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Long boots for wide calves?

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notasausage Mon 05-Dec-16 13:17:26

Can anyone help me find something that will fit? My calf measures about 43cm with thick leggings. I quite liked the Clarks Tamro Marina but sadly their idea of wide fit is not mine! Prefer black with small heel (max 1inch). I live in trousers and would reallly like to have a skirt and boots option to look a bit smarter. Thanks

SchnitzelvonKrummsverylowtum Mon 05-Dec-16 13:28:36

I also have wide calves (around 44cm) and I bought long boots from Ted & Muffy. They are quite expensive, but I couldn't find any anywhere else that fit.

I'd be interested if anyone has any other suggestions.

OverScentedFanjo Mon 05-Dec-16 13:31:54

I have "athletic calves" and I have always used Evans for boots. I don't buy clothes from there, but their boots are the only ones I've found that fit me. Sometimes they can be wide in the foot which I don't need. But generally are ok.

ElspethFlashman Mon 05-Dec-16 13:47:25

You may be pleasantly surprised by M&S. They have very forgiving boots for the generously calved.

Also the ones which are solid on the front but elastic all down the back are great.

Lookinatu Mon 05-Dec-16 13:48:52

I get mine from simply be they do different calf lengths

Horispondle Mon 05-Dec-16 13:49:26

I second M&S. I've had two pairs from there with stretchy panels that have served my frog legs well.

pericat Mon 05-Dec-16 13:57:49

Jilson make great boots with different calf sizes (up to 52 CNS).

pericat Mon 05-Dec-16 13:58:35

Hate autocorrect ...52 cms

CaulkheadupNorthStill Mon 05-Dec-16 14:48:47

Duo boots are designed for wide calves.

PNGirl Mon 05-Dec-16 14:55:02

Another Ted&Muffy vote (new name for DUO). They go up to 50cm.

They have an outlet section if you can't stretch to full price.

AprilLady Mon 05-Dec-16 15:49:28

Two possible options if you want something slightly cheaper than Ted&Muffy:

Gabor arteta XL - tried these over the weekend and very comfortable but still smart enough for wearing with dresses

Tamaris Felicity XL - I have these in brown and they are extremely comfortable.

Both available on the Shoon website I think, and direct from Gabor.

jackny Mon 05-Dec-16 16:06:38

I have the same problem & having these ones for Christmas .....

I have checked & they do fit 😊

ChangedToday Mon 05-Dec-16 17:11:02

Just measured my calves, also 44cm, measured over jeans. Another vote for M&S, they had a good variety last year that all fitted me comfortably, and in the distant past I got a wide fit pair from next, not been lucky since.

notasausage Mon 05-Dec-16 20:50:17

Thanks everyone. Lots to look at - sure I will find something now grin

NeonPinkNails Mon 05-Dec-16 21:17:29

Just to add Primark have some really nice wide calf boots for the amazing price of £22 - obviously not leather but maybe worth a look?

Summertime1 Mon 05-Dec-16 21:39:55

If you want over knee boots I personally like crushed velvet has it has some give and you can tie some styles up yourself - see what I mean at Essex Glam shoes and they're trendy this Christmas.

I also saw a nice pair in my local shoe shop that were lovely but thats no use to you!

Leather boots can be a bit unforgiving until they get worn in naturally.

notasausage Wed 07-Dec-16 15:42:19

Just ordered from Ted and Muffy - budget well and truely blown but they look really nice. Fingers crossed that they fit!

taytotayto111 Wed 07-Dec-16 20:38:43

I ordered from Duo a few years ago , now called Ted and Murphy and I love love love them. I even ordered a second pair. Mind you I got fitted in store in London (don't think it's there any more) and they then deliver to home. The quality is amazing, expensive initially but my doodles soooo worth it. Hope they fit and you like them as you will have them for years and years and years if you look after them.

Acornantics Wed 07-Dec-16 22:11:38

If you can find Frye boots, they're wonderfully crafted for us 'calf-generous' peoplesmile. US brand, stunning leather and worth every penny/cent.

Summertime1 Sat 10-Dec-16 11:40:13

Thanks I found them online

notasausage Sat 31-Dec-16 20:05:52

Well, my Ted and Muffy boots arrived with a horrendous squeak across one of the soles - I sounded like I had a wonky hip. Contacted customer service straight away and to say they were less than helpful was an understatement - particularly considering how expensive these boots are. Returned them and 5 days after the parcel tracking said they'd been received I contacted them again and had to supply them with the tracking number so they could find them (I had enclosed a copy of all my email correspondance with the package so it really shouldn't have been difficult!) I won't be ordering from them again - the boots are lovely and fitted really nicely but the customer service if your boots are not right leaves a lot to be desired - they could learn a thing or two from Boden and Joules who have both been fantastic with faulty products.

Manijo Sun 01-Jan-17 08:50:10

I have wide calfs and got mine from DUNE. Super comfy. Cant stop wearing them. My family laugh at me every time i put them on because I get so excited at finally having found a pair.

JenniferAnistonsHair Sun 01-Jan-17 09:08:25

I got a couple of awesome pairs last winter from New Look. Really good sized calves & a great price.

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