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Looking good when pregnant?

(20 Posts)
MyCrazyLife Thu 12-Feb-15 17:49:25

I'm not pregnant but I hope so be soon. It would be our fourth child, and when I was pregnant with the others I felt disgusting in most things. I never even got that big, I just missed all my nice normal clothes.

So if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again, what should I be wearing?! It doesn't help that I'm a tiny 5ft, so I only fit into petite lengths...

WhereIsMyFurryHat Thu 12-Feb-15 18:28:29

I am currently in the early stages with my fourth so I'll be eagerly watching this thread as I know exactly what you mean.

I'm mourning the fact that I'm going to miss the high waist flare trend this year, I was really looking forward to that.

Greengardenpixie Thu 12-Feb-15 19:26:47

Well i have these and they are jersey so would fit for a while and they are flares although not jeans.

They look thick but they are a lovely shape and quite fluid and stretchy.

They would look lovely with a tunic over the top or a wrap top. I wore something similar from Isabella Oliver. I invested in the most gorgeous kickflare black jersey trousers and i wore and wore them even after. I had got a lovely tunic that wrapped around me. I just loved that outfit and felt gorgeous everytime i wore it. It was quite a few £££ at the time but so worth it. Invest in a few timeless pieces. Im not sure what Isabella Oliver is like now but they catered for pregnancy early stages to when you had the baby with their sizes. I wore those trousers afterwards to death. Then when i saw these in next i though OMG exactly what i have been after

Greengardenpixie Thu 12-Feb-15 19:29:21

Oh and im not pregnant now. I had my dd 3 years ago!!

BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 12-Feb-15 19:37:36

Not sure about 100% polyester black flares greengarden - my bump would be itchy as hell! - but whatever floats your boat grin

I recommend H and M in general for maternity wear, I have two pairs of their maternity skinny jeans and a maternity black parka with fur hood, both are things that look like stuff I wear anyway iyswim. A good pair of maternity skinnies is definitely my best buy this time round (24 wks with my third, like you I hate not being able to wear normal clothes when pg)

Asos is also good for a quick fix although quality is very variable they have a huge range including brands.

Mamas and Papas often have nice basic jersey long vests and tees, and dresses often in good fabrics.

Greengardenpixie Thu 12-Feb-15 19:39:38

They are lovely material. They arent polyester. They are viscose. They are fluid and soft. I dont like polyester! yuk!

BreeVDKamp Thu 12-Feb-15 19:43:56

I just got some biker-ish jeans (brown) and some mint-coloured jeans from Vertbaudet. Recommend going up a size but really pleased with the quality and fit.
I have some under bump jeans from ASOS as well but they just keep falling down!!

What I really want is some long strap tops, don't nexessarily have to be maternity, but my normal ones now show off the bottom of my bump!!! Strap tops are a staple for me.

I have a maternity skater dress from ASOS but makes me feel frumpy sad I need tight things I think!

silversixpence Thu 12-Feb-15 19:55:13

I am 24 weeks and have bought quite a few maternity things. I really like the Next relaxed skinny jeans I bought in the sale in grey and the Isabella oliver boyfriend jeans. I don't like the ruched IO tops they feel really restrictive and uncomfortable even though I sized up. I also live in my Asos long sleeved t shirts, they are great as an extra layer. Aside from that I got some decent work trousers tops and a couple of dresses from h&m. I don't want to spend a lot but hate uncomfortable and ugly maternity clothes!

MyCrazyLife Thu 12-Feb-15 20:49:21

Thank you!

I never really fit into maternity clothes.. My biggest baby was 6lb. Should I invest in a bump band thing??

Last time I wore primark leggings nearly every single bloody day... And they were too long so all bunched up at the bottom... I'm shuddering at the thought!

Turquoiseblue Thu 12-Feb-15 20:56:19

I m early stages too. Watching with interest. Have invested in some nice cardi s (hush waterfall and cocoon, zadig and Voltaire gorgeous teal and black )
Plan on wearing jeans or tube/ maxi skirts (hush/ h and m). Have some maternity jeans from topshop and COH left and Isabella Oliver tops from last time. Everything else is I ve had from re attic is horrendous shock
I reckon I need to pick up a few bits now before the hormones hit and I start making crazy fashion choices again. Plan on managing with very capsule wardrobe.

BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 12-Feb-15 21:01:36

If anyone is feeling brave ASOS have maternity pleather leggings grin I was seriously tempted but DH vetoed them spoilsport

I have also bought a men's cotton jumper from Sainsbos in a lovely dusky pink colour that would look hideous on most men, but it's lovely, I bought a medium and it skims my bump and has nice long sleeves. Seems easier to find things like that in men's departments, Uniqlo also worth a look especially for cashmere but my Sainsbos one was a princely £12 and pure cotton. I wore it today with black leggings and a long silver necklace.

I binged at the Hush sample sale last week too on loungewear for post birth, the slim joggers are ace for current lazing too.

HorraceTheOtter Thu 12-Feb-15 21:18:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BreeVDKamp Fri 13-Feb-15 23:06:12

Ooh thanks Horrace, I'll track some down!

Ijustdontknowwhattodowithmysel Fri 13-Feb-15 23:58:24

What size are you? I have a size 16 maternity capsule wardrobe to get rid of which is filled with thugs which made me feel just lovely throughout 18 months worth of being sick every single day. (Te pregnancies)

Ijustdontknowwhattodowithmysel Fri 13-Feb-15 23:58:36


avocadotoast Sat 14-Feb-15 00:02:18

I'm 27 weeks. I've got some excellent jeans from Mamas & Papas (two pairs; they are long so I had to take them up as I'm 5ft 1, but they're slim enough in the leg that they haven't lost shape through losing length). I've then also been wearing a few Primark stretchy tops and big (but thin knit) jumpers that I had pre-pregnancy, and a couple of casual maternity tips from H&M.

I also bought a super stereotypical denim pinafore dress from Asos (courtesy of ebay). I love it a lot but it is very 90s!

MyCrazyLife Sat 14-Feb-15 09:47:15

That's very kind Ijust, but I'm a size 8. I've bid on some stuff on ebay can't remember what

Bouncey Sat 14-Feb-15 10:03:29

I'm 5ft 2 and usually a size 6-8. I'm on pregnancy 2 although not really showing yet (although definitely needing Elasticated waists!) I rate Isabella Oliver for petite sizes. I'm not a huge fan of the skin tight style but they have some lovely dresses that are more flattering but discreet - they wash really well and ebay usually have good deals. Seraphine is also really good for smaller sizes. It's also worth converting some of your normal jeans to maternity (take the waist band off and replace with bump band - it's reversible post pregnancy).

CurlsLDN Sat 14-Feb-15 10:05:04

When I was pg I searched 'pregnant fashion' on pinterest, and created a secret board of inspiration. That way I figured out that I really liked skinny jeans or jeggings with a long vest and a long open cardigan or a bright blazer, so that became my uniform and I actually felt pretty well put together (even though I had an air of puke around me at all times)

nilbyname Sat 14-Feb-15 10:07:18

I bought some top shop maternity skinnies and a pair of denim shorts from mamas and papas.

I also bought a 3 pack of those bump bands, that I wore under my normal clothing tops to cover my bump.

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