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Are Celtic & Co slippers worth the money?

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WaitingForMe Wed 08-Oct-14 17:21:28

I need some slippers and am sick of spending £10 on pairs that fall apart within weeks. Celtic & Co have some lovely ones and I'm happy to spend the money if they last.

Or recommendations for other brands appreciated.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 08-Oct-14 17:22:21

Marks place!

Horispondle Wed 08-Oct-14 17:24:08

Hope so! I just bought a pair today!

hairygodmother Wed 08-Oct-14 17:28:23

Currently wearing a fabulously warm pair of Dearfoams with memory foam lining, they are so comfy. Got them on ebay, mine are the grey knit ones. Solid soles so also ok for popping out to bin etc.

AalyaSecura Wed 08-Oct-14 17:29:05


I have these (I don't turn down the edges though!), and they are incredibly comfy and snugly warm. And have lasted constant wear over two winters so far.

Talisin Wed 08-Oct-14 17:30:42

In a similar vein to the Celtic ones - these John Lewis ones are the business. Just replaced my old ones after about four years of service and my toes are blissfully warm and snuggly.

PureDeadBrilliant Wed 08-Oct-14 17:31:19

Yes they are brilliant

RonaldMcDonald Wed 08-Oct-14 17:31:59

dunno about celtic

i HATE UGGS <and all dreadful sheepskin guff outdoors>

except they are genius as slippers. I was bought some coquettes and they are the. best. thing. ever

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 08-Oct-14 17:32:04

Another YES! Had mine nearly a year and worn them every day (cold stone floors). Always supremely comfortable and warm.

RonaldMcDonald Wed 08-Oct-14 17:32:48

dreadful old lady coquettes best slippers ever

hairygodmother Wed 08-Oct-14 17:33:18

Sorry, major fail on the providing a link front wink

hairygodmother Wed 08-Oct-14 17:34:31

Those Uggs look incredible and I don't normally like them either. Those ones look as though you could scale a mountain in them.

WaitingForMe Wed 08-Oct-14 17:51:19

Thanks all.

Hopefully Wed 08-Oct-14 19:12:47

My Celtic ones have lasted v well (3 years old, I think), but the sheepskin has all worn off on the insole bit, so they aren't as cosy as they once were. Still in perfect nick apart from that though.

fidelma Wed 08-Oct-14 19:15:50

Very good. Worth it.

lavendersun Wed 08-Oct-14 19:18:19

Our first Celtic slipper boots lasted for ten years, both of us on our second pair which are about 3 or four years old. I wash them in the washing machine on a wool wash whenever I think they need it.

So I would say yes!

Ilovenicesoap Wed 08-Oct-14 19:20:52

Mine are about 8 years old-manky but still cosy .
So warm and comfortable .

PeteHornberger Wed 08-Oct-14 20:06:39

I thought so, until recently-had only had them a year and a half and washed them according to their advice and the insole has cracked, meaning they are now unwearable really confused

Am gutted as really liked them but I did expect a bit longer from them for the money, considering they only get worn for half of the year.

The customer service wasn't fantastic when I emailed them about it either so am now considering a pair of Uggs as apparently they are magnificent and indestructible!

Awks Wed 08-Oct-14 20:08:12

I have the bootees too and they are lovely. I got them for Christmas and they are still v fluffy so yes they are worth it.

Oly4 Wed 08-Oct-14 20:22:14

Does anyone have a discount code they could share? These look like the perfect present for my mum! X

VillaVillekulla Wed 08-Oct-14 20:34:57

I love mine. I got them as a Christmas present last year and they look as good as new despite being worn everyday for most of the year.

cheapskatemum Wed 08-Oct-14 21:39:09

YES! Mine are 4 years old and still going strong. Unfortunately DS1 loves them too and now his feet are bigger than mine he has split the right hand one. I will be asking for another pair for birthday or Christmas. I wear the backless ones, not the bootees, so wear them every day, all year round. Once you have bought from them, they tend to send you £10 off vouchers periodically.

PeteHornberger I would contact Celtic again, perhaps send them the evidence (if you still have them). They have probably assumed you washed them on too high a temperature.

cressetmama Thu 09-Oct-14 11:35:57

Love them, but make sure you trim your toe nails regularly. My first pair eventually wore through (after years of heavy use).

LaurieFairyCake Thu 09-Oct-14 11:37:56

Shortie boots been going 6 years ish. Washed them loads too.

noddyboulder Thu 09-Oct-14 14:49:54

Don't bother with White Company ones - husband bought me some knitted boot ones last Christmas and they were unravelling underneath by March.

He also got me some of these:

They have fared better, but the lining is baggy and you have to hook it up whenever you put them on. In all, avoid... thigh I think most mumsnetters are already WC anti-fans smile

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