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Make up- and I never p&t here!

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Sunshinenow Sat 08-Mar-14 13:37:35

Right. Lost 4 stones in weight. got some new clobber.

Next make up. I am 45 and have got competely out of he habit of wearing any.

I have fair skin. More dry skin than anything else.

If you had to create a make up bag set from scratch what would you recommend? Medium cost...or less.

And not used to or very good at applying if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions appreciated.

bouquetofpencils Sat 08-Mar-14 13:57:01

Try a BB cream. I have found the Loreal Nude BB range very flattering and easy and quick to apply ( I have a 7 month old) - I have the BBC cram, eye roll on concealer, blush gel and powder. All are very natural looking.

bouquetofpencils Sat 08-Mar-14 13:57:46

BB cream not BBC cram!

Ulysses Sat 08-Mar-14 14:06:16

I'm a BB fan too and have been wearing Garnier for a couple of years now. I also like the Garnier eye roll on concealer and I have fair skin too, though mine's is more combination. Bourjois do nice products (same umbrella as Chanel) and are long lasting and not too expensive.

Sunshinenow Sat 08-Mar-14 17:43:00

Thank you. Sorry not responding earlier had to rush out!

Sunshinenow Sat 08-Mar-14 17:44:33

I have just googled bb cream. Is ther a one that is recommended?

bouquetofpencils Sat 08-Mar-14 18:34:29

There are so many with different selling points I think you have to try a few. One idea might be to go to all the make up counters, tell them you are getting married (or some such tale!) and want to try some new products. They will give you a makeover and tell you what suits you best.

Sunshinenow Sat 08-Mar-14 18:37:38

Thanks.....will try a big fib.

I think, deep down I am scared of those counters.

Hence needing a few pointers...

Flangeofmingetown Sat 08-Mar-14 18:44:52

Go to MUA counter in Superdrug and buy a shed load of stuff to experiment with. The nude matte eyeshadow collection is fabulous.... and it is really cheap.

Aquelven Sat 08-Mar-14 18:50:16

Go to a Boots No7 counter & get them to use the gadget thingy to find your best shade of foundation.
Max Factor 2000Calorie mascara is brilliant & not expensive

TravelinColour Sat 08-Mar-14 18:53:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DIddled Sat 08-Mar-14 18:55:01

Loreal nude magique cc cream- looks like a white paste - colours on skin contact. I use anti dullness- I am 43 with pale olive /Celtic skin. Brilliant- I rarely use my £££ Clinique foundation now. About a tenner but often on offer. Cc cre bronzer, loreal gel eyeliner with brush (I use golden black less harsh for my colouring) , mascara and lip gloss. Done!!!

Sunshinenow Sat 08-Mar-14 20:54:52

Ooo lots of ideas. Many thanks

thepurplepenguin Sun 09-Mar-14 00:34:34

I would get:
Max factor whipped creme foundation
A BB cream (I use Olay)
Max Factor cream blush
No 7 under eye concealer
Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara
Lip crayon/gloss

RonaldMcDonald Sun 09-Mar-14 03:21:42

use an spf always
i use a primer with an spf but it is expensive

if you aren't used to lots of products how about a foundation with an spf already inside it? revlon
I think you can get a pump to fit it from the mac counter of you'd rather a pump dispenser

mascara? maybelline

blusher stick with maybelline this is a good blusher

again maybelline for the concealer which is also a highlighter...if you have serious stuff going on you will need a decent concealer underneath this

eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows lips are all your own!

OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly Sun 09-Mar-14 03:32:00

Lanacane anti chafing gel is brilliant - just like Smashbox primer apparently but a third of the price. Bourgeois blush in Rose Ambre is lovely. Boots Protect & Perfect for skin care or La Roche Posay. & aldi skin care too - because it's so cheap I sometimes use the serum to take my makeup off!

OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly Sun 09-Mar-14 03:34:25

*Bourjois - dyac!

Deathwatchbeetle Sun 09-Mar-14 08:05:46

Firstly congratulations on losing that amount of weight (jealous). That is fantastic.

Basically you need to decide if your skin is ok or does it need some coverage. If it basically behaves itself, does not have red patches, etc etc, then don't bother with a foundation. Go instead as advised above and go for a BB Cream. There are so many around, some better than others. Have a nosey through the S&B posts for ideas but a good starting point is if you have skincare you like from a particular range, then try their version.TBH some of the cheapies are great. If you feel you need foundation, you will need advice at a make up counter.

Go for a cream blusher rather than powder and as another poster mentioned if you go to Superdrug and they have MUA - they have some very cheap eye shadow palettes. I love their smoky eye one and the nude one too. Sleek (at Boots) have some gorgeous ones too.

Remember if you buy Boots no7 stuff you tend to get vouchers for next time on skin care and make up.

You don't need to pretend you are getting married! Fine if you want a bridal look but any make up assistant worth her salt will ask what look you are aiming for or tell you what you should be playing up. For instance if it is your eyes, she may suggest a smoky look which you can play up at night or down for day time. If you prefer looking natural just say that. You don't have to buy all that they put on you. Especially not the eye shadows that can often be bought elsewhere and cheaper. You can always go back and get other stuff you liked as they write it all down for you.

Having lost weight I bet you can see your cheekbones a lot more now so the make up assistant will probably want to emphasise them more with a highlighter and contour (they usually use a bronzer). Again, anywhere has these so unless you really like the brand and it is not too expensive, do look around (after you know where to put them!). If you buy power blusher/highlighter/contour it goes after face powder. Cream products go before powder if you are wearing it, though if you are careful you can sometime manage to put cream on top of powder -if you are going for a powder foundation job - but that may be too drying for you.

Have fun!!!

Deathwatchbeetle Sun 09-Mar-14 08:10:00

Another thought- BB cream or tinted moisturiser - go for one that says it is hydrating or will give a glow as you have dry skin. However, if you go to a make up counter for a makeover anyway, they are sure to have a BB Cream of their own and can advise.

Eastpoint Sun 09-Mar-14 08:12:47

Just tell someone on a counter you want to update your look. Laura Mercier are a very natural look, MAC are more dramatic.

Sunshinenow Sun 09-Mar-14 09:22:00

Off to the shops today...I will tell you what I bought!

Sunshinenow Sun 09-Mar-14 09:24:20

And, thanks... I have realised when I was a lot heavier I have lost track of myself.

Dowdy hair, no make up...the works.

Beginning to emerge now....

NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Mon 10-Mar-14 13:43:19

I know just how you feel Sunshine - just lost 3.5 stone myself. Just starting to buy make up too - got some Clinique Even Better stuff yesterday, Real Techniques brushes - now just need to dig out make up bits and pieces. What did you buy? Hope you know that Boots have 3 for 2 at the moment!

Deathwatchbeetle Mon 10-Mar-14 16:19:29

Not in Guatemala - congrats on the weight loss!

NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Tue 11-Mar-14 10:34:46

Thanks Deathwatch!

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