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Looking ten years younger

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FurryLittleTwerp Fri 16-Sep-16 08:29:56

Me smile

I have not drunk any alcohol this month & it has really made a difference. I had been drinking most days for a long time, though not so much in the week for a few months. I don't think it's just down to being more hydrated, as I was always careful to drink plenty of water while drinking.

I no longer have eye bags in the mornings or puffiness around the jawline on one side & my one droopy upper lid is much better. Better skin colour too.

Quite remarkable the change - I thought I looked okay before! I'm in my early 50s.

I think I'll save drinking for high days & holidays only, & have much less when I do indulge smile

cheeseandmarmite15 Fri 16-Sep-16 08:42:19

I very rarely drink alcohol. I can go years without drinking it.

I think it makes a big difference to aging. I see women my age who are big social drinkers and they are very wrinkled, especially crows feet and around the mouth.

burnishedsilver Fri 16-Sep-16 09:21:48

If I've had even one drink I have dark circles under my eyes the next day.

DavetheCat2001 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:26:05

I noticed a difference when OH and I did Dry January this year. I shifted an annoying few lbs too that I am unable to shift now through diet and exercise alone.

Trouble is i LOVE wine!

DavetheCat2001 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:37:30

..I could def do with looking 10 years younger though! grin

FurryLittleTwerp Fri 16-Sep-16 09:45:21

I love wine too Dave but not sure it's worth it anymore sad

DavetheCat2001 Fri 16-Sep-16 10:08:42

Bah..there must be a 'happy medium' surely?

Actually just talking about wine is making me think some this evening would be nice...

FurryLittleTwerp Fri 16-Sep-16 10:14:21


PaperdollCartoon Fri 16-Sep-16 10:19:51

This is interesting. I'm late twenties and have long been a big wine drinker (I'm actually now seeking help for it) and currently I definitely look younger than I am, no wrinkles, often get ID'd when not dressed for work. But one of the many things encouraging me to cut down is my health and appearance, I need to lose about a stone and half which I'm sure abstinence will help with (my diet is very healthy), but looking forward a few years I wonder if cutting down now will help me look young longer term?

Pisssssedofff Fri 16-Sep-16 10:26:29

Well of course it will !
Alcohol is the single worst thing you can put in a body, but unfortunately it stops you murdering the little bastards, I mean the kids

FurryLittleTwerp Fri 16-Sep-16 10:48:57

Paperdoll I reckon you have another good ten years grin

For me cutting down has definitely made me look (& feel) better & younger - if I'd never drunk much at all perhaps I'd look like a grey-haired teenager <muses>

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