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Party in Essex and I'm a frump

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twotiredtoo Wed 24-Aug-16 18:41:45

DH & I have been invited to a Silver Wedding party. It's in a pub in Essex where I understand people make an effort to look glam.

I'm nearly 50 & my usual pub wear is posh jeans & a decent top.
Will it be stylish frocks & funky heels or am I going to be completely overdressed?

The couple are a similar age and both always look smart but not OTT.

twotiredtoo Wed 24-Aug-16 19:17:23

Where are the stylish S&B experts?
Don't let me go in boot cuts and a fleececonfused

lisam78 Fri 26-Aug-16 22:18:53

I'm not in Essex but given the occasion I would go for either a dress and heels or a nice skirt/top combo with heels. Enjoy your night!

WannaBeDifferent Fri 26-Aug-16 22:20:59

I'm in Essex and we dress like any other place ! You've been watching too much Towie !

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 26-Aug-16 23:03:46

I'm in Essex and 50 and I have no clue what dressed up people wear blush

Jeans would be too low key I reckon, okay for a Pub Meal but not a 25th .

When is it? It is really really warm'n'humid at the moment .

If you're not a dress person, smart trousers (I love those drapey ones in tiny pleats. Topshop had some. No wrinkling ), sleeveless dressy top sequins maybe? (if you like your arms) and a jacket or cover up? My DD bought kimonos last year , very pretty.

Do you have time to ask the hosts what the dress code is?

And yes, we're not al TOWIE (thank goodness ) grin

HolaWeenie Fri 26-Aug-16 23:16:45

Whereabouts in Essex?

romanvilla Sat 27-Aug-16 07:35:46

Thanks for the comments, I've nc.

I think they've taken over the pub for the afternoon and its definitely informal.
Just need to understand what informal means. Where I live it would removing your mud encrusted dog walking boots.

I'd be very happy to wear and dress and heels but definitely don't want to be overdressed.
My geography is awful but it's near Colchester.

Helloooooooo Sat 27-Aug-16 07:37:34

Is it an evening or afternoon thing?

Helloooooooo Sat 27-Aug-16 07:37:59

Cross post!

romanvilla Sat 27-Aug-16 07:38:15

5pm onwards

MermaidTears Mon 29-Aug-16 18:03:14

I'm in Brentwood. The home of Essex and towie are worrying for nothing. 90% of people are normal dressed and looking

QueenofLouisiana Mon 29-Aug-16 18:52:03

Ok, you'll be heading out towards me. I'm just over the border in Suffolk. I'd wear jeans, heels and a funky top. I ordered one from Boden for that sort of thing I'll try and find a link.?

QueenofLouisiana Mon 29-Aug-16 18:57:08

It hasn't arrived yet, so not sure how it'll work but it should give an idea.

WannaBeDifferent Mon 29-Aug-16 19:52:53

You'll be about 15 mins from me . Seriously , anything goes - smart jeans and a top with a bit of sparkle , smart trousers and a top , nice dress, I would say smart casual.

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