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New watch style help

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SmileAndNod Sun 07-Dec-14 07:59:15

I don't wear a watch usually ever. But I'm struggling to come up with ideas for presents for myself and so I was thinking about updating my watch (currently an old style Gucci). I don't want to spend that much again but when looking around yesterday I noticed that most watches these days seem to be quite chunky and rose gold. Is this the fashion? Will it date? Also my wrists are quite slim (about the only part of me!) Will it look odd?

I tend to suit classic things, using the style diagnosis posted on MN I'm a classic with dramatic tendencies! Are there any watches you could recommend? Ideally around the £200 mark.


JetJungle Sun 07-Dec-14 08:58:36

What about this OP?
It is rather chunky but still looks good on a slim wrist (look at the 3rd image of the watch on the model). I think it is very classic looking.

I love Triwa watches and have asked for this beauty for Xmas fgrin nothing classic about me

SmileAndNod Sun 07-Dec-14 12:44:58

Both lovely shapes but colours wouldn't suit me sadly. Off for a proper browse on their website so thanks for the linkfsmile

Flowersandvegatables Sun 07-Dec-14 21:36:39

My parents gave me a gold watch when I was 21. It's much like Tissot lovely watch. Has kept it's looks all this time.

BikeRunSki Sun 07-Dec-14 21:43:51

I really like the look of Calvin Klein watches.

BringMeTea Mon 08-Dec-14 11:29:30

Someone was asking about watches only the other day on here. I suggested Christopher Ward and some else Skagen. Definitely no need to go rose gold.

SmileAndNod Mon 08-Dec-14 11:42:40

Thanks, I don't do yellow or rose gold so good to know that there are alternatives out there. Have found some on Ernest Jones, will try and find some pictures

NoelleHawthorne Mon 08-Dec-14 11:44:00

Rose gold VERY VERY on the way out.

BringMeTea Mon 08-Dec-14 12:09:54

DH has ordered me an Emily Deco from Christopher Ward. I haven't worn a watch in 20 years and I am quite excited!

SmileAndNod Mon 08-Dec-14 16:33:20

Ooh I like that Emily deco, the face shape is similar to my existing watch. Here's the few that have caught my eye at the minute, but I've only looked briefly. They are all really similar and not sure if they will be too chunky for my wrist (ie the dial might almost cover the top of it).

Little bit wary of fashion watches, as not really a 'designer look at me' blingy person though I do like sparkly stuff. Do you think they are classic enough? I've found a local shop that sells skagen so off there tomorrow to have a look too.

I'm over thinking this aren't I but it's a considerable purchase for me

BringMeTea Tue 09-Dec-14 06:03:36

I like the Tissot one best. Just try a few on to check style and size I guess. I am quite glad someone picked for me.

RoRoRosie Tue 09-Dec-14 06:24:10

And I always suggest Boccia. smile

this is similar to above. Lots of other similar ones too.

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