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Anyone found some good maternity jeans for tall ladies?

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MrsPeacock Thu 03-Aug-06 13:09:24

Hello Ladies,

I am looking for a pair of good maternity jeans, probably over bump as I tried on a pair of under bumps and found they refused to stay up over my bottom - not a good look. I would need a 34" leg and not too hippy - I usually wear men's jeans as I can get the length and fit I like but obviously they don't allow for my baby belly. Although the shape of some chaps out there it probably wouldn't be a bad idea!

Looking forward to your sugestions.

oliveoil Thu 03-Aug-06 13:10:57

I am 5'9" and a 34 leg and got mine from H&M

Under bump are really uncomfortable, avoid!!!

tassis Thu 03-Aug-06 13:35:27

Next do their in long length and extra long length, but the ones Igot from there (i'm almost 6 foot) are under the bump and i HATE them!

Have a borrowed pair from mamas and papas that are sort of on the bump but comfy and they're long enough.

And I have several pairs of trousers from H&M that are long enough too.

Also have fantastically comfy ones from Long Tall Sally but I got these 3.5 years ago when pregnant with ds. They have the jersey panel bit that is less fashionable at the moment, but I love it.

Dorothy Perkins also do long length and have a good variety of waistlines I think.

ocd Thu 03-Aug-06 13:37:01

does anyone have those pregnancy bands thgns that youw hack over your bummp?

Coolmama Thu 03-Aug-06 21:05:59

am just under 6ft and got fab jeans at topshop (I generally need a 34 to 36 inch leg) - also H & M do great long pants etc - HTH

MrsPeacock Mon 07-Aug-06 10:29:42

Thanks everybody, your tips and tricks are priceless. I notice that DP has long length overbump maternity jeans online, so I plan to give that a go.

MrsPeacock Mon 14-Aug-06 15:35:16

OK, I am properly miserable now. After ordering recommended DP long jeans last week, I called them today to find out where they are, and apparently there was a problem with the payment and order was cancelled. I have to re-order through the website and there are no size 16L over bump jeans left!!
In my hormonal state this nearly set me off in floods of tears but decided to rant here instead.
I am down to 2 pairs of trews that fit at the moment one of which is a pair of white linen trousers that are fine for holidays but far too much like high maintenance for everyday and the weather is foul and I'm too cold in the only skirt that still fits!
Please can someone recommend an online retailler who can help me!

tassis Mon 14-Aug-06 15:38:53

Totally understand the no clothes making you cry thing!

Would it be worth phoning round DP shops?

I'm a real over the bump girl but the pair I'm wearing today are sort of on the bump (i'd have been suspicious!)and very very comfy.

And I'm 35 weeks and feel enormous and not many clothes are still comfy.

These are mamas and papas ones so may well be online. WOrth a look?

Wilbur Mon 14-Aug-06 15:40:19

Another vote for H&M longer lengths. Fab and v comfy. Don't even bother trying anything on in Mothercare, everything was way too short for me and I am not even that tall (5'8")

tassis Mon 14-Aug-06 15:42:40

LTS have a pair online at £40 but they're 36 inch.

I see they don't have 16s in stock but their sizes tend to be enormous so it might be worth trying a 14??

YellowFeathers Mon 14-Aug-06 15:43:54

Have you tried Topshop?
Annoyingly, they sell the same jeans as DP but at a bit more price wise however they do leg lengths and over the bump stylee.
Shame about DP, I always rave about their jeans too.

If you can make it to one (not on-line I know) but I would deffo recommend H&M. They're trousers were only made for taller people IMO. It would be worth a look if you can.

Also check out ebay. Lots of sellers on there who stock DP's jeans. I got some combat type jeans from there which had just come in store, couldn't get them on-line or instore because they sold out but got them buy it now for £10 when they were £35 in store!!!

MrsPeacock Mon 14-Aug-06 16:03:41

Thanks for your support, I am only 20 weeks but feel that as my currently wardrobe is letting me down on the stretch waistband front its time to invest and move into maternity. (Have religiously avoided elasitcated waistbands before pregnancy for fear of turning into my mother.)I was under the impression that these jeans were on their way and am going away at the weekend and had these jeans on my packing list. Might have to pull a sickie at work to get to my nearest H&M although last time I browsed my nearset (Slough) store for maternity stuff I felt quite disappointed.
Apart from the sickie option I am relying completely on the internet to solve this crisis.
Am going to try all powerful ebay now tho, but ANY other hints, tips, tricks so I stop feeling like a whale. (still feeling a bit tearful - bloody hormones and DP.)

BrummieMomInMerthyr Tue 15-Aug-06 11:38:53

I'm 6ft 1 and got my mat jeans from next that were under the bump. They were long enough but i had a bit of a builders bum when i sat down so i "borrowed" a belt of dh which helped i had a prob with tops being long enough so again borrowed off dh! George at asda do mat and a longer length leg.

MrsPeacock Wed 23-Aug-06 14:12:28


Got some jeans from ebay - they were sent from the states and an absolute bargain so got 2 pairs. (£15 each and Brand New!) My favorites are GAP Maternity (I don't think they do that over here) and are dark blue denim with a good ole stretchy over bump band and 34" leg. Pretty damn flattering too I might add.

Thanks for all your help ladies, good to know your are all out there in case of further clothes crisis!

LuceW Wed 22-Oct-08 17:39:05


I'm 6 foot and am desperately trying to find casual "over the bump" trousers/jeans that are long enough - most of the shops do "long length" - up to about 32 inch, 33 inch if lucky - I need minimum 34 inch. Long Tall Sally only does smart trousers, at £45, and Beanpole Bumps trousers are either too expensive or they don't have the right size (am a 14-16). Dorothy Perkins don't have any "over the bump" in my size. I can't work out how to order H&M clothes online if they do indeed do long length (they don't instore), and Gap search just directs me to their US website.

I don't really want to spend more than about £25...any tips...any trousers going second hand? Help please!

ninemonthsandcounting Tue 22-Mar-11 23:47:01

Message deleted

Lizzy38 Fri 17-Mar-17 12:02:12

I bought some over bump jeans on Amazon, they were from funmum and are excellent. Strongly recommended

abc12345 Fri 17-Mar-17 12:03:45

It was a while ago but mine came from top shop and h and m

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