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French wedding

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EmpireBiscuit Sun 06-Jul-14 21:05:17

I'm going to a posh wedding in France at the end of the month. I want something fabulous to wear.

I think I want a long dress/maxi but not 100%. I'm 5'3ish but love a heel, size 12 on top, flabby mum tum, broad shoulders but slim-ish hips. God I don't sound attractive written down.

In a bad place 17 month post baby and still carrying the excess!

EmpireBiscuit Sun 06-Jul-14 21:51:28

Anyone or am I a lost cause?

PasswordProtected Sun 06-Jul-14 22:12:48

Dress and long blazer. Medium heels.

sweetboysmum Sun 06-Jul-14 22:21:29

Just to make you feel less stressed out - I'm currently in France and saw many wedding guests yesterday. It was a lovely setting and well known town (Grasse). There were several weddings, one after the other, so i witnessed many wedding guests
The guests were dressed well, but I would say no better than at a wedding in UK. Actually slightly less formal than we dress.

calzone Sun 06-Jul-14 22:24:43

It will be warm and I wonder if a maxi dress might swamp your frame.

A skater dress and pashmina might be more suitable. smilesmile

butterfliesinmytummy Sun 06-Jul-14 22:29:32

Ooh la la! I got married in paris and guests wore what they would have done for a British wedding, maybe a little more quirky and less formal but still chic (even our French friends). Don't go for dressy, find a shape that suits you or get something tailored to fit just right, maybe even something plain, with killer shoes or a great accessory and immaculate grooming.

HenI5 Sun 06-Jul-14 22:34:03

I get that you want to dress up and feel wonderful and why not. Do you have any idea of colour and price? plain or patterned?

pinkhousesarebest Sun 06-Jul-14 22:48:51

See if you can find an old ra-ra skirt from 1987. That should go down a treat. The Brits do wedding chic much better than the French (who don't do maxis).

EmpireBiscuit Mon 07-Jul-14 08:23:19

My problem is that I don't know what suits me anymore. I used to be able to carry anything off if I held my head high enough, now I am paranoid that I look fat.

I'm embarrassingly pale, can suffer with eczema on my arms and have blonde hair. Currently live in black but want to inject a bit if colour.

EmpireBiscuit Mon 07-Jul-14 08:24:18

Jings - what a pity parade reading that back!

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 07-Jul-14 08:28:25

Take a look in monsoon. The maxi dresses may be too long for you there but they have some lovely dresses that with the right sandals and bag would be fab for a wedding.,mon_1.2/5533183208

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 07-Jul-14 08:29:13,mon_1.2/5533010912

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 07-Jul-14 08:30:02

Love this one,mon_13.7/5532670712

Chachah Mon 07-Jul-14 08:35:40

main style differences between French and British weddings, in my experience: in France - no fascinators, fewer flower dresses, fewer hats. I agree that the Brits dress up more, so don't worry about finding something really fancy, just look for something that flatters your shape!

kaykayblue Mon 07-Jul-14 09:18:00

It depends on where the wedding is as well. If it's right down in the South, then it could potentially be extremely hot - which you will want to factor in. If it's in, Paris say, the weather hasn't been particularly hot, so you could go for something a little more structured.

Why not go for a slim fitting skirt with a loose top? That would show off your hips and disguise the stomach.

Something like this or this or this with a nice blouse? You could even go with this pregnancy blouse which you KNOW is going to be roomy! blouse

EmpireBiscuit Mon 07-Jul-14 09:18:40

Love the monsoon ivy dress - beautiful colour.

carrie74 Mon 07-Jul-14 11:11:13

I'm wearing this (in navy) to my (English) summer wedding:

With killer heels (the Coast rockstud cheapies that have been blogged about to death), maybe a white blazer that I've had forever.

I have a similar dress that I wear as a day dress, and it's great for the heat, and almost without fail I get told I look French when wearing it. I even get mistaken as French sometimes in France when I wear it (the ultimate compliment, clearly). It's this one, again in navy:

My experience of (stylish) French women is that they wear quite simple things, but well cut, in good materials. Trying to go all out to look fabulous may well pick you out as a bit try hard.

EmpireBiscuit Tue 08-Jul-14 21:15:19

Is this nice of naff?

EmpireBiscuit Tue 08-Jul-14 21:16:22

Invoice looks quite great gatsby-esq so now wondering about the 1920s?

It's south of France so will be toasty.

EmpireBiscuit Tue 08-Jul-14 21:16:40

Invite not invoice...

SignoraStronza Tue 08-Jul-14 21:22:07

In my experience something Black and dowdy. Dress like you would for a funeral!

littlewhitebag Tue 08-Jul-14 21:30:31

Ted Baker dresses are lovely,they are very British summer garden party/wedding. You are British and i would embrace that and wear whatever you want.

HenI5 Tue 08-Jul-14 23:48:39

It hangs ok at the back if you have a flat bum, but does a weird thing over the bust and makes even that model look pregnant in the close up. I think the wearer needs to be tall and built like a twig to carry it off to be honest.

MsVenus Wed 09-Jul-14 03:59:49

Book a free stylist session at John Lewis and Debenhams and see what they suggest & then use their ideas as a template when you go shopping.

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 09-Jul-14 04:15:51

Not keen on the Ted baker tbh, too printed, pleated, fussy and not a great shape overall. If a dress with the help from a stylist can't make a model look stunning, it's best avoided.

Black and dowdy seems to go down well but a plain shift or skater type dress would see you through too. Remember that if there is a Catholic Church involved in the ceremony, you might want to avoid strapless / cover shoulders as you might feel out of place (most guests will dress conservatively)

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