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I am neither stylish nor beautiful.. is there any hope for me?

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voodoolooloo Sat 17-Oct-15 17:18:32

So, as per my title, I am neither stylish nor particularly beautiful. Possibly pretty ish on a good day if you squint and are looking into the light..

I am fat ( I wear a 22/24) tall 5ft 9ish. I'm an odd shape. Very large legs, yet slimmer on the top/ belly with 42dd boobs.
I am ashy blonde, fair skinned with blue/grey/green eyes.
I just need some Stylising help please?
I'm currently living in this summers linen trousers or baggy palazzo pants with different t shirts.
I'm super comfy but possibly a little under dressed for winter!
Any advice? Please?
I'm not flush, tend to frequent supermarkets and sales sections of 'yours'.
I really just need a few staples to get me through into autumn/winter.
I need jeans but none for me nicely. Boot cut hang horribly. Skinnies are out. I hear flares are back?
I love leggings but again with my fat legs they are out sadhmm
I'm in the process of loosing weight so don't want to spend a fortune but I really do need some guidance.
What colours do I wear?! What styles look good. I'm in my mid thirties and have no clue!
Please lovely people of this board help me.

RickOShay Sat 17-Oct-15 17:41:12

What about some harem pants? I think Next do some nice ones. Flares are back, but not in my neck of the woods, (deepest darkest countryside). What about a shirt dress? TK maxx often have some good stuff if you have the time to really look and try a lot on.
I would stick to neutral colours, navy, charcoal grey, I think teal would suit your colouring, or red if you are feeling daring. Can't go wrong with navy though. Perhaps invest in a pair of ankle boots as you can always wear them, I have a mushroomy sort of colour and they go with everything.

margaritasbythesea Sat 17-Oct-15 21:35:27

What body shape are you? Everything hangs on that I have learned after many years.

Also, what sort of clothes do you need? Work? Casual?

There is a tonne of hope. Anyone can look great but need more detail.

In the meantime, have a real think about colours. A very slight difference makes a huge difference to me. ditto necklines, lengths.etc.
Once you know those, ebay is your friend. l am usually head to toe in good colours and shapes from good brands from ebay.

pinterest is also good to get an idea if what you fancy. eg. if you have a favourite top search for shape and style and it will show similar outfits.

yyy to mushroom boots. greatcthings. mourn the loss of the ones i loved.

There is a tonne of hope,

voodoolooloo Sat 17-Oct-15 22:07:57

Rick do you really think I could wear shirt dresses. I really am fat, not sure I could show my legs off?. Possibly leggings underneath??
Definitely going to look for some ankle boots they were on my list of wanted things.
Colour wise, I don't really like dark colours, hmm maybe not good to wear bright colours with my size but I always feel so drab in blacks and navy's. Trousers not so much so but I do like a dash of colour on top!
Thank you. Going to google harem pants now. Would they be worn with the ankle boots?.

voodoolooloo Sat 17-Oct-15 22:16:35

Margarita thank you for saying there's hope!
I guess I'm Apple shaped. Large all over but slightly not so large on the top! I have broad shoulders, slightly defined waist but then huge horrible chunky need-to-be-hidden legs. My belly isn't too big and I'm lucky that my I'm tall. Does that sound like apple shaped?!.
Like I said above, I like bright colours, never thought too much about what suits me before. I think I'm cool toned, suit ashy rather than golden blond, silver jewellery etc.
I need casuals mainly. I wear a uniform for work, don't tend to 'go out' much, just day to day stuff. If I were thinner I guess I'd like to live in leggings and boots or skinners/converse etc. My main problem is finding jeans that don't cling. Even traditional wide legged ones seem to hang wrong on me. I have to buy a size bigger for the legs but then they gape on the waist. Same with tops, I need a bigger size for my shoulders but then I always have spare material on the back!
I dunno, wish I could wear my comfy palazzo pants all winter and freeze.
Thank you again

RickOShay Sun 18-Oct-15 08:08:48

You sound so lovely voodoo, you are beautiful.
If the darker colours depress you, what about pale grey, cream, camel. Big V necked jumpers that end below your hips, and then a big scarf in the colours you feel good in, if you get them long enough I think you could wear skinny jeans. Yes to a shirt dress, but take your time in trying stuff on, don't buy anything just because it will do, buy it because it makes you feel good, this requires TIME. You probably will put things on that you feel awful in, don't be disheartened, this happens to everybody, just put it back and try again until you are happy with how you feel.

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 08:57:44

There are a lot if useful sites online for body shape and colours. Pinterest can be good for ideas. I also can get a bit bamboozled by it all. I tend to try and think of clothes that sit in my cuoboard unused and why I don't like wearing them. That gives me clues as to what works. I never buy anything I don't really like. If I buy something and don't want to wear it immediately I take it back. What''s the point if a new top if you don't want to put it on and feel fab?

No one likes buying jeans. Everyone has to try on a gazillion pairs to avoid the issues you have. I think you just have to give a day to it and hope you get lucky first thing. I sould start in Gap and Matalan'falmer' section. gap are expensive but if they have something that suits, they often do 30% off codes so sign up for the newsletter and you can get them when one pops up.

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 09:00:04

Also try in dresses etc in shops you like so you know what suits then go on ebay. Shops ljke Phase eight do similar shapes every season so the same shape is bound to come up.

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 09:04:28

Get a good bra. Ask for a bra intervention on here. They are amazing!Doesn't have to be costly. When I tried on one if the ones they suggested to me I couldn't believe it. I had movie star boobs suddenly.

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 09:09:49

this seems to me a nice achievable outfit that might suit. The second styling of the cardigan is abysmal though!

