your face! It looks terrible, waxing threading or plucking only, tho even shaving a top lip is better than cream.

bibbitybobbityyhat Thu 19-Jan-17 20:13:33

Really, those springy things with the handles that you can buy on ebay for a couple of pounds are wonderful. A bit prickly but work like tweezing or waxing (pull out from the root) so the effects last longer than cream.

And saves a fortune and you don't have to be subject to public hair removal humiliation.

statetrooperstacey Thu 19-Jan-17 20:20:32

Bibbity Ive got one of those sticks and couldn't get on with it, perhaps my technique needs improvement, I'm currently gearing up to brave my local shopping centre for the humiliation you describe, it's one all my colleagues walk through . . . . . I might have another go with the springy stick.

bibbitybobbityyhat Thu 19-Jan-17 20:36:23

I think you have to persevere with the springy stick things and find a technique that works for you (and do it after a hot bath or shower).

I had my eyebrows threaded once and seriously had to grip on to the chair in order to supress my natural impulse to punch the lady threading me on the nose and run away screaming. It was that painful.

Somehow the pain doesn't seem so bad when you're inflicting it on yourself.

BusterGonad Fri 20-Jan-17 04:32:28

Hair removing cream is lethal on the face imo. Burns, stings, stinks and after all that you've still got the hair but now it looks worse as is shriveled and burnt but still clinging on for dear life to your red raw flash that's weeping in pain!!!!

FusionChefGeoff Fri 20-Jan-17 07:17:03

I use Boots super sensitive bikini line or something on my upper lip and it works well - I do it at night as I do get redness but it's gone by the morning.

OutandIn Fri 20-Jan-17 07:22:35

Try the springbthing first - like this

nickEcave Fri 20-Jan-17 14:39:19

Its really worth persevering with the springy epilator thing. I got mine for pennies online and it really does work although only on finer hair - I still have to tweezer the really horrible wirey chin hairs. My tip, contrary to an earlier poster is NOT to do it after the bath/shower, for some reason I find it works best (and leaves my skin less read) if I use it first thing in the morning when my pores are quite tight.

Sammysquiz Fri 20-Jan-17 14:51:55

Don't do it! My skin reacted to it and I had a huge red blotch on my upper-lip for over a week. Awful! And my skin isn't particularly sensitive either, have never had a reaction to anything else.

AgathaMystery Sat 21-Jan-17 10:12:31

Welllllllll..... I saw all this too late (or rather, I didn't wait long enough for anyone to reply)....

I used Nair. I did a patch test - no problems. So I did my face... It didn't hurt and I washed it off exactly at the 3 minute mark.

It has 'burnt' my face. My skin, which was smooth & unblemished before is now red, raw, bumpy & painful.

I've taken antihistamines for 2 days and been using water and 8hr cream on it. The 8hr cream is the only thing that has soothed it.

So my suggestion is, don't use it.

loinnir Sat 21-Jan-17 10:45:40

Don't use it. I bought this Bliss stuff at about £15 - so not cheap. I had read good reviews about it. The first time it kind of broke my upper lip in half as I left it on the minimum time. next time I left it on until it started to tinkle slightly (just a few minutes) - it had burnt me - so painful. Avoid.

girlsyearapart Sat 21-Jan-17 11:55:23

I was about to post saying don't do it! I did two days before nye and it burnt my face.
Used veet sensitive for face, followed instructions exactly.
Ended up with a burn that made me look like The Joker.
Still doesn't look right now sad
Will be doing threading in the future!

SallyVating Sat 21-Jan-17 12:34:44

The red one. It's about £3 in chemists or you can get it on amazon

loinnir Sat 21-Jan-17 16:01:14

Correction - broke my upper lip hairs in half - not my actual lip.

JennyOnAPlate Sat 21-Jan-17 16:04:48

I use facial razors. I think they're meant to be for eyebrows but they work just as well on the rest of my face.

SantaClausMortificado Sat 21-Jan-17 20:40:54

Electrolysis is your friend.

I wish I'd discovered this earlier in life and had the nerve to try it. It is life changing to not have to use facial hair removing cream regularly.

Make sure you find someone properly trained/reputable though.

I honestly wish I'd done it before. Took about a year of regular appointments (once a month or so) and then I was done.

eurochick Sat 21-Jan-17 20:43:39

I obviously have tough skin. I use bog standard immac but don't leave it on long at all. It leaves a red mark for a little while but it's fine after an hour or so. It works fine for me!

AgathaMystery Sat 21-Jan-17 23:42:37

I think i'll go for electrolysis or laser.

Skin is now peeling off like sunburn. hmm

PenelopeFlintstone Sun 22-Jan-17 01:25:30

I use it on my eyebrows as I don't like pain. Never had a problem with it.

BakeOffBiscuits Sun 22-Jan-17 09:12:52

Agatha rub some Sudacreme onto your skin. It's fab fir skin irritations and burns

SantaClausMortificado Sun 22-Jan-17 12:21:13

Laser is pointless on facial hair because it only works on darker hairs.
Most women facial hair (upper lip particularly) is a very few dark hairs (although you may think it feels like a million) and finer lighter hairs.

Laser won't get rid of the finer lighter ones.

Also electrolysis is the only method of permenant hair destruction.

Seriously - as I said - I wish I could go back to my 18 year old self and tell her to get this done now. Honestly so worth while but can't emphasise enough the importance of finding a really good and experienced electrolysis practitioner that you get on with (by which I mean different people work differently - some quicker than others and there are different types of machines available. Where I had it done, half way through the year they bought a new machine and the difference was unbelievable - it's not exactly painful but more uncomfortable although the odd hair can hurt - this new machine was much less discomfort causing).

HelenaDove Tue 12-Sep-17 13:56:51

I used a Boots Smooth Care facial hair removing cream for sensitive skin last night. Did a patch test on Sunday and it was fine. Did proper treatment last night and followed instructions but have ended up with a small chemical burn on my chin.

Never again.

RatRolyPoly Tue 12-Sep-17 14:55:43

I used to do my 'tache every now and then with hair removal cream. Thought everything was fine, never thought I'd "burnt" my skin. Then over time I realised I had a shadow on my top lip even after my fine, dark 'tache had been removed... The cream had been subtley burning my skin each time and had left me with a permanent dark, shadowy moustache! I tried load to get rid of it; lemon juice, exfoliating etc. In the end it took ages to fade; we're talking years rather than months. AVOID.

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