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Who has been shopping for spring/summer clothes for kids?

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Earlybird Fri 12-May-06 22:45:20

What shops/chains have good spring/summer clothes this season for children?
What do the collections look like at H&M? Zara? Gap? Others?
Or should I knock it on the head and shop online or via catalogues?

Anyone seen any especially cute children's swimming costumes?

Any awful tacky disaster collections that should be avoided at all costs?

GDG Fri 12-May-06 22:59:13

I went through boys stuff from last yr to find most of the shorts still fit ds1 and ds2. Then I did a big bulk shop at Boden

I'm going to go to John Lewis for some quicksilver t-shirts as they are usually nice.

Would be good to hear about others though - I never get out shopping enough to go to Zara, Gap etc but have some opportunities for shopping coming up if it would be worth it.

puff Fri 12-May-06 23:04:33

pretty much as GDG - went through ds1s summer gear from last year, passed on to ds2, bought new stuff for ds1 from Boden and 1 or 2 things for ds2.

I really like Bodens kids clothes because they cope well with being tumble dried over and over

GDG Fri 12-May-06 23:10:10

Agree puff - at the risk of sounding utterly housewifey, they never lose shape or colour - totally fabbo clothes and pass downable (is that a word?!) - handy if you have 3 boys!

Ds2 LOVES his shark t-shirts from Boden and wants to wear them every day!

puff Fri 12-May-06 23:11:37

yep - I've been through most other brands and Boden is tumble dry/no ironing nirvana , so I don't mind shelling out for it

bossykate Fri 12-May-06 23:16:26

i have a boy and a girl so the hand me down arguments are lost on me i'm afraid!

boden clothes are ok, imo/e - much better for girls than boys unless you plan to hand down (not so much of consideration for us), so i only buy in the sales.

actually, i rarely buy new stuff (prefer to check out nearly new sales for kids clothes), but if i do i find la redoute is the best value.

choice, style, price - all good.


supakids Fri 12-May-06 23:17:33

I like monsoon, got some lovely linen trousers for ds 4 today, bit pricey mind but he looks really great with his linen artist smock and sandals.

Earlybird Sat 13-May-06 00:17:22

Are the M&S clothes for kids any good? The women's clothes have made such a comeback, I wondered if the same is true of the children's line.

Earlybird Sat 13-May-06 07:54:55

So many of you mention Boden - when did the spring/summer catalogue come out? Is it likely they'll now be out of alot of the more appealing things?

blueteddy Sat 13-May-06 08:46:30

Message withdrawn

blueteddy Sat 13-May-06 08:47:10

Message withdrawn

blueteddy Sat 13-May-06 08:47:10

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blueteddy Sat 13-May-06 08:47:28

Message withdrawn

Luggs Sat 13-May-06 08:56:38

Mostly Mini Boden for my DS - he especially loves the T shirts with sharp, cool, monkey etc and they are a lovely soft cotton. Don't shrink in the wash and wear really well. Also a few bits from baby gap.

Earlybird Mon 15-May-06 10:13:08

bumping for other feedback....

Piffle Mon 15-May-06 10:17:54

I got some Boden, a gorgeous dress, sandals hat, few tops and trousers.
Also got some Gap and Gymboree while in the USA, also have some Vertbaudet on the way.

puddle Mon 15-May-06 10:18:33

I have a boy and a girl. Have bought stuff from Zara for both - I especially like the boys thing which are brightly coloured and not the usual sludgy greens/ greys/ navy colours you get in other shops. Have got a few Boden bits from ebay but have been searching everywhere for some plain coloured t-shirts and can't find any anywhere so may well have to buy new from Boden.

NatalieJane Mon 15-May-06 10:20:05

Debenhams, M&S and Adams are all nice for the summer stuff, Next and Gap have really gone down in my book though, don't really do much on line shopping for DS so not sure about that, and I am only talking about boys clothes

hulababy Mon 15-May-06 10:22:01

Next and Gap for young girls are rubbish this year. Not a fan of Boden on the whole for DD either.

A lot of DD's everyday clothes this spring/summer has come from George at Asda. Had some much nicer designs than elsewhere.

Pumpkin patch and Gymboree (online) are big favourites here. Love their 3/4 trousers and top sets for DD.

Got DD a very sweet swimsuit and matching skirt from Vertbaudet. Wasn't too impopressed with a lot of their other stuff though this year.

Love Monsoon for more special bits, but I no longer spend that much on every day clothes for her. LOL!

LucyCampCat Mon 15-May-06 10:23:52

I like La Redoute and they seem to have some sort of sale on already, their clothes are a bit more 'European' (obviously!) and are more generous than vertbaudet which I need to buy at least 1 year above for my dd's.

and they're different...... so noone says ooh is that Next/Boden?

swedishmum Mon 15-May-06 10:36:14

Beware La Redoute's up tp 20% off sale - I ordered loads of stuff, added my code, and only got £3 off one pair of trousers - not even a discount on a top actually featured as reduced in their flyer! Have emailed and asked them to explain the con before they lose my custom.

Dd aged 2 has holiday clothes from H and M, plus bought tons of 75p tesco t shirts that the older ones will tie dye for her to wear over swimsuits. I really don't like Next, M and S has some weird puff ball sundresses. I find the older ones harder to buy for - especially my 10 year old.

LucyCampCat Mon 15-May-06 11:34:04

oooh that's not good! have you tried to phone them?

mousiemousie Wed 17-May-06 18:35:42

I have a 6 yr old dd. This year I have bought some ridiculously pricy Oilily stuff including a skirt that doesn't suit my dd but she likes it ! And a sweet dress that I have managed to buy a bit too small. Durr.

I also found some great stuff in H&M - loved their AW 0506 range too - fun designs and good prices! DD's favourites from there were cotton bolero cardigans; I liked the animal tshirts and the sweety inspired ranges.

Normally I think Next quality is good but hate the designs - however this season I have found better than usual. The larger stores have the best of the ranges IMO.

I find Gap much better for the 5 and unders than for the over 5's...they just don't have anything that great. Curent range is a bit better than normal but still not great IMO.

One of my faves is Noa Noa but dd is not a huge fan and the clothes don't seem to fit her lifestyle...she has lots of stuff from here that was expensive and stays unworn . So I have given up on that for her now!

Jigsaw is expensive and duff. Redoute & vertbaudet I found disappointing this year. Bought a couple of dresses from Boden but found it generally uninspired!

There is a new Charlie & Lola range out which is cute but I think it only goes up to age 5.

Gymboree is nice - I miss having a local shop

NotAnOtter Wed 17-May-06 18:37:18

boys 13,9 zara/la redoute

Girl 11 Zara and tonnes of it

boy 3 Monsoon !

Baby boy bog all!

thirtysomething Wed 17-May-06 18:58:32

puddle do you have an Asda? they're fab for cheap plain t-shirts!
I've bought ds stuff from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, H and M and Pumpkin Patch;
DD has loads of Asda plain t-shirts to wear with Boden frilly/patterned pedal pushers and patterned cropped trousers. Plus she has a lot of bright tops from H and M and some everyday t-shirts from Tesco. Always buy a couple of sundresses from H and M too.
Only buy Boden for dd now as ds refuses to wear their stuff!
can someone please explain vertbaudet sizes to me, as I always have to send their stuff back?
Is ds wears size 7-8 normally, what size would he be?

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