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 09:13:23

hang on. just re read your post and saw ' slightly defined waist' - that's not apple. this

Diddlydokey Sun 18-Oct-15 09:19:27

I think dresses are an option. I wear leggings like tights with knee boots. You're tall so can probably get away with longer dresses and ankle boots.

I think you sound hour glass shaped if you go in at the waist, or pear shaped if your bottom half is bigger than your boobs or shoulders. I have a similar shape and try to wear v necks and darker clothes on the bottom.

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 13:35:54

Lovely lovely ladies, thank you.
My plan is to pop to our shopping g centre and try some different shapes stuff on.. Come home and eBay for cheaper grin
DH says I'm hourglass shape, I tend to think he's just being kind! I so love my boobs and always go for deep v neck.
I have loads of unworn stuff. Some almost new yet I go back to my old favs time and time again. Looking forward to thinking about why I don't wear them.
Do gap really do jeans that will fit? I haven't shopped there for years. I always forget about matalan to. I'll add that to my list.
Regarding boots.. I fancy some knee highs with the thought that it'll cover some of my hideous legs. Any thoughts on that plan? I so want some mushroom coloured ankle boots though smile
I'll try and mn bra measurement thingy though I'm quietly confident that my bras are pretty well sized.
I'm going to be big headed and list some of my better features. DH suggested it last night when I cried over my lack of wardrobe selection.
And my fatness

I have lovely big boobs
I am good height. Tall enough to carry stuff off my fat but not too tall to struggle with trousers etc
I have lush hair. Thick and swishy and I'm lucky it needs not too much help to get it looking nice.
I have pretty eyes and long lashes. Long enough that they sometimes bash on my sunnies

I just hope other people notice these little things rather than the rest of me!
Thank you all again
I'm going to search Pinterest for some ideas and colours. Then I'll start planning for a shopping trip. smile

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 13:37:39

I wish we had an edit button but I hope you all get the jistgrin

Buttercup27 Sun 18-Oct-15 13:44:29

You need this book! It goes through step by step how to figure out what body shape you are and the recommends what would and wouldn't look good.
It really helped me feel confident about shopping .

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 13:53:21

Thanks Buttercup. I love Gok. I'm sure he can give me some fab advice to go with the brilliant stuff I'm getting in here.
Margaritas I followed your link and I'm pear shaped! Who knew! My hips are a whopping 10 inches bigger than my bust. I'm actually shocked.
Thank you all again

margaritasbythesea Sun 18-Oct-15 16:23:43

If you are anything like me do not get calf/knee length flat boots. I always feel so frumpy in mine. I spent a long time trying to work out why and still haven't. They don't look bad at all when I look in the mirror but I always feel terrible. Bit of a heel and I am happy!

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 17:21:30

Thanks margarita, I like a bit of heel find it more comfy than dead flat so that's a good tip.
I've fallen in love with Pinterest by the way smile

Nearlyadoctor Sun 18-Oct-15 17:27:42

For jumpers try M&S - they do a reasonably priced range ( cashmillion) about £12 a time I think. Lots of colours and different neck lines, crew, deep v etc but also longer lengths. I have a friend who is a 22 and she swears by them. . They wear well for about a season so can easily be replaced as you loose weight.

mixedpeel Sun 18-Oct-15 17:58:32

voodoo, I am pear shaped, too. I noted you like your palazzos for comfort as well as how they look.

A look I find really comfy at this time of year is a stretchy knee length skirt with opaque tights and a jumper. Primark do a range of opaques aimed at the bigger sizes - can't vouch for their comfort as I fit into the L of the standard range, if that makes any sense. They also do some fab stretchy jersey type skirts for (I think) £8. £10 max. I've got one in black, and one in black-and-grey stripes, but there were several other options depending on what grabs your fancy. The only thing I can think may not be ideal for you is that they may finish slightly above your knee as you are taller than me.

Along with your deep v jumpers, it's an easy look, and much comfier than jeans.

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 18:10:10

Brilliant. Thank you. I'll add m&s and primark to my list of places.
So the trend for me seems to be longer line jumpers with deep v necks. Teamed with some skinnies if I can find some. Plus I'll definitely look into the stretchy skirt and tights (leggings?) look.
Thank you. These would never be looks I'd think of myself so I'm glad I asked.

Nearlyadoctor Sun 18-Oct-15 20:12:37

The other very important thing for me is my hair.... I am rather OCD about it but for me if my hair looks good I would happily wear a bin bag if it doesn't, Versace doesn't stand a chance.
I never go clothes shopping on a bad hair day ( well I do but nothing's ever right) - I know that sounds pathetic but for me it makes all the difference.
My point really is that regardless of clothes self confidence plays an important part and if you look after your hair and skin regardless of what you wear you will feel more confident in yourself.

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 21:15:50

Very true nearly, I'm the same. Luckily my hair is one of my (few!) better points. Lots comes down to confidence. I think I am generally quite outgoing, funny, cheerful so hopefully people notice that rather than my lack of winter clothes!

Nearlyadoctor Sun 18-Oct-15 21:31:38

You sound lovely voodoo and I'm sure everyone notices yours personality over you clothes. Your colouring is fairly similar to mine althought I'm more a strawberry rather than ash blonde.
I find black is very draining in tops / dresses - fine in leggings or trousers, whereas navy is a) quite smart b) gives a depth of complexion.
I also find although returns can be a faff ordering online with free delivery and returns a godsend as you can contemplate your purchases - often I'll think I want something and like how it looks but after 48 hrs realise it's not exactly what I wanted whereas in town I would have bought it and definately too much effort to return.
Lastly I now only buy things I love - so nothing because it's a bargain etc etc if I wouldn't buy it at full price then it doesn't look good enough or I don't like it enough.
Sorry for the essay - hope at least some of it helps flowers

voodoolooloo Sun 18-Oct-15 21:56:30

All of it helped, thank you thanks

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