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liquid eye liner.

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Twotinygirls Thu 13-Nov-14 17:58:42


After many years I think I've finally mastered the art of the perfect 'flick' (after discovering the credit card trick) and now I'm after an eyeliner that actually stays on.

I don't have loads of money but prepared to splash a bit on a really good one.

So, nominations please .....

whitebits Thu 13-Nov-14 18:02:52

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner....the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is also pretty good. Not sure if you prefer the pen tip liners though ? If so then this is pretty good'Oreal-Superliner-Perfect-Slim-Black-Intense/p/382152#.VGTyM_msVqU

whitebits Thu 13-Nov-14 18:03:46

And I forgot to ask, what is the credit card trick (and will a loyalty card do the same trick as I got rid of all my credit cards years ago ! grin)

Housesoftheholy Thu 13-Nov-14 18:09:13

I love boots no7 one. I wear a flick every day and never have any trouble applying and it stays on all day.

Oo yes and what is the credit card trick too?

perfectserenity Thu 13-Nov-14 18:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twotinygirls Thu 13-Nov-14 18:52:53

Oh yes, no actual credit cards needed, I use my daughters old library card.
You just hold it against your eye at the corner and use it as a kind of eyeliner ruler, so simple but so effective.

Thanks for the recommendations, I'm not sure how ill choose which one to go for. Maybe I'll start with the least expensive and work my way up.

AWholeLottaNosy Thu 13-Nov-14 19:03:18

I really like the Rimmel one, used to use the v expensive waterproof Urban Decay one but this is just as good! Don't like felt tip ones, much prefer a thin brush for a good line.

Skinheadmermaid Thu 13-Nov-14 19:08:59

I've been using the Barry M liquid eyeliner for about 8 years, it never budges.
The felt tip one isn't bad either but not dark enough for me.

BunnyMama Thu 13-Nov-14 20:45:27

Chanel liquid eyeliner. The cheaper ones have a habit of wearing off quickly so you're soon missing a flick on one eye, or worse, the inner eye corner (which makes your eyes look wonky).
If budget doesn't allow, then Rimmel is very good. The felt tip ones dry up almost instantly if you wear any kind of foundation or powder or eyeshadow, so I wouldn't bother with those - learn to use liquid eyeliner, the effect is far better.

Fabulassie Fri 14-Nov-14 06:37:32

The only gel I've tried has been some very cheap brand and I wasn't impressed. I quite like felt tips. I've had a couple of drugstore brands - they dry out quickly so why pay a lot - and I really like them. For the liquid in little pointy bottles, I have had equal success with a number of drugstore brands. The only form I don't get on with is pencil : other than light tight lining, I can't use them as they won't stay put.

Fabulassie Fri 14-Nov-14 06:38:18

Is there a video of the credit card trick?

SarahCraine Fri 14-Nov-14 07:38:13

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is a keeper. You just need a little amount to create a style, either thick or thin. It is very easy to apply and lint to the inner rims without dropping some on your contacts.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner is another good choice.

PoppyWearer Fri 14-Nov-14 07:46:27

I will second Boots No 7. I've tried many many expensive ones over the years and this one stays put, getting it off at night requires a bit of elbow grease! I like the Gunmetal colour, softer than black.

murphys Fri 14-Nov-14 10:59:50

The one I like the best is a really cheapo from Essence. I am also quite intrigued about the credit card flick...

MarshallsMummy0304 Fri 14-Nov-14 16:08:18

To those asking about the credit card trick, heres a short video

Twotinygirls Fri 14-Nov-14 16:35:16

Ridiculously excited that my thread just popped up on Facebook!!!!! Wahhhhh

Update, have purchased the rimmel, (with my £5 morrisons voucher so it was free, woop) and it's seems very good so far, will have to practice with the little brush.

lynniep Fri 14-Nov-14 16:36:14

My favourite eyeliner is MUA liquid liner. Easiest to use applicator ever, and stays on all day (it can get crumbly by about 6pm) Even better, its a quid at superdrug.

DirtyDancing Fri 14-Nov-14 16:55:07

Cheapest and the best- Stargazer semi permanent eye liner. Love it. Love all their stuff in fact! Eye shadows & nail varnishes are my fave smile

Feenie Fri 14-Nov-14 17:21:47

No.7 is best - like HousesoftheHoly I wear flicks every day.

dameagatha Fri 14-Nov-14 17:45:54

Woohoo that's brilliant! I love the flick, but can get odd eyes -will be trying it tomorrow smile

Elbaby83 Fri 14-Nov-14 20:30:15

I love maybeline gel liner, after a long day it still looks like just applied, lasts ages and easy to manage smile

u32ng Sat 15-Nov-14 14:13:00

Ahhh thanks for this trick!

I am utterly useless at doing flicks...useless! Going to try this technique with the free Eyeko liner I got with Glamour a couple of months ago.

Will report back!

u32ng Sat 22-Nov-14 22:25:30

Ugh, wasn't impressed with the Eyeko stuff. Seemed quite dry & powdery??
I've bought the no.7 liner based on what a few said above and will try the credit card trick with that.

Boots are doing the £3 off no.7 voucher just now too! Although i recieved mine after I'd already paid for it shock

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Wed 26-Nov-14 08:37:50

I love the Collection 2000 one too. I've just recommended it on the tightlining thread.

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