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Do you have an actual 'Style'?

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festered Sun 22-Sep-13 22:37:56

I'm just asking because I am getting a bit bothered with myself for not really having one.

I wear whatever I feel like wearing, I can be glammed up one day and the next I'll wear leggings and a hoodie, one day I'm all rock chick,skinny jeans etc the next I'll wear a girly dress and hat.

I buy clothes based on 'I like that I'll have it', I don't co-ordinate or think 'yeh that's my style'. I just wear whatever. Some women I know are so well put together with what they wear, always look great but always wear the same sort of things.
I also get a lot of hand-me-downs from friends because I love freebies and know people who love fashion and buy things , wear once or twice then have too many clothes and have a clearout-this may be one of the reasons I have so many different types of clothes. I don't know what suits me, body wise or personality wise, at all!

I know this isn't a big deal in any respect, I'm just curious!

SundaySimmons Mon 23-Sep-13 08:16:01

Good question.

I had a conversation about this with my daughter. We were actually talking about her look as I asked her what she was, as she has dreadlocks which are pink, green, blue, lilac, shaved sides of the head and a dress sense all of her own!

I said I like to think my look is Chic.

She rolled her eyes at me and said, "I think you mean, SHIT".

That's teenagers for you! Ha ha

Trills Mon 23-Sep-13 08:23:58

Sort of.

There are things that I wear, and things that I wouldn't wear.

Of course it still varies according to mood and occasion, and everything doesn't have to go with everything else.

"Whatever I feel like wearing" probably isn't the same as "Whatever you feel like wearing".

GrassIsntGreener Mon 23-Sep-13 08:25:50

Usually dark blue jeans and a black top of some sort. Exciting!

BitchyRestingFace Mon 23-Sep-13 08:31:28

I don't really have "a style". I suppose I could group the kinds of things I wear into two loose categories:

1) Attempt at Groomed: neat dark jeans / trousers, fitted cashmere cardi or sweater, BBH-d hair, understated make-up

2) Probably more the real me: skinny jeans and slouchy jumper, lashings of black eyeliner, artfully (I wish) tousled hair, or slouchy jeans, fitted black Threadless t-shirt, same hair and make-up.

I definitely prefer look 2 but do go through phases of loving look 1.

BonaDea Mon 23-Sep-13 08:36:33

What is bbh'd hair?

freddiefrog Mon 23-Sep-13 08:49:06

I don't know if I have a particular style, but I do find things I like and that I think suit me then wear it to death.

I do try and consider how things will fit into my existing wardrobe when buying new stuff, but not everything goes with everything else

GrassIsntGreener Mon 23-Sep-13 08:49:24

Bona-d I want to know this too!

GrassIsntGreener Mon 23-Sep-13 08:49:45

Name totally wrong sorry I was confusing it with bbh-d lol

Hopefully Mon 23-Sep-13 08:50:25

I do have a definite style. I mix it up a lot between casual and more formal, but the actual style of all my clothes is all the same (in my case that means I own precisely nothing that comes under the girly/pretty/polka dot/tea dress/1950s shape/full skirt/bows/classic shape type heading, and plenty of stuff under the leather leggings/edgy/drapey textured stuff/long layers/rock type heading).

But I feel (and look) like a tit in anything from the former list and feel really comfortable and confident in anything from the latter list, so I have no desire to move around! I think if you like playing with lots of different looks, why not?

Yoghurty Mon 23-Sep-13 09:06:20

BBH= babyliss big hair?

I don't have a definite 'style' but I do have a 'look' iyswim?

I have bright red hair and I daily wear defined liquid eyeliner- I suit/love retro style clothing, (full skirts, cropped trousers, tea dresses) but it isn't always appropriate for my work.

My work style is smart with accessories but its not how I like to dress really. I'd love a happy medium but not sure how I'd manage it!

Yoghurty Mon 23-Sep-13 09:07:11

Ha! Hopefully- we're style opposites!

Hopefully Mon 23-Sep-13 09:09:57

Yog my sister dresses just like you and she looks amazing, it's such a cool style. I look and feel like a complete idiot when I attempt it (to the point my own sister full on laughed at me when I tried on one of her dresses recently to see if the neckline suited me). Incidentally, for work she does things like skirt suits but with full circle skirts and smart vintage shapes dresses (50s type stuff), so it's more her style but still smart.

closetcat Mon 23-Sep-13 09:30:24

I aim for smart/put-together yet approachably casual - not very easy! I'm very opinionated on what suits and doesn't suit me which makes clothes shopping a nightmare. I have just bought a navy gilet and I love that look with jeans and a long-sleeve tee but no doubt everyone did it years ago and I'm behind the times. I don't like following fashion trends but I'm so excited that navy and burgundy are 'in' as they are my favourite colours.

