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Petite Skinny Jeans

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HalleLouja Sat 14-Nov-15 15:11:13

I had found the perfect skinny petite jeans (Boden kids ones) but the sizing has gone all wrong (I am still the same size the jeans are not)... So will need some new jeans. I have the Levis Demi Curve but they are tight on my hips so can't really wear those.

Am thinking of Gap but they get mixed reviews or do I try Boden adults petite.


I am still pissed off with Boden who deny changing their sizes but there are two inches difference between this year's and last years in my size.

HalleLouja Sat 14-Nov-15 15:13:21

PS I am an 8/10 if that makes any difference.

hollieberrie Sat 14-Nov-15 16:16:23

I am short and size 8-10 too. I like Fat Face Jeggings (although they really are skinny jeans not jeggings so ii dont know why they call them that). Theyre not petite but i just roll them up a bit and theyre great. Have tried Next, Topshop, New Look etc and Fat Face are by far my faves.

Brillenbar Sat 14-Nov-15 16:20:23

Gap are ok but I really like the boden high rise skinny petite

Walkingonsunshine00 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:29:25

Next jeggings (comfiest things ever)
New look

nmg85 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:46:57

Tesco super skinny fit me v well.

HalleLouja Sun 15-Nov-15 00:27:49

Will have a look at Fat face and New Look. I used to often get jeans from NL.

homebythesea Sun 15-Nov-15 07:59:43

Whisper it but M&S Per Una jeggings are quite the best IM(shortarsed)E.

Short length obvs

HalleLouja Sun 15-Nov-15 08:22:46

The word jeggings puts me off. But some of the Gap leggings looked just like jeans to me....

homebythesea Sun 15-Nov-15 13:30:29

Don't be put off by the name- they are proper denim, lovely high waist and last for ages!

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