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How to look 'expensive'

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INeedSomeHelp Wed 30-Dec-15 16:58:42

I'm not sure if that's the right word but I was in Sainsbury's today and the woman in the queue in front of me just looked 'expensive'.
She wasn't wearing anything remarkable - a leather jacket with a fur collar, skinny jeans and brown knee length boots but somehow she looked 'done' whereas I looked like a sack of spuds.
How to achieve that expensive look without the budget?

variousthings Wed 30-Dec-15 17:06:39

I think there are a billion threads on this already but in summary the answer usually is: be thin, be good looking, have good hair, have good teeth, ditto nails and eyebrows, wear make up but not too much, wear good clothes and accessories.

VegetablEsoup Wed 30-Dec-15 17:09:02

wear clothes that fit properly and are clean.
take care of yourself so you look your best: no smoking, enough sleep and exercise, minimal alkohol, good nutrition.

carrie74 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:09:15

Natural fabrics and best quality you can afford. Buy fewer items, but ones you do make sure are good quality.

Clothes that fit, and suit your shape.

burnishedsilver Wed 30-Dec-15 17:10:35

Its down to grooming and posture.

SwedishEdith Wed 30-Dec-15 17:11:05

Be tall and have good posture as well.

WipsGlitter Wed 30-Dec-15 17:11:06

Clean clothes that fit
Good hair
Don't smoke
Avoid stress
Look put together
Tailored clothes

FoggyMorn Wed 30-Dec-15 17:22:31

Be clean... Clean hair, clean shoes, Clean, simple clothes (simple well fitting clothes are, sadly, often quite expensive), natural fabrics such as wool and cotton and silk (and launder them carefully!).

Be careful with colour and pattern. Often when you see someone who looks really expensive, they have a limited colour palette with maybe one bright or patterned item.

*makes note to self, to follow own advice more often wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 30-Dec-15 17:25:20

And no Bitchy Resting Face

You need serene and smooth, slight smile just curving the corner of your mouth. (Perfectly made up mouth of course) wink

VintageDresses Wed 30-Dec-15 17:33:22

I'm not sure it's as simple as that my mum lives on the edge of a very deprived town (in the nice bit!). She's from a reasonably wealthy background by birth

The town centre shoppers are largely poor people. If you saw mum in town, you would never mistake her for one of them, despite having no interest at all in her appearance, getting her hair cut approx once a year, never colouring it and she's never had a manicure in her life. A lot of better turned out women look cheap by comparison....and I do not know why

goodnessgraciousgoudaoriginal Wed 30-Dec-15 17:47:11

I think much of it will depend on what your own preconceptions about what "wealth" looks like.

For me, even though logically I know that a pair of her socks probably cost more than three months of my rent, I have never once thought Kim Kardashian looked anything other than cheap. The hair, the make up, the style....everything. Cheap. I don't think it's her shape - Christina Hendricks is super curvy as well, and doesn't look like trash on the red carpet.

For me, a wealthy look is someone who looks fantastic and like they aren't making an effort. It might be because a lot of the people in the area where I grew up were very "old money".

Meanwhile, for other people, a "wealthy" look might be the sort of footballers wife look.

It's all very subjective!

INeedSomeHelp Wed 30-Dec-15 17:53:32

And no bitchy resting face - ah 70 that's where I might come unstuck having previously been told I have a " fuck off face".

Goodness totally agree with you about Kim Kardashian but that's maybe where my choice of words was wrong - groomed is maybe a better word.

Dornan Wed 30-Dec-15 17:57:15

Not too much make up, not too much jewellery. Restrained clothing.

Good grooming.

Being thin.

MrsCampbellBlack Wed 30-Dec-15 18:00:56

I don't think you need to be thin at all. But you need to look like you take a bit of care about your appearance.

victoryinthekitchen Wed 30-Dec-15 18:04:43

I also saw a woman in Sainsbury's yesterday who looked 'expensive' whilst I was looking sweaty and dragging a basket full of cut price xmas chocolates, trying to steer dc away from minecraft stuff. She was slim with smart boots and a gilet, difficult to define but she looked wealthy.

PurpleTreeFrog Wed 30-Dec-15 18:06:13

If you want this look, inspect your clothes, coats, handbags etc and don't wear any that are starting to look shabby or tatty round the edges.

If you get good quality leather handbag, shoes etc, even if they're not "designer" they'll last longer before looking scruffy.