I think I'm actually allergic to animal print - don't mind it on others but hate it on me.

PoshPaula Mon 23-Sep-13 09:35:01

Wow I would love someone else to answer this question about me. I don't know anyone who I could ask (without feeling a bit daft). It's difficult to answer about yourself.

QueenCadbury Mon 23-Sep-13 11:34:52

I'd say i have a classic/natural and minimal style. I prefer plain clothes and if patterned they tend to be subtle rather than in your face. My every day style is jeans, converse, blouse and cardigan. I try and be a bit more dressy and glam for nights out.

KneesoftheBee Mon 23-Sep-13 11:44:31

I've always had a slightly bohemian style. It started in the '70s and has been in and out of fashion but I have never really changed. Some time I am "with it" and some time I am dated. I care not a jot.

I am not very good at doing glamorous. I know how to put things together and can look good but I feel very self conscious and can't wait to dress down again.

lifesgreatquestions Mon 23-Sep-13 11:47:39

I have a style for work, but that's because I need to get dressed in 5 minutes so have to have a capsule wardrobe I can rely on. I keep meaning to do this for clothes outside of work as it is so easy! But OP, it doesn't sound like you are looking to change? It's great to be so flexible!

festered Mon 23-Sep-13 17:41:31

Thank you for all the replies-interesting!

I kind of am looking to change, I wish I had a wardrobe that fit together more so didn't require much thought-and I wish I knew what I looked good in and what doesn't work-I have so many different things I wear that some must be totally wrong for me and some not!
I love bohemian styles and retro stuffs, I have a very boxy shape, not curvy at all no boobs/bum but I'm not skinny-so dresses tend to look a bit wrong, but I still wear them if I find one that fits well.
I mean, in the last week I went out on errands one day wearing a black suit and heels, one wearing leopard print hotpants, leggings,boots and a black bomber jacket, another day wearing a floaty leopard print dress and a black velvet hat, today went shopping in skinny jeans, thigh high boots and a long blue shirt....
In the past year my hair has been black, bright pink,variations of the both and now I'm blonde. lol. I love seeing people whose look is totally put together -even if It's very casual.
Maybe I need to get a stylist!

Ujjayi Mon 23-Sep-13 17:42:13

I used to have a style identical to SundaySimmons' daughter 20 years ago.

I would say that my style is bohemian vintage (that sounds pretentious but I have no idea how else to describe it!). I used to wear a lot of 50s dresses & skirts. I still have them but tend to wear them with biker boots and a snuggly cardi rather than in a true "50s housewife" style. In the last year or so I have veered more towards 1930s and early 70s chic - think bias cut & Celia Birtwell rather than Slade grin

My style icon is Laura Bailey and I think my style resonates with hers.....although sadly not the figure nor the clothing budget!

Bumblequeen Mon 23-Sep-13 17:54:26

I have a 'classic' boring look. I buy items that I can wear now and in two years time.

I would love to have different looks:
Bohemian chick
Rock girl
City girl
Casual chic

I do not spend enough on clothes to vary my look. I avoid very fashionable clothes as I cannot afford to replace them when they are no longer 'in'.

I see women that look like they have stepped out of a high fashion magazine and wonder how they do it.

Being in my late 30's I can just about cope with not being over stylish. If I were in my 20's I would probably feel crap.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 23-Sep-13 18:10:52

Princess Anne crossed with Bet Lynch.

SundaySimmons Mon 23-Sep-13 18:57:32

Ujjayi, I agree, Laura Bailey looks different to everyone else but looks fantastic at the same time. Great individual style.

bunnymother Mon 23-Sep-13 19:50:42

"Princess Anne crossed with Bet Lynch." Ha ha ha!

I am Nanna meets Cruella De Ville.

Skinheadmermaid Mon 23-Sep-13 20:01:51

I would like to swan about in retro dresses and heels but i just don't have the budget for it. and i can't walk in heels
I'd say my style is sort of grown up grunge, i live in checked shirts, graphic t shirts, skinny jeans, trainers or dms. I do have a few cute dresses that i love. My obvious tattoos and make up style give whatever i wear a bit of a rockabilly vibe.
That makes me sound scruffier then i actually am- i am artfully dishevelled!

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