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Breast augmentation

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KissMyFatArse Fri 01-May-15 09:49:10

Not sure if this is best place for this post!

Has anyone had a boob job and can tell me their experiences good and bad? Just looking for honest advice and whether you have any regrets etc?

AngryBeaver Fri 01-May-15 10:38:05

Hi, saw you'd had no replies so thought I would.
I had a boob job before I got married in 2008. The op was fine. No regrets. Although it transpired now that my implants were PIPS.
I love in nz, so not an easy option to have anything done about it.
I had a scan and they're intact.
After 4 children, I'd love an uplift.
Go for it if you're unhappy smile

KissMyFatArse Fri 01-May-15 11:00:45

Thanks beaver. How was your recovery? What made you do it if you don't mind me asking? And do you think you can tell they aren't real?

KissMyFatArse Fri 01-May-15 17:36:25

Anyone else also had any personal experience?

penguinplease Fri 01-May-15 18:03:50

I had one in jan. Best thing I ever did. Same day surgery and home. Recovery easy and quick, love them! What do you want to know specifically?

Bellenddingdong Fri 01-May-15 18:45:42

I had done 3 years ago. The recovery was fine. I took 2 weeks off work but could have had only one week off. I was 34a before. Now I am a 34d. Although my boobs are so much better now than before, they are wonky, I wouldn't go to transform for this reason. I went back for aftercare and the surgeon said there was nothing he could do.

Do your reasearch and find a forum dedicated this. I was on one and it helped with the whole process. With regards to the operation, I have had worse dental appointments.

KissMyFatArse Fri 01-May-15 18:53:28

Thanks For responses. So much I want to know!

How you decided what size?
How you decided between round or teardrop?
Average cost - if you don't mind divulging
Any regrets?
Do they look natural?

penguinplease Fri 01-May-15 18:59:37

For me the surgeon recommended size and shape based on what I had and the skin etc, I was happy to take his advice. He said I'd be roughly a 32c and I've ended up a dd/e but I'm very happy.
Mine are new so they are still high and round but they move and you can only really tell when you see them naked.
Cost roughly £4k

WinterBabyof89 Fri 01-May-15 19:12:25

Had mine done 5 years ago now.. No regrets at the time, no major regrets now - only downsides are nerve damage in lower bust on both sides, & because I'm quite slim rippling is quite noticeable (to me, but probably not others).. Not a problem when they're in a bra, but not pleasant when you bend over bra-less!

I knew roughly what size I wanted - I went from an A to a DD.. Round.. Partial unders.. Just under £4k with MYA in Manchester.. They look really natural because they're in proportion to my body, and people don't guess that I've had them done so they clearly don't look fake smile

KissMyFatArse Fri 01-May-15 21:00:57

Thanks ladies. I have booked my consultation for end of May. I am excited but also still researching loads. Anything you think i should need to ask/check/request would be much appreciated.

I want a more fuller'upper breast' if that's the right description. Also an uplift if possible and if required.

How do you feel about the cost/more surgery about when they need replaced?

Midori1999 Fri 01-May-15 21:51:36

I have had two augmentations. The first in 1998, 330cc overs, the second (replacement implants) in 2008, 705cc overs.

I also have PIPs. One is ruptured and my breast is a mess. I can no longer have private surgery, as I now have health conditions I didn't have in 2008 and no private surgeon will operate on me as I'm too high risk, so I have to have my implants out in the NHS. I'm obviously very grateful this can be done, but as it will be a removal only and no uplift or reconstruction, I'm dreading what I will look like afterwards, although at least I won't be in pain every day and living off painkillers. Plus, my breasts look pretty dreadful now anyway. I have to wait for surgery as I'm currently immunosuppressed and the skin around the ruptured implant is so damaged it's possible I may develop an abscess before I can have surgery anyway. Nasty.

I'm reluctant to say I regret the surgery, but I do wish is just never had it done. I really hadn't considered the implications of future health problems and I don't think surgeons or cosmetic surgery companies are always honest about the risks.

KissMyFatArse Sat 02-May-15 08:42:58

Midori that sounds awful confused

are you not entitled to help from the company that done the pip implants? Do they not have to help you? That's awful your in constant pain.

Hope you manage to get help and get it fixed as much as it can be.

AngryBeaver Sat 02-May-15 09:20:15

Sorry, busy day.
I always had weird boobs? Surgeon said they were "tubular" confused I suppose what you would think of as pointy boobs from the '50s.
I'm pretty body conscious, and it had always bothered me. I'd had some teasing growing up.
When I went to try on wedding dresses, I started to cry.
My mum offered to pay for the op. Which was a massive deal for her, not financially but in every other way.
She is very straight laced!

When I first had them done, it was quite painful. I got home and looked at them and started to get upset. I thnk I said
"Oh my god. I've got porn star tits! That's not what I wanted" and wailed.
But, they were just really swollen.
They went down and looked amazing.
I was soooooooo happy! And when I was on honeymoon I felt really confident in my bikini.
This may sound shallow, but I don't care.
Self esteem is a big issue for me.
I felt hot! And I LOVED it!

AngryBeaver Sat 02-May-15 09:21:48

Sorry, minority. I didn't read before I posted. That sounds hellish. I'm sorry x

meeskamooska Sat 02-May-15 12:05:18

I had implants 5 years ago, just to go bigger, as I could feel my ribs through the top of my breasts after having 3 kids. I've had no problems and found the recovery a breeze, able to wash my own hair after a couple of days and driving again after 3 or 4 days. Some people find it much harder and aren't able to do these things for a couple of weeks, but my experience was good.

