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Lotta from Stockholm clogs- sizing??

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Fierceflora Sat 04-Jul-15 16:55:38

I've ordered some of the above clogs, open toe and ankle strap. It will be a Tutsi pain to send them back if they don't fit however I just love the look of them. But my feet are jolly wide. And my cankles. Are they going to fit??? Or any idea if they stretch well?

Fierceflora Sat 04-Jul-15 16:56:21

Wtf??? Tutsi?? Should say total. Stupid autocorrect

Marylou2 Sat 04-Jul-15 17:25:42

Which ones have you ordered? Low or high ones? I have the low ones and they are really comfortable on my wide feet.I don't have the ankles of a gazelle eithergrin .

Fierceflora Sat 04-Jul-15 17:45:23

Ah that's good to know! I really really wanted low ones ideally as sm far from graceful on high heels. But 'needed' the gold which they only had in high ones. Am hoping the slight platform will make them a bit easier to walk in! Do you find them comfy?

Fierceflora Sat 04-Jul-15 17:45:44

Oh yes sorry you said they were comfy sorry!

rubyflipper Mon 06-Jul-15 16:18:23

The low ones are generously sized. I had to go a size down.

The high heels are fine to walk in - they are not 'stripper shoes', if you know what I mean wink.

Fierceflora Mon 06-Jul-15 16:21:39

They arrived today! Length and width on main shoe totally fine but very very tight on the strap, I've literally got them done up on the last hole eeeek but... I LUFFS them! They're so shiny and cute <swoon>, hoping the leather strap stretches a bit!

rubyflipper Mon 06-Jul-15 16:25:27

Her clogs are fab - I have the red low ones and the silver high-heeled ones.
I'm very tempted to buy a black pair for autumn/winter.

Fishandjam Mon 06-Jul-15 16:27:43

I have closed toe high aubergine smile. Love them to bits. Can't drive in them though!

Marylou2 Mon 06-Jul-15 16:58:35

Pop them into Timpsons and ask them to put an extra hole in the ankle strap.You can always tighten them up as they stretch a bit.

Fierceflora Mon 06-Jul-15 17:11:05

That's a great idea marylou except the hole is pretty near the end of the strap anyway. Stupid fat feet. Perhaps if I masively lose some weight my feet will miraculously shrink blushconfused

LagartijaNick Mon 06-Jul-15 18:44:41

Strangely I had to go half a size up, but I got closed-toe ones. I have narrow feet and padded the shoes out with a not too visible insole. They're lovely, though I do sound like a horse now. Clip clop.

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