My cheap, non-leather handbags often start looking tatty round the edges, piping peeling away slightly, parts of the fabric wearing off etc, whereas the real leather ones continue looking good.

You don't notice these things at a glance but overall it gives you a less polished look if you don't pay attention to these things.

Research high street clothes that "expensive" people wear e.g. Kate Middleton (they dont wear designer all the time!) and buy clothes from those stores heavily reduced when the sale is on.

I am not normally this superficial but I have had to think about this a lot due to visiting in laws who run a luxury hotel. I can't go there in clothes that scream Primark and charity shops!

50% of my clothes are from Primark, cheap shops, and charity shops, 25% from middle range high street stores like Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, and the remaining 25% from 'expensive' high street shops like Hobbes, but I get those in the sale. Its the way you put it all together!

Another easy option is to wear all black and accessorise with your best jewelry.

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Wed 30-Dec-15 18:06:21

Definitely no bling during daylight!

Daytime jewellery needs to be understated, even if it's making a statement. And if there is statement jewellery, it's more likely to be a necklace than a bangle, and is pretty unlikely to be earrings.

Hair is never scraped back tight from the face, and is never dry/frizzy (it can be weird/distressed, but is fundamentally in good condition). Eyebrows are natural; plucked and shaped a bit, but nothing vanishing or that looks painted on. Daytime makeup is not bright.

They do not teeter on heels; they only wear up to the height they can walk in well.

Daytime clothes are not shiny, see-thru, or excessively revealing. They fit. They are in natural fibres. They are clean and not ripped, scuffed or bobbly. they are not the height of fashion, either.

Hoppinggreen Wed 30-Dec-15 18:09:08

I am usually quite groomed and while they aren't hugely expensive my clothes aren't cheap, however I don't think I look " wealthy" largely because I am a bit fat and generally speaking I don't think fat people look as groomed for some reason.
I do think fatter people can look good/sexy/etc but it's harder for us to look smart I think, although a well cut and fitting suit can help.

HortonWho Wed 30-Dec-15 18:09:28

Google Jennifer Anniston airport - she's always snapped wearing something simple like jeans and plain shirt with an oversized scarf and sunglasses. She looks polished because someone did her makeup right before she got off, those jeans probably cost a month's rent and fit her perfectly, she's tanned, her posture is relaxed, and she may well be acting easy-breezy for the cameras.

BetteDavis01 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:10:15

I think it's all about 'less is more'. So stick to natural looking make up, no extremes of hair colour, stick to 'natural' hair colours if you colour your hair. Dressing appropriately for your figure, whatever shape / size.

Clean hair & nails. Don't wear 'cheap' looking clothes. If you prefer to shop in the cheaper, budget clothes shops, choose wisely. Same with shoes, no porn star heels that you can barely walk in. Be comfortable in your outfit & walk tall.

Don't walk about with a cigarette in your hand / mouth.

SoConfused15 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:11:08

At this time of year, a good coat and boots will always help make you look well pulled together no matter what's underneath..

MerdeAlor Wed 30-Dec-15 18:14:49

Regular haircuts
Subtle make up
A simple complementary colour palette
No patterns
Good posture


specialsubject Wed 30-Dec-15 18:18:41

Clean clothes that fit, (not skin tight) no cleavage (toes, bum, chest), no visible underwear. No visible words and especially not someone's name.

the most noticeable thing about you should be you. If anyone remembers what you are wearing, it's a 'cheap' look.

I have a VERY fat friend, but she dresses very well - and she doesn't teeter about in heels. She's obviously still fat but just looks good. She wears her clothes, they don't wear her.

and yes, no stink-stick dangling from lips or fingers. The days when smokers looked classy are long, long gone.

Luckystar1 Thu 31-Dec-15 07:57:29

I have a good friend who looks very expensive. She also comes across as very attractive and attractive (when in reality she is actually very plain). She is tall, very slim with highlighted hair. She goes to an expensive hairdresser but her clothes are all h&m and Zara with occasional white company. She has a very neutral palette and everything is always immaculate.

But to be honest people mostly remember her for her slimness and height.

JontyDoggle37 Thu 31-Dec-15 08:18:32

Sainsburys can actually be a good source of simple clothes that can look expensive if you buy the odd piece. Some tan loafers, a pair of jeans that firs really well, a long pair of brown boots and a quilted jacket all from there have all attracted comments and assumptions they are expensive. It's what you put them with that makes them look more than they are.

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