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Glastonbury capsule wardrobe?

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nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 16:45:59

I'm having a full on midlife crisis and dh and I are ditching the children to go rave it up on worthy farm. We are both 40 this year and want to have a bit of a big year so lots of trips, meals, adventures for us both and for us as a family. I'm super excited! I've been to the festival a couple of times before but that was BC (before children) and now I am older and sadly more vain I need outfits and advice on footwear.

So far I have
Decent rain gear
Straw fedora, sunglasses

I have all the things like sun block, vests, lots of socks, various wipes, dry shampoo, travel straightening irons etc etc.

Wellies- yes when wet or cold, but what else should I have for my feet?

I have denim pinafore dress and a couple of tops for under
Jeans and a jumper/hoodie
Denim shorts
Hippie type top

What do people wear on their feet accept wellies?

Northernlurker Wed 01-Jun-16 16:47:40

With the way the weathers going I'd stick to wellies!

nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 17:25:06

Yes thank you! The weather may well be dire confusedgrin

ElspethFlashman Wed 01-Jun-16 17:28:29

I think people wear flat ankle boots they don't mind getting destroyed for warmer weather.

I haven't been but my sister went and said the thing that shocked her was how bloody cold it got later on in the evening. Everyone shivering in their cut off denim shorts. she had quite sensible clothes but still froze in the tent. I think she really regretted not bringing a micro fleece.

Zampa Wed 01-Jun-16 17:32:56

You might want to take supportive trainers. Lovely sandals look great but are useless for all the walking/standing you'll need to do. I think Converse are OK/comfortable.

Tights or leggings are good to layer up with. If it's warm during the day you can just pull them on under your dress when it's cooler in the evening.

Take a hat. It'll hide your hair if it gets unruly and keep you warm/shade your face.

I'd also take a little camping stool. Glastonbury can be hard work and it's nice to have a little sit down. if it's muddy, seating is in demand so handy to have your own to carry arround.

MakeTeaNotWar Wed 01-Jun-16 17:35:38

If the ground is dry, I wear very battered trainers. But the ground is always wet, esp around the toilets and taps so wellies it is!

I bought this at Dorothy Perkins today for Glasto - I'll put a long sleeve t-shirt under if cold and if it's hot, it will keep the sun off

leedy Wed 01-Jun-16 17:42:28

"What do people wear on their feet accept wellies?"

Hiking boots/sturdy runners with good arch support (eg Merrell). The site is HUGE, mainly big fields with some paths between them and a lot of it is relatively bumpy underfoot. You'll also be on your feet most of the day unless it's sunny/dry enough to sit on the ground or you go full oldarse (I have done this) and carry around a camping stool so if you have crap shoes your feet/legs will be in BITS by Sunday. Also if it's not predicted to be apocalyptically wading-through-puddles wet I'd go for waterproof hiking boots over wellies as they're a hell of a lot more comfortable. <gives two fingers to the "festival fashion" dictate that you, like, neeeeeeeed wellies>

Agree it can get FREEZING after dark, recommend having a nice warm fleece or two and something cosy to wear for sleep. Shorts/short dresses are useful during the day as if it's sunny, hoorah, and if it's muddy it's easier to wash/pick dried mud off your legs than off trousers. Jeans are terrible in the rain, it soaks into them and then if they dry they sort of dry onto your legs, IYKWIM.

Also do not bother with straighteners, just bring a bandana or something to tie your hair up in. By Sunday nobody (including you) will care what your hair looks like and/or look worse and you may not see a mirror from one end of the day to the other. I think my sole concession to glamour over many Glastonburies was sparkly lip gloss.

louloubelle2 Wed 01-Jun-16 17:53:05

If you're camping in the main bit, remember you'll be walking at least a mile or more from the car park, and carrying booze comes before carrying loads of clothes for me.

Wet weather - I'm not a fan usually, but leggings in wellies under dress or a long line top is great. Jeans are hideous when wet, cold to wear and take ages to dry. Also leggings roll up really small so you can take lots of pairs. I'd layer a vest, top and sweatshirt under a waterproof and remove layers as necessary.

Other weather - YY to it getting cold at night. Again, with leggings you could take a pair in your bag and put them on under a dress when you start to feel cold in the evening, rather than trudge back to your tent to change. Or take them off if its warmer as the day goes on.

Footwear - anything you don't mind getting trashed and can withstand the miles you will walk - god I remember the walking - old converse, flip flops, ankle boots. Nothing to flimsy.

I'd sod the hippie vibe unless it's your usual look. It's a complete myth that everyone wears peasant tops and beads, truth is anything goes, which is the beauty of Glastonbury. If you want to dress up a bit, get yourself to the charity shop and buy a really mad top, sequin leggings, or make a headdress. The madder the better at night!

I'm really jealous you got tickets, we missed out. You'll have a ball.

NecklessMumster Wed 01-Jun-16 17:54:55

You've got to look after your feet . I wear walking boots/shoes unless it's liquid underfoot as wellies are horrible to walk in, you need a camping/ outdoor shop not a fashion shop. Layers you can add to when it gets later..short dress then add leggings/trousers /fleece. If I had the £ I'd buy the lightest warmest waterproofest technical clothes I could

louloubelle2 Wed 01-Jun-16 17:55:30

I spent so long typing, everything has already been said smile

and YY - straighteners?? Even if cordless, does a battery last that long. Dry shampoo, scarf, hat. Or just don't look in the mirror till you get home!

glorious Wed 01-Jun-16 18:11:42

Agree on walking boots. I was there in the epic mud of 2005 and fared much better in those (plus waterproof over trousers) than others in wellies.

