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Effaclar K v Effaclar Duo

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Shatteredmumofthree Mon 13-May-13 21:32:13

I'm a sheep, I admit it. Having seen great comments here on the LRP Effaclar range I went to Boots today. Confused!!
I've bought both the K and the Duo - what's the difference? Should I use just one, or one morning / one night?...
My skin is just a mess really, sensitive with loads of pores on nose and breakouts on chin and forehead. Looking for that miracle cream ......gringrin

Shatteredmumofthree Tue 14-May-13 10:59:46

Bump for the morning crowd. Any advice appreciated! thanks

I think the duo is the stronger one. Its really good but does dry my skin a bit so I have to be sparing and not overuse it. I find the cicaplast good when my skin is dry or when I have overdone the salycic acid peel grin the toner thing blue liquid in bottle is good too at brightening skin and closing pores a bit. so advice would be try one morning one night but ease off if its too drying.

Shatteredmumofthree Tue 14-May-13 16:17:16

Thanks StepAway. I used the duo in the end last night and this morning - loved the texture of it. I was tempted by the cicaplast too yesterday - was 25% off in boots.
Fingers crossed for gorgeous summer skin soon!

kiwigirl42 Tue 14-May-13 19:43:07

I think the duo is for when you have active breakouts. I use the K every day to keep spots away. Its very effective. I only use it on my chin, nose and jawline. I use olay serum everywhere else

QuinnFabray Wed 15-May-13 07:07:18

I use the duo on active breakouts, but find I can't use it for more than about three days in a row or my skin gets dry. I use K in between to maintain. I must say my active breakouts are much rarer than before since using Effaclar. I also use the Effaclar toner, alternating with the Physiological soothing toner. And I use Cicaplast when I feel my skin needs it!

Shatteredmumofthree Wed 15-May-13 17:05:55

Thanks Kiwi and Quinn. I've started with duo and will switch to K when my skin clears a bit (hopefully!) or gets too dry.
Fingers crossed for lovely clear skin in my future!

OhThisIsJustGrape Wed 15-May-13 17:08:12

I've been using the blue toning fluid and found it has helped with pore size. Tried the facewash but went back to my MD Formulations glycolic one as didn't rate the LRP one.

Have just received their AI something or other (spot cream basically) in post today so will be trying that out when my hormonal eruptions, erm, erupt smile.

Chemist Direct have 1/3 off entire LRP range at the moment btw.

OhThisIsJustGrape Wed 15-May-13 17:09:22

Oh and meant to say I love, love, love their effeclar mat moisturiser. It's the only one I've ever used that I can slap on industrial amounts of when my skin decides to randomly turn very dry without it breaking me out.

Shatteredmumofthree Wed 15-May-13 22:07:53

Thanks Grape. Will be interested to know what you think of the AI cream and I'll keep the moisturiser on the wish list for next month!!

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