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Any perfume people around?

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NotAFuckingChance Thu 27-Aug-15 10:14:59

I have never really had a proper perfume of my own, usually either had my sister's left overs or presents.

I need something I can wear all day at work in an office that isn't too overpowering but is long lasting. I think I am looking for a light, clean, crisp sort of smell, nothing too musky or sweet.

I have tried looking in department store type places but I get so confused with all the smells and give up blush

Can anyone give me an idea of some that might work so I can try them out smile

WhyDoesGastonBark Thu 27-Aug-15 10:24:15

I have three absolute favourite perfumes, have used them for years. All very different smelling but imo lovely.

D&G The One
Cavalli (can't remember the name but glass bottle and gold lid)
Armani Diamonds

Diamond I noticed was on offer in Superdrug £35 for a big bottle.

Over the years I have also really liked a few others but not enough to buy again as I already continuously buy the three above.

The others were

Gucci Rush
Jean Paul Gautier Woman
Chanel Chance
Dior Poison

They all smell really different as I chose my perfume based on how I feel that day but they all last a whole day and don't get a stale smell on them if spritzed on a scarf etc.

The Cavalli one is absolutely gorgeous though and is by far my favourite but I have only been using it around 18 months.

I suggest getting a list of ones you like the sound (& price) of and going in to try some out.

yazzy85 Thu 27-Aug-15 15:22:34

Chanel Eau Fraiche is exactly as you describe, fresh and crisp, quite long lasting too!

Indecisivejo Thu 27-Aug-15 16:34:39

Noa by cacherel. It's cheap and I love it, very soft and subtle but clean smelling and lasts

goddessofsmallthings Thu 27-Aug-15 17:23:11

For work I wear Philosophy's Pure Grace alternated with its not too dissimilar sister Amazing Grace. They're light, clean, and crisp smelling fragrances.

I'm a fan of layering and also use the matching bath/shower gels, body oils and whipped body cremes daily, plus the olive oil body scrubs twice a week.

I'm often complimented on how I smell as if I've just got out of the shower and the beauty of these 2 eau de toilettes is that I can whack on my fave Lagerfield perfume if I'm going out straight from work without having to wash them off first.

thecatfromjapan Thu 27-Aug-15 17:41:40

I can't stand musk- based perfumes any more. I do like sweet white florals, though. grin So I've tried to think of perfumes I like but that aren't too sweet and floral.

You need to make a list of recommendations and then go and try some. My starter recommendations would be:

Eau Dynamisante by Clarins - an oldie but a goodie.
Chanel - No 19 Eau Poudre, not No 19 itself (too complicated). It has a clear, bright note, as well as a bit of sophistication going on. Quite floral, but very 'green' and angular in a feminine way.
'O' by Lancome - citrussy and bright. Avoid the flankers.

What is your budget?
For budget friendly, you should visit a large M and S and sample the Roger and Gallet range. I suspect there would be something you like in that.

For extremely special, the Chanel 'Exclusifs' range is great: beautiful ingredients that don't give you that horrible headache cheap perfume can. My guess is that you'd love 'Bel Respiro'.

Also pricey, Miller HArris - Fleur de Sel - though there are a few others in that range you'd probably like.

Then there is Jo Malone. People do complain about the sillage and lasting power of JM fragrances BUT I think they are great at doing what they are famous for: making beautiful, well-mannered, office-friendly scents. There are lots in the range that would fit your remit. It's basically what JM does. Cards on table: I'm a huge JM fan. I think in a world of vile, in-your-face, cheap musk-based an eat-me perfumes, JM is a little piece of heaven.

TheWatchersCouncil Thu 27-Aug-15 18:08:41

Aqua di Parma original cologne. Very classy and ticks your boxes (not cheap though).

Wolpertinger Thu 27-Aug-15 18:24:28

Clarins Eau Dynamisante is a great fresh work appropriate scent. Tried Calvin Klein Eternity last week and it is v much what you are looking for but does remind you a bit of the 90s grin

I can't tolerate most Chanel as aldehydes give me a headache but also think most of these would be good, especially Les Exclusifs if budget allows.

Aqua di Parma is also lovely and all of them would be fine for work.

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 27-Aug-15 18:31:30

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is exactly what you want

NotAFuckingChance Thu 27-Aug-15 21:38:47

Ooh thank you all so much flowers

I will make a list and head off to try some of them. Budget is flexible but not endless, my parents are going to buy it for my birthday so happy to spend a bit more for something I will love and use.

So happy to have something to work from as I was getting so overwhelmed trying to find something.

thecatfromjapan Thu 27-Aug-15 21:54:31

Please come back and tell us what you get. I am so disappointed when there are these threads and you just never find out what it was that the OP finally decided she loved.

I am more interested than I should be to discover whether you are an unacknowledged 'white florals' lover (in denial) or whether you like spicy scents or green chypres or herbal smells. You really have to come back and tell us when you find out. smile

NotAFuckingChance Fri 28-Aug-15 09:59:01

I will absolutely try and remember to come back.

I have sort of narrowed down what I think I want from deciding which of my sister's cast offs I liked or not. I've had

Lacoste Touch of Pink and Touch of Spring
DKNY Be Delicious Red and Green
Gwen Stefani LAMB
Britney Spears pink bottle and turquoise bottle
Thierry Muegler (sp?) Angel

My favourites have been Issey Miyake ones. I had the womens one and a special edition one but I liked pour homme best.

Wolpertinger Fri 28-Aug-15 10:48:14

Issey Miyake is another great choice for work. Angel - well it's a true love hate perfume and everyone will know you are wearing it!

NotAFuckingChance Fri 28-Aug-15 11:50:10

Haha just read my last post and realised it sounds like I am going to choose between them. They are ones I have had in the past as cast offs or presents and I'm looking for something different this time. Thanks everyone for your help, will head off with a list and try to remember to update smile

Whatthefoxgoingon Fri 28-Aug-15 12:31:35

Chanel cristalle eau fraiche

Chanel chance eau fraiche

Bulgari au thé verte

Atelier cologne orange sanguine

Guerlian Aqua allegoria (loads of different flavours, mostly v fresh)

I'm pretty sure you'll like some of these. Please do report back!

W00t Fri 28-Aug-15 12:41:51

Issey Miyake homme is possibly my favourite scent ever.
If you like that, what about emporio armarni Elle?
The CK ones all give me blinding headaches, but i had DKNY women which was crisp and fresh.

NotAFuckingChance Sun 13-Sep-15 07:46:38

If anyone remembers this, I did promise to update.

I really liked Chanel Chance eau Fraiche and I tried the rest at the same time and also really liked eau Vive. I can't choose between them, so my DM is going to get one of them and it will be a surprise.

Thanks so much for your help, have got loads of ideas for Christmas presents too now wink

TheWatchersCouncil Sun 13-Sep-15 10:51:49

Great! grin

thecatfromjapan Fri 01-Jan-16 20:05:19

How lovely! Happy Christmas and new year!

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