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Nail vanish that doesn't chip

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AtSea1979 Thu 03-Nov-16 12:12:18

I've only recently started varnishing my nails after years of working in a banned area. I've tried a couple of different once but they are not even lasting a day before the ends are all chipped. Is this usual? I'm not used to looking after them so I don't think this helps. Can anyone recommend a good brand of varnish that doesn't chip?

IsFeidirLiom Thu 03-Nov-16 12:14:20

Shellac or gel only I'm afraid ! Or two coats helps, or a top coat.

If mine chip on the first day I paint over again. After that it's a free for all!

LAK11 Thu 03-Nov-16 12:41:22

Barry M Sunset daylight curing range. Like gel. £5 a bottle and you need the daylight curing top coat. It lasted me a whole week.

DashboardLightParadise Thu 03-Nov-16 12:48:41

I've surprisingly found the Rimmel gel ones very good. Two coats and a top coat lasts a week. In fact I've got sick of the colour before it's chipped.

Doobigetta Thu 03-Nov-16 13:29:52

Rimmel are good. A proper base coat helps. It seems to be really random, though- I've had one ordinary paint job last five days, then done exactly the same thing again and it has chipped in two. It's annoying. My best tip though is use sparkly or glittery polish as touch-ups don't show up as much as with standard shiny colours.

Lottapianos Thu 03-Nov-16 13:41:05

I use all sorts of polishes and very rarely get chips. You need to use a base coat ( I use one from Rimmel) and a quick dry top coat (Leighton Denny or Seche Vite). Wear rubber gloves when washing up etc. I get 4-5 days out of any normal polish this way

AtSea1979 Thu 03-Nov-16 15:39:11

Ok I'll buy some rubber gloves.
I wasn't using base or top coat either.

GipsyDanger Thu 03-Nov-16 15:40:31

Essie gel couture. Says it can last up to 2 weeks. About 30 shades I think

thecapitalsunited Thu 03-Nov-16 15:51:48

I use Opi polishes but what I found really helps to keep polish chip free is to wrap the tips so the top of the nail is coated in polish. This means that the edge of the polish is no longer coming into contact with things all the time.

A good top and base coat with two thin coats of colour between will also help. Try not to use too much polish. You want each coat to be as thin and even as it can be without compromising the finish of the polish.

JamieVardysParty Thu 03-Nov-16 16:41:57

Capital's got it - with this method, I can make Essie & Rimmel polishes last 4-5 days without even a little chip at the tip.

mrssmooth Thu 03-Nov-16 16:43:45

capital - when you say "wrap the nail tip" do you mean paint the front and back of the nail?

thecapitalsunited Thu 03-Nov-16 17:27:54

I just run the brush along the tip of the nail so the very tip of the nail gets a layer of polish. The brush moves perpendicularly to the finger. I try not to get too much polish on the back of the nail because it can be a pain to get off.

DelphiniumBlue Thu 03-Nov-16 17:58:24

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Top Coat works brilliantly. I can go a week with this.

EmmarrrrgghhhMacGhhoooollll Thu 03-Nov-16 18:02:38

You need a good top coat, I like seche vite

carrie74 Thu 03-Nov-16 18:17:47

I do the same as capital (if not got Shellac on which is awesome). And Seche Vite is an excellent top coat.

missjoanie Thu 03-Nov-16 18:20:48

Seconding the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing range. Excellent stuff. If you're after something higher end, skip Chanel, which is rubbish in my opinion, and try a Lancôme one. Base coat, two thin coats and a top coat and it'll last for days.

sksk Thu 03-Nov-16 18:23:45

I second the glitter polish tip-easy if you are not good at painting your nails or your other hand plus less noticeable when it gets chipped. Takes a bit longer to remove but fine if you put a remover soaked pad on the nail for a few seconds before rubbing it off.

hollyisalovelyname Thu 03-Nov-16 18:38:35

Cheap as chips US brand - Wet N Wild do 1 Step Wonder gel.
No curing , nothing, nada. Just paint it on. I think I did two coats but may have just done one. It lasted 4 / 5 days!!!
It comes off easy enough too.

thecapitalsunited Thu 03-Nov-16 19:23:20

Light shades are also less noticeable than dark if they chip.

AtSea1979 Thu 03-Nov-16 22:01:59

Thank you, so many ideas now.

I do tend to wear darker colours just because it's a novelty!
What colours should I be wearing at the min?

Mummamayhem Thu 03-Nov-16 22:04:28

Ciate. I am bit obsessed it's brilliant (ive only used shellac beforehand but it's too much money)

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 03-Nov-16 22:05:23

No 7 top coat and your varnish will be hard as nails,2 coats straight after each other followed by this,don't allow it to dry in between.

AtSea1979 Thu 03-Nov-16 22:06:52

Ah Dame maybe that's where I am going wrong, I'm letting it dry inbetween coats, currently on about coat number 4 to try to cover the chips!

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Thu 03-Nov-16 22:08:50

I have a Miss Sporty gel top coat which makes my Rimmel polishes last for ages.

I change it weekly because I get bored of the colour but I reckon it could last 10 days.

EmmaMacGill Thu 03-Nov-16 22:14:34

Yes lighter / nude colours won't be so noticable when they chip. I've got Butterfly Wings and Tickle my Francie which are both lovely colours

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