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Desparate for a foundation for my skin type!

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CakeThat Mon 14-Mar-16 21:04:06

I have rosacea and currently the acne is reasonably under control but the redness is quite bad. Please don't suggest I go to the doctor, I've tried that but have been told it's not bad enough to get anything medical.
I need recommendations for make up to cover the redness but it's not that easy because I have loads of problems:
-My skin is very sensitive so nothing that causes spots or aggrivates the redness.
-I have large open pores on nose/cheeks so nothing that sinks into and clogs them.
-My face gets oily and shiny throughout the day and my foundation can end up greasy looking on my face - a matt finish is essential.
Has anyone got any ideas? I went to a shopping centre at the weekend and was miserable as I kept seeing my shiny red face in mirrors whilst being surrounded by teenage girls with perfectly made up skin! sad

CakeThat Mon 14-Mar-16 22:13:24

Oh and I need mega coverage please smile

Pupsiecola Mon 14-Mar-16 22:20:13

I have rosacea which is mostly under control now. I don't like heavy make up and I have very sensitive skin. I use the following:-,en_GB,pd.html

I use one of their primers. Not this one, but it may be good for you?,en_GB,pd.html

Clinique do make up for redness/rosacea too.

Pupsiecola Mon 14-Mar-16 22:21:51

Sorry, didn't see the bit about heavy coverage. I do also have this foundation:-,en_GB,pd.html

LtheWife Mon 14-Mar-16 23:41:39

If you need full coverage it might be worth looking at Vichy Dermablend. It's a camouflage make up specifically created for conditions like acne, rosacea, vitiligo etc, is non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologists.

It comes as either a liquid foundation or a panstick for heavier coverage and needs to be set with the setting powder which creates a matt finish. It doesn't come in a huge range of shades unfortunately so you may need to buy a couple and mix to create a custom shade. I've seen it stocked in larger branches of Boots so easy to get hold of too. In fact, it might be worth speaking to your GP as it used to be available on prescription.

CakeThat Tue 15-Mar-16 07:09:01

Thanks I've just looked up Vichy Dermablend and that sounds very promising - my only concern is that it may go oily on my skin as the day goes on. Definitely the type of coverage I need though. Will see if I can find it in Boots this morning. Thanks again flowers

curlywurly4 Tue 15-Mar-16 08:44:05

I have rosacea which is really bad at the moment due to pregnancy. Lots of redness and acne. I'm using Clinique anti redness foundation which doesn't irritate my skin and the coverage is pretty good given the terrible state of my skin. Sometimes I look in the mirror and remember how I used to look!

I'm also using Dermalex repair moisturiser which, amazingly, I'm finding really works. The redness has really eased off.

I tried bare minerals liquid foundation before but it sits in my pores and looks terrible. The powder doesnt provide enough coverage for me.

I would see a different GP about treatment though, I use finacea gel and wish I'd started treatment earlier.

DragonRojo Tue 15-Mar-16 13:29:59

I haven't tried it, but the Stylist magazine recently recommended Skin Foundation Stick (£29.50) for skin prone to redness. I cut off the article with the intention of checking it out, and had been sitting on my desk since. Maybe someone else tried it?

YourBubzYourRulzHun Tue 15-Mar-16 14:19:22

I got an email yesterday from Skin Shop about their new Kalme Chameleon concealer. No reviews yet as it's brand new and on pre order but looks promising.

CakeThat Wed 16-Mar-16 07:56:46

So disappointed - went to boots and bought the Vichy foundation and setting powder -£33. From the claims on the box it sounded just right for me! However, it settled straight into my pores making me look dreadful, didn't cover my redness better than any other foundation and after a couple of hours my face started burning and when i looked in the mirror it was shiny and bright red again! Do you think boots would do a refund? grin

curlywurly4 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:53:29

It's so disappointing when you waste money on products. I spent loads on Bare Minerals which I used three times in total.

You could ask for a refund, think cosmetics are non refundable but they can only say no!

emsyj Wed 16-Mar-16 08:57:15

Have you tried Estee Lauder Double Wear? Get a sample first. Also, see a different doctor. Some are more sypathetic to skin issues than others.

Roonerspism Wed 16-Mar-16 09:02:24

Definitely return it to Boots. They will and should refund.

The dermablend works well for me but I'm allergic to Bare Minerals. I like Lily Lolo though - they do a really nice green concealer and offer cheap online testers. It's really reasonably priced

MrsFlorrick Wed 16-Mar-16 09:04:08

Bellapierre mineral foundation. Full adjustable coverage. And no irritants. And has serious staying power.

It's one of the few I can use.

I also suffer and find products with silicones (dimethecone etc) makes my rosacea a 100 times worse and gives me spots.
Even shampoo and conditioner with silicone causes problems.

I just use Dermalex and mineral foundation.

The Bellapierre one is also a concealer if you use a concealer brush so no need for another product.

Or try Lily Lolo minerals. They a v good. Only downside is you'd need to buy their concealer along with foundation as coverage is less. However their products are much cheaper. And their matte setting powder is great for oily skin.

It might be worth getting Differin gel from the GP. It's for acne but dermatologists use it as an "off label" prescription for rosacea also.
My dermatologist does if both acne and rosacea co-exist.

And be careful with sunscreen ingredients. Some of them are almost pure silicone. I can't image that's particularly good. Get a mineral sunscreen (green people or similar).

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