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Eyeliner Recommendations Please

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user1066 Thu 29-Dec-16 20:21:27

Apologies for starting multiple threads, but I thought it would be clearer to separate the questions out. Post-Christmas / New Year reflections on what I see in the mirror have raised some questions.
What are your recommendations for good navy, dark blue or purple eyeliner please? I have sensitive eyes that water easily, but also want one that is fairly “green”. Many of the pencils have been too hard and scratchy, my current one is too soft and crumbles leaving crumbs smudged all over the place. I rather like the felt-pen type, but can only find them in brown or black.
Can anyone recommend anything good please?

user1066 Fri 30-Dec-16 08:46:03

Hopeful morning bump.

uncoolnn Fri 30-Dec-16 08:47:33

I use Rimmel Scandaleyes, lasts quite a while and is relatively inexpensive.
I also like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On which is excellent but £££.

HTH smile

user1066 Fri 30-Dec-16 09:01:52

Thank you - I will have a look at them both.

ScarlettDarling Fri 30-Dec-16 09:03:28

I know that Avon isn't cool but their glimmerstick eyeliners are absolutely brilliant!

ScarlettDarling Fri 30-Dec-16 09:04:14

They aren't felt tips though, but very soft pencils.

Cguk81 Fri 30-Dec-16 09:04:25

I use clinique quickliner in blue/grey and love it. It's amazing and they do a nice eyeshadow duo that goes well with it too.

millsmummy Fri 30-Dec-16 09:05:15

Barry M liquid eyeliner in plum, I think they also do a green shade but haven't tried it,really foolproof to use with the felt tip type end & really long lasting

LexieSinclair Fri 30-Dec-16 09:06:18

I second Clinique quickliner. It's the best one I've used.

jelly10 Fri 30-Dec-16 09:12:49

I love the stila ones which twist up so you don't have to sharpen them. Colour lasts really well and doesn't smudge. I personally was disappointed with the urban decay ones as I found they smudged over the day and gave me panda eyes! Both stila and urban decay have lots of lovely colours.

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