Otherwise good sandals like birkies or crocs if you find them comfy are nice but only if you don't mind filthy feet.

Clothes wise I would go for jersey sun dress, leggings in case cold, chinos or walking trousers in preference to jeans, very sensible waterproof and preferably waterproof trousers. Also comfy layers for night time including sleeping and a hat.

This year will be my third (and second with DD who is 3). See you there (you will recognise me by the outfit now!) grin

Awks Wed 01-Jun-16 18:14:54

Wellies have thin soles and you feel every stone and pebble underfoot. It's like standing on lego permanently. And yy to the thin fleeces to sleep in and for when it's freezing and it will be at night

nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 18:19:30

Thank you all so much for your advice! Will definitely get a little campin stool. Have looked out old ankle boots which I can weather proof.

I have a couple of crazy leggings that I can layer outfits with, so will pack them.

I don't want to look practical, and I do love fashion so it's just about getting the balance right- not looking like a fashion victim and being cold/wet, but definitely channeling my inner Alexa wink

bojorojo Wed 01-Jun-16 19:34:55

Timberland lace ups of DocMartens ( have I spelt that correctly?). You know what I mean! Sandals - just in case it is dry but open toes let in dust! Trainers - so many fashionable ones about but again, only if it is dry.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Wed 01-Jun-16 22:02:13

It's all about the layering and take non creasy clothes..Leggings, shorts, dresses, long vests, shirts, a cool hat is a must, also bright scarves which double up as bandanas, turbans, wrap.
Wellies, Timberland boots or similar with chunky socks. Funky trainers if forecast good.

Loads of plastic sandwich bags, binliners are essential. You can make a hole in one and stick your head through as an emergency raincape.

I'm praying for sun.. Have a
Oh and put your tent at the top of a hill or slope.

nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 23:14:45

Thank you. I have been looking at timberland boots- there is an outlet near me so I like get take a look.

Layers- got it!

So far I have.
Black tassel fronted dress
Bare legs/ suede ankle boots, then leopard print tights, small denim in jacket, army jacket on top.

Denim cut off shorts, white peasant style tip, waistcoat. Then hoodie with rain Mac on top. Either wellies or t

nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 23:16:01


Also have
High waster denim in shorts, camisole best top, denim in shirt over and black opaque a for later. Add jacket and hat when needed.

I have a couple of primark vests for layering unde

nilbyname Wed 01-Jun-16 23:16:49

Under and have plenty of thermal for sleeping in.

Sorry kept posting before finishing blush

WrenNatsworthy Wed 01-Jun-16 23:29:39

I wear my docs,;and also take my Art mines which are comfy but chunky and fairly funny looking.
I hate wellies and never wear them but I do have some crocs wellies.
I also wear ponchos and take my brolly with me, I have a small shoulder bag as I hate carrying round loads of stuff.

We work there and get to drive onto site with our stuff before taking car to staff car park so I generally chuck lots of stuff in these days but I used to plan what I was going to wear before that.
Usually a combination of lots of layers that co-ordinate. Leggings a must. Funky sundressees that you can layer up when it's cold with great jumpers.

I hate cagoules and waterproofs so I just take my parka. If it's throwing it down I'll head for comedy tent / poetry / bar etc and if it's a band I adore I'll just dance, get wet, go back to tent and dry off later.

Ohhh I can't wait!

WrenNatsworthy Wed 01-Jun-16 23:33:55

Mules! Not mines!

Also, we are making sparkly capes for our forays into Arcadia and the South East Corner this year. Look out for us!


WrenNatsworthy Wed 01-Jun-16 23:34:46

Funky looking. Not funny looking. Gah!

WrenNatsworthy Wed 01-Jun-16 23:37:34

I am aware that my posts make me look like a loon but I didn't explain about the crocs wellies, which I don't wear on site but are great to walk to the shower block in.

GozerTheGozerian Wed 01-Jun-16 23:42:29

I'm a big fan of leggings / tights and shorts, skirts or dresses. Mainly because if it's hot you can ditch them and if it's cold / muddy (WHICH IT WILL NOT BE) then you're warm and dry. Take lots of spare pairs. I have only gone out minus wellies one year; that was the 2010 heatwave and I wore gladiator sandals all weekend. Glorious.

Enjoy, we are going for the first time without kids / pregnancy / breastfeeding being a factor in 5 years and I cannot wait!

VivaDevaVegas Wed 01-Jun-16 23:42:41

Haven't started to think about wardrobe yet! Footwear I usually take wellies (Dunlop agrifort good grip and not £££), trainers and sandals/crocs. Been there in heatwave and rain but not a really horrendous wet year...yet! It's my fourth time and the first time the kids are more excited about the music than the kidzfield, although Dynamo and Basil Brush are on their lineup so glad we've got them with us so we can see them 😀

Not been since 2013 so starting to get excited.

pieceofpurplesky Wed 01-Jun-16 23:49:09

You are taking a lot! I usually have a couple of dresses plus what I am wearing and leave a change in car for travelling home (normally leggings and jumper) and a bag with leggings and a hoody and coat for later/rain. Don't do tights / you won't want to be putting them on in the toilets. Leggings you can put on anywhere!
I hate wellie so wear walking boots and chunky socks, but have a pair of light pumps in my bag in case it gets hot.
You won't need straighteners.
Imodium is an essential just in case ...

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