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Holiday make up essentials? Foundation?

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AuntieMaggie Sun 29-May-16 12:45:35

What are your holiday make up essentials?

I think I need some foundation of some sort to get me through the first few nights of pale on holiday - what would be a good one?

coleus Sun 29-May-16 12:58:42

I just bought the chubby Clinique one, looks super easy for travelling and I can daub it on with fingers!

Kirriemuir Sun 29-May-16 15:53:04

I don't bother. I may look hideous but it is only a couple of days! All I take is mascara and Vaseline.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sun 29-May-16 15:56:09

God no, don't bother, tinted moisturiser or BB, CC whatever cream should be more than enough.

One year I went through a whole tube of This Works Miracle something, it's a caramel coloured tint, goes very sheer.
Not sure they still do it, might have to check soon!

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sun 29-May-16 15:57:11

AuntieMaggie Sun 29-May-16 17:56:20

I don't normally bother but it's a girls holiday and they'll all look like they stepped out of a magazine! I'm the sweaty mess on the beach usually but trying to make an effort grin

MNetter15 Sun 29-May-16 17:58:42

I walked off the plane in Spain last year and my makeup literally melted off my face shock It was so hot that my mascara burnt my eyes.
Don't think I bothered for the rest of the holiday, and I wouldn't be seen dead without it at home!

ohidoliketobe Sun 29-May-16 18:00:53

I tend to take tinted moisturiser/ BB / CC cream with spf in, waterproof mascara and spf lip balm for the day. Then bronzer/ highlighter, small eyeshadow pallette and lip gloss/ stick for evenings.

SwedishEdith Sun 29-May-16 18:03:58

Tinted moisturiser only. In fact, I've pretty much given up on foundation full stop.

BretonTop Sun 29-May-16 18:27:19

Bourjois City Radiance is good and spf30. Feels more like a tinted moisturiser. Only about £9.99 too and usually on some sort of deal in Superdrug or Boots.

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