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Blackhead scrub for 15 year old DS!

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Tansie Sun 08-Jun-14 15:24:10

DS has left his blackheads to multiply thus he is now pickled! He has asked for a scrub to help with them, but I'm not sure what's good. I have told him to give his face a good once over with a facecloth every time he showers or baths, but if there's a product out there to help in the clear up, bring it on!


WitchWay Sun 08-Jun-14 16:41:49

My DS likes Clean & Clear facial scrub - it foams up with water & rinses off

gallicgirl Sun 08-Jun-14 16:42:54

I find st ives apricot scrub works brilliantly.

neutrogena, the white chalky one two in one wash and mask is great. tea tree oil is good too at bedtime and salicylic acid gel from SR skincare, awesome

MyrtleDove Sun 08-Jun-14 17:31:23

Avon do a really good one.

TroyMcClure Sun 08-Jun-14 17:32:31

Go to the drs for acne cream

Tansie Mon 09-Jun-14 18:10:08

Thanks, all- troy thing is, it isn't really 'acne', it's just blackheads.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 09-Jun-14 20:26:08

Ds1 (16) uses clean and clear as well. I can tell when he has used it as his skin clears up. But sometimes he 'forgets' and the spots come back.

seasalt Mon 09-Jun-14 23:04:45

Soap&Glory The Fab Pore face mask is good, can also be used as a scrub.

RonaldMcDonald Tue 10-Jun-14 02:14:16

He needs to use an Olay washcloth sensitive every day
You wet it it lathers up and he can feel squeaky clean
Then bha neutrogena to get rid of the blackheads once and for all. The bha works inside the pore. The washcloth gets rid of the old skin cells
They are excellent products

CillaBlacksOrangeBouffant Tue 10-Jun-14 05:09:06

Couple of soluble aspirin made into a paste and used as a mask as often as needed. Works wonderfully.

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