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Almond perfume suggestions

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musicmum75 Tue 26-Jul-16 21:48:55

Can anyone recommend any nice almond-y perfumes please? I have fallen in love with Tardes by Carner which is rose and almond and am wondering what else is out there.

I usually prefer niche perfume brands but I'm off on holiday so something I can get from the Duty Free would be good.

musicmum75 Thu 28-Jul-16 16:56:43

Any suggestions anyone?

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Thu 28-Jul-16 17:00:50

Dior hypnotic poison is almondy.

Loyly Thu 28-Jul-16 17:21:26

Mandorlo di Sicilia from Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo range. It's almond, orange, vanilla, coffee and a little white musk. It's a beauty, my absolute favourite almond.

Like WhoThe said, Dior Hypnotic Poison is another good one (it's rounder with a play-doh note to it).

Guerlain Champs-Elysees and Yves Saint Laurent Cinema are lighter on the almond but very nice.

hollinhurst84 Thu 28-Jul-16 19:49:02

Laura mercier almond and coconut is nice

MagicalRealist Thu 28-Jul-16 19:52:58

Elie Saab l'eau couture has green almond notes. It's gorgeous.

SuckingEggs Thu 28-Jul-16 23:41:24

Serge Lutens Louve

musicmum75 Sat 30-Jul-16 23:05:24

Thanks everyone. I'm going to check out all of those.

PaulDacreCuntyMcCuntFace Sun 31-Jul-16 10:33:11

Kenzo 'Amour' is very almondy - I love it. Buy the parfum rather than the EDT though as it is worth the extra money, as the scent lasts on the skin so much longer.

Sixpencenonethericher Sun 31-Jul-16 15:38:41

I second Ellie Saab its lush I bought it after reading this thread

ihatethecold Sun 31-Jul-16 15:48:50

Watching with interest

musicmum75 Sun 31-Jul-16 19:05:41

Thanks for the extra recommendations. The only one I have been able to sample so far is the Elie Saab one. It is indeed lovely. I may need to buy a bottle!

Sixpencenonethericher Mon 01-Aug-16 08:51:50

It is isn't it I can't stop sniffing it

PinkissimoAndPearls Sat 06-Aug-16 17:49:28

Did you buy anything music?

After this thread, I tried a tester of Kenzo Amour in Boots and loved it. I could still smell it on the tester strip three days later, and it lasted a long time on my skin too. I'm going to save up for it, the Boots staff member said it's usually on offer. smile

I ordered a small sample/decant of the Ellie Saab from EBay and didn't like it, given the replies here I'm wondering if it was a dodgy sample. It was very faint, I could hardly smell it, and it didn't smell as "warm" as the Kenzo. Maybe it had been stored incorrectly.

I would just love a perfume that smelt of marzipan, basically grin

Patapouf Sun 07-Aug-16 21:07:35

Chantecaille Frangipane is very almondy.

leedy Mon 08-Aug-16 14:09:51

Seconding the Aqua di Parma Mandorlo, it's yummy. L'Artisan Parfumeur Jour de Fete is also almond-y (it actually smells quite like cake, and yet I like it, which is weird as I am not normally a fan of food-y scents).

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Mon 08-Aug-16 14:14:40

Burberry Brit

musicmum75 Thu 08-Sep-16 14:41:19

Thank you for the Jour de Fete recommendation :-) I managed to find a bottle in eBay! It's lovely!

teta Thu 08-Sep-16 14:52:57

Aveeno 's moisturising creamy oil is very Almondy and a good base for perfumes as its made with Almond oil.

niminypiminy Thu 08-Sep-16 15:32:08

Pinkissimo if you want a perfume that smells of marzipan you have to sample Caron Farnesiana. It's like sitting in a Roman cafe with a vase of mimosa on the table eating a slice of battenburg cake. One of my all-time favourites.

FrustratedFrugal Thu 08-Sep-16 16:36:28

You bought a lovely one but just two more -
What We Do in Paris Is Secret from A Lab on Fire
Luctor et Emergo, People of the Labyrinth

And Niminypiminy's description of Farnesiana is totally accurate.

musicmum75 Thu 08-Sep-16 17:30:05

oh! so many lovely ideas to try!! Thank you all :-)

PinkissimoAndPearls Wed 14-Sep-16 18:31:54

Niminy I'm so sorry to ignore you, this dropped off TIO! That perfume looks wonderful, a lot little out of my price range but I will try and lay my hands on a sample!

The reviews have reminded me that as a teenager, I used to wear vanilla essence on my skin as perfume hmm

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