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Which shellac colour are you getting for your holiday nails?

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Diddlydokey Sat 16-Jul-16 21:23:05

I'm getting a mani - pedi so need to choose both. Currently have fedora on my fingers but thinking summery colours. Not sure whether to match or go dark on my toes..
Inspire me please grin

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 16-Jul-16 22:02:15

I don't wear shellac as I like to change my nail colour each day. Summer colours. I would suggest
Mint green
Light blue

Earlybird Sat 16-Jul-16 22:07:12

fingers - pale pink, the colour of the inside of a seashell
toes - the colour of a raspberry

Those are colours I like that also suit my skin tone.

Twinklestar2 Sat 16-Jul-16 23:26:19

I had coral got my holiday.

Twinklestar2 Sat 16-Jul-16 23:26:32

For not got!

Diddlydokey Sun 17-Jul-16 07:00:16

I was thinking of coral. I'm going to pull all my clothes out today and see how the colours are looking. I know I have lots of navy so might go for midnight swim on my toes but it is quite wintery

RozzlePops Sun 17-Jul-16 07:11:24

Tropix is lovely

iloveredwine Sun 17-Jul-16 07:37:02

Have lobster roll on my toes. Orange/ coral color and looks lovely for holiday flip flops.

Rainshowers Sun 17-Jul-16 08:33:28

Tropix is usually my go to holiday colour. Last time I went for Lobster Roll for a change and loved it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 17-Jul-16 09:28:56

With a grapefruit sparkle layer?

itsbetterthanabox Sun 17-Jul-16 10:53:25

Sparks fly is a newish one perfect for holidays.

DropZoneOne Sun 17-Jul-16 10:54:57

Tropic is my favourite summer / holiday colour.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 17-Jul-16 11:55:05

Sparks fly is lovely. How did I not notice that colour before.

SortItAhhht Sun 17-Jul-16 12:43:29

I'm with Earlybird.

I like a pale, shell pink for my nails as it wears well and any chips dont show up.

Bright raspberry pinky-red on toes.

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