The majority of boob jobs end up very natural looking.

My advice would be to have consultations with at least 2 different surgeons, then you can see if the advice they give is similar, what their reasons are for the size/ placement they suggest for you, and make a decision on who you trust to do the op.

There is another forum called 'Breast Buddies' that I found helpful when I was doing my research.

To answer a couple of your questions-
I chose rounds, as I was shown when you hold a round implant from the top the gel fills the bottom slightly more due to gravity, like takes a slight tear drop shape anyway, so rounds allow a little more natural movement and remove the risk of a teardrop implant rotating.

I decided on size by literally describing to the different surgeons the 'look' I was hoping for, and they suggested an implant size (they are measured in cc's, you can't ask for a specific bra size). They suggested similar sizes so I was happy with that, and I did end up exactly as I wanted.

I think mine cost £4100 if I remember correctly.

I'm happy now, and I was overjoyed at first as well, but there have been times I've regretted going as big as I did. im around a 32ff and size 14, it sounds big but doesn't actually look it on my frame. I just had trouble coming to terms with the fact that I'd changed myself permanently... It's hard to explain as I got exactly what I wanted and had no complications.. It's probably just me being silly.

Future surgery is a worry, although the implants that are used now should last much longer than the 10 years they used to quote 10-20 years ago. I was told the premium implants May last a lifetime now, but most people will become unhappy with the look of them after several years due to ageing, sagging, wanting to change size, so will still have more surgery.

I'm rambling on now! Good luck

KissMyFatArse Sat 02-May-15 16:03:54

Thanks for replies. I have booked my consultation for end of the month.

Looked into quite a few surgeons and have hopefully found the 'one'.

It's not a decision im taking lightly and still have lots of research to do so a new forum will be good use and I'll have a look.

I want to feel confident in myself again and this is an area that is really bringing me down now so I'm going to do something about it!

I have to admit I feel like I'm doing the right thing and am so excited just to have even booked the initial meeting. Thanks for all replies !

GeorgieB89 Sat 02-May-15 16:50:37

Apologies for the hijack, Kiss, but wanted to say to Midori that I've had removal (infected implant) and boobs bounced back into shape eventually. It took a while and I used creams/massage (who knows if they made difference) but somehow the tissue seemed to regenerate. Good luck, Kiss (and Midori)

KissMyFatArse Sat 02-May-15 19:40:48

Thanks Georgia, glad you had a good result after everything smile

KissMyFatArse Sat 02-May-15 19:41:35


LBDD Sat 02-May-15 20:05:37

I've had my implants for nearly 20 yrs. they were a silly impulsive decision and I literally picked an ad at the back of Cosmo and booked the op. Cost me about £3500 at the time. I've never had any problems except reduced sensation in my nipples and lower breast numbness. I bf all my DC with no problem. I've no idea what kind of implants they are except that they're silicone. The clinic closed years ago.
I'm about to have a scan to see if they're still intact but I think it's time to have them removed anyway. I dread to think what my breasts will look like post op but I don't want problems when I'm older (mid forties now). Funds won't stretch to an uplift but I'm hoping I can get them removed on the NHS.
I feel strangely embarrassed at the thought of explaining to DC why I'll be having a op soon. I've always encouraged DD to be happy with herself etc and hope she understands that I'm a world away from the unconfident person I was once.
no regrets though, they helped my confidence and body image at a time when I needed it. Think DH will miss them though, it will be an interesting adjustment. We were together when I had the op though so at least I know it wasn't my boobs he fell for.

KissMyFatArse Sat 02-May-15 20:12:55

Lbdd good luck for removal whenever it happens. If you could, would you have them done again?

LBDD Sat 02-May-15 20:23:07

When I had them done I never really thought about what it would really like to have large breasts on a day to day basis and to grow old with them. It's a pain literally to exercise without strong support, men find it hard to overlook them, clothes fitted better before and I've never sussed how to lie on my front comfortably when sunbathing. All in all I felt physically more in proportion after I had them done as I'm curvy everywhere else but with the blessing of hindsight I would not do it again I think.

ProfessorPickles Sat 02-May-15 20:24:46

Place marking as I'm interested in having the operation myself. My breasts have lost their shape and have sagged a little since having my son, I don't wish to have huge boobs I just want the skin to be filled so they are firm again and in proportion

ProfessorPickles Sat 02-May-15 21:29:15

I apologise for killing the thread op grin

Does anyone know about the affects breast implants have on exercise?
Someone said something and I can't quite remember what! It was along the lines of it messes up your peck muscles if that's the right word?
Is it just temporary or long term?

Midori1999 Sun 03-May-15 00:05:28

Kiss, the company I had my original surgery with did offer to replace my implants or remove them, but like all private hospitals, they don't have facilities to deal with an emergency like an NHS Hopsital would. So in the event if an emergency, they call an ambulance. As I am now considered high risk, it just wouldn't be safe for me to be operated on in those circumstances and I've been advised by the consultants treating my illnesses (hopefully unrelated to the implants!) that I should only have the surgery done on the NHS. Many women have been just left in the shit by their clinics quite frankly, a several clinics have gone bust as opposed to treating their patients and most are charging for removal of PIPs. sad regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry in this country is actually appalling.

Georgie. Thanks. That's reassuring. I've seen some post explant pics and it does seem things improve over time. I won't pretend it doesn't bother me at all, but there are more important things to worry about.

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