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Aargh what has Oasis done to its Cherry jeans?

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LikeASoulWithoutAMind Thu 14-Apr-16 11:47:05

They have been my go to jeans for several years. Great cut, great fit, slim but not too skinny, rise just right, fabric just the right amount of stretch - I could go on. I recommended them to everyone too.

Now they've bloody changed them and they look terrible on me. Way too clingy and just all wrong.

My (several pairs of) old Cherries are on their last legs.


What am I going to do? Has anyone found a good alternative? I hate jeans shopping and the thought of trawling through loads of changing rooms trying on unflattering pair after pair of jeans is utterly depressing.

swimster01 Thu 14-Apr-16 13:35:12

Well I think there is Oasis Cherry and Oasis Cherry Premium. I bought the latter last year but the pair I bought this year have gone baggy already.

I would check out Sainsburys jeans. I bought a few pairs online recently and kept the dark skinnies. I have worn them several times and they have kept their stretch but haven't washed them yet. They are only about £16 and have very good reviews.

swimster01 Thu 14-Apr-16 13:37:19

Actually they were only £14 - bargain!

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 15-Apr-16 10:06:03

Thanks swimster - I'll check those out.

They seem to have phased out the non-premium ones now and I emailed them today and they said there won't be any more sad

bishboschone Fri 15-Apr-16 12:13:34

Go on eBay and look for some of the ones you like .

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 15-Apr-16 14:12:11

Great minds think alike Bishbosch wink

Whyhellodaffodil Fri 15-Apr-16 14:17:33

Oh no! I only bought my first pair about 6 months ago and was going to get more once those had died, typical!

donadumaurier Fri 15-Apr-16 15:12:55

I used to love Cherry too sad Switched to Oasis Jade a while ago when they first messed with Cherry and they're SO much better. How I remember Cherry being before.

piddleypower Fri 15-Apr-16 22:46:04

Agh no! They are my go to Jean, on my fifth pair. Why do they have to mess with them?!?

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 15-Apr-16 23:38:16

Maybe I should try Jade again - tried them in the past but they were too clingy for me.

daffodil you may well have the new ones - don't let me put you off if they work for you!

donadumaurier Sat 16-Apr-16 10:43:25

Within Jade some pairs are more clingy than others, you have to try a few different pairs on. I have one pair I ordered online a while ago (stupidly cut the tags off before I tried them on thinking Jade fit me) and they were rubbish, don't work for me at all. But I have other pairs of Jade bought in the same season that are fantastic IYSWIM. My problem when they changed Cherry was they became too stiff, Jade are stretchier. Jeans shopping is a nightmare! I also have a pair of Levis which I hate to say are brilliant, but I would only buy them in the sale!

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