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Any bra intervention ladies about?

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hampsterdam Thu 12-Feb-15 16:10:11

Hopefully one of you lovely ladies can help, looked at the other bra interventions and measured myself and got 28 under and 37 over and I think that makes me 28 ff? Is that correct? Currently wearing 32 d on the tightest hooks feels ok but slight spillage and not sitting flush at the front. I have constant neck and back pain and wondering if boobs could be why


SorrelForbes Thu 12-Feb-15 16:35:35

Greetings! It sounds like the cup is too small and the band too big. I'd suggest trying sizes around 28G.

The band on a new bra should be done up on the loosest hooks.

Your 32D has the same cup volume as a 30DD and a 28E. If you've got spillage and the centre gore isn't lying flat then you definitely need more space, probably at least two or three cups worth. That would tie in with something around a 28G.

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 12-Feb-15 16:38:50

^What she said grin

And pain - yup, bad bra could be why. When the band's too big your shoulders take the strain causing you to hunch forward and leading to back and neck pain

hampsterdam Thu 12-Feb-15 17:07:11

Thanks ladies I tried a few last week 30 dd being one of the sizes but it was tiny and gave me back fat even though I'm quite slim. I went from a 34 b about 7 years ago in the old measuring style to 30 d measured in debenhams but had a boy and put on weight since then. Even 30 d / dd are quite hard to find any choice so god knows where I will find a 28g ?!

darlingfascistbullyboy Thu 12-Feb-15 17:17:50 here

SorrelForbes Thu 12-Feb-15 17:18:52

It's funny isn't it, how surprised we are when we see how small a 30DD bra actually is?!

You may find a 28G in JL, HoF or Debenhams (their Gorgeous range comes up small so try a 30GG too!) but your best best is a trip to Bravissimo.

1822 Fri 13-Feb-15 00:45:35

Yep... you could well be a 28FF or even a G! I was wearing a 32D before going into a shop called tinks pretty things in Chichester and although the lady took her time I came out a 28G. She's a bit of a laugh too!

hampsterdam Fri 13-Feb-15 19:52:44

Thanks all, bravissimo have recently opened in my town so heading there tomorrow hopefully they can help x

winkywinkybumbum Fri 13-Feb-15 20:32:29

Can I join in please? 35 under and 42 over so 34DD?

winkywinkybumbum Fri 13-Feb-15 20:33:18

Stop, that's not right....cup for every inch difference so 34F??

StatisticallyChallenged Fri 13-Feb-15 20:36:19

try 34F, 34FF, 36F and 36E. 34 is more likely

winkywinkybumbum Fri 13-Feb-15 21:15:51

Thank you!

starsandmoonandback Sun 28-Jun-15 21:01:54

I know this is an old thread, but can't find a new one!
I measured just over 33" under my bust and 38" - what size would that make me? I've given up on bras, as was (I thought) 34/36A for years but always found them uncomfortable around my chest/back and Gapey on boobs of i moved my shoulders or bent over!!! The only time I had s comfortable bra was just after my son was born and I got measured in john Lewis for nursing bras! Please help smile

marriednotdead Sun 28-Jun-15 21:43:54

I'd start with a 32DD or 34D based on those measurements smile

starsandmoonandback Mon 29-Jun-15 07:24:55

Wow really? Always thought I was an A cup!! I meant to say that before giving up I was wearing 38A but barely find any that size!!!

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