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Help me - Complete Makeover

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ProtegeMoi Tue 01-Jan-13 03:43:26

I need some serious wardrobe help, I am going for a COMPLETE makeover and could really do with advice from more knowledgeable posters.

I have fallen into a rut. I am 27 years old and yet still wearing the same style as when I was a teen. I have NO decent clothes, mainly because I find it hard to buy things. Its so bad that I am STILL wearing my (now rather loose) maternity clothes and my baby is 7 months!

I don't even know what dress size I am. I think 14-16 as I am wearing 12-14 at present but they are maternity.

I look shit and I know it, have stopped bothering with make up / hair as seems no point. My appearance is really getting me down so need to do something about it.

My goals are:

1) Buy whole new wardrobe.
How will I know what suits my shape, floaters etc. And where should I be looking (only shop at supermarkets in the past). I am not on a huge budget so reasonably priced.

2) Get accesories, shoes, coats etc. to go with my new wardrobe.

3) Have my hair restyled. Again how do I know what suits? Its lifeless at the minute, shoulder length brown that is always scrapped back.

4) Throw away all my old make up and rebuy in colours that suit.

I am so ckueless, I don't know what would look good. I don't know my body shape, I don't know my skin tones etc.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise me, point me in the right direction and help me change my life.

Will add a pic of me to profile as soon as I can figure out how to do it. There is NOTHING I like about my appearance, it all needs to change.

womblingalong Tue 01-Jan-13 13:32:43

Think the darker hair colour suits you better than the blonde, would keep it sophisticated.

I would definitely get your foundation match from No7, it's brilliant, and suggest you go for a touch of blusher and some tinted lip balm/sheer lipstick, and a bit of mascara. The blusher will help to warm up your skin tone, and the lips/mascara will help you look groomed. Should only take 3-5 mins every day.

ProtegeMoi Tue 01-Jan-13 13:39:17

Thinking about a darkish red brown colour all over for my hair, how does that sound?

I do like having a bright colour through as well, if the blonde is out how about a bright red.

A bit like this?,r:9,s:200,i:31

TitWillow Tue 01-Jan-13 13:43:09

Yes, like it. Very bright red can be ageing though, I would ask your hairdresser for advice. But then I liked the blond!

DancingInTheMoonlight Tue 01-Jan-13 13:46:15

Strong Red looks great initially but fades really quickly and can go pinky. Id go for a nice red/brown base and a choppy cut initially and maybe add to it as time goes on and you suss out if you like the style/cut.

drownangels Tue 01-Jan-13 14:01:05

No to bright red.
It tends to be worn on bee young trendy types or over weight middle age women trying to hard to be edgy.
You are neither.

midnightinmoscow Tue 01-Jan-13 14:21:27

I think the bright red is a bad idea, agree with drownangels that it can look a bit too 'try hard'.

If you say it can be dry and frizzy, sounds like you need a good cut and then some conditioning treatments. I think L'oreal products are the best on the high street. They are made by the same company as many high end hair products.

Oh, and I would look at Primark for skinnies. They are very good, and seem to get the best vote on here for high street skinnies.

ProtegeMoi Tue 01-Jan-13 19:46:49

Ok bright red is gone.
I do have a tendancy to like things that are too young for me, my style dosn't seem to have changed much since I was a teen.

If it wasn't for the fact I am still carrying baby weight i'd be wearing a military jacket, black skinnies and striped armwarmers lol.

In fact will put pic up now of my pre-pregnancy style, need to find a way to 'age' it in a way now I have children.

ProtegeMoi Tue 01-Jan-13 19:54:26

Primark skinnies are a good idea, I do like skinny jeans and I don't want to spend a lot as am dieting at present so still hoping to drop 2 dress sizes and get back to my pre-baby weight.

midnightinmoscow Tue 01-Jan-13 21:16:15

Just had a look at your new pics. I get the feeing your hair is thick, but fine in texture and therefore has a tendency to go flat. Exactly the same as mine.

I find that having colour in my hair (I high light though) helps, it seems to give it more texture. You may also need more 'choppy' layers in your hair.

Have a look on ebay for some hair products. I use a Tigi blow dry balm, and pick it up for £8 on ebay. It's £18 in a salon.

Make-up wise I think you need to have a consultation at a beauty counter. If your budget is restricted that spend ££ on things like a good base and bronzer. I think that Max Factor is excellent for mid range products. Try and go to the counter at a quiet time and ask them to do your make up. Ask for a list of the products they used, don't feel you need to buy them straight off.

Then look at some of the cheaper brands for some of the products, such as MUA and sleek (both in Superdrug).

SavoyCabbage Tue 01-Jan-13 21:29:11

I think you hair is nice. It looks 'good quality' if you know what I mean! Like Dancing said, you could go for choppier. Like this

midnightinmoscow Tue 01-Jan-13 21:31:11

What about something like this

sleeplessinsuburbia Wed 02-Jan-13 03:09:17

I saw your links and I don't like either.

The jeans are too high if you have weight on your belly, go just under your belly button.

The dress will make you look fat. If you want loose tops they have to end above your hip or you'll hide your shape. I'd go for the forgiving bohemian kaftan-y tops in a block colour if you must wear loose with a wrist cuff if you want jewelry.

I wouldn't go shorter in length until you have established your style a bit but have more layers.

I actually think you're starting at a good place so you should see great results easily.

sleeplessinsuburbia Wed 02-Jan-13 03:22:18

I just saw your new photo and I see that you'd probably prefer a more out there look.

The last photo your basics are all fine but I think you played it too safe. I would have added a tight cardigan in a bright colour (50s) style with heavier makeup (you look washed out) and hair up with something bright to match the cardigan in it. I like your fringe. And probably a better bra to give the 50s silhouette.

I think you need to have a safe style with one quirky statement piece in your chosen style I just mentioned the 50s because of the dress in your last picture.

Trying not to sound bossy but baby annoying me!

ProtegeMoi Thu 03-Jan-13 00:12:52

midnight spot on, my hair drives me mad, I curl it and it drops out in seconds! I do like the link you suggested.

sleepless Thank you for your opinion on the links, tried the dress on today and hated the way it looked.

I often go for looser tops to try and hide the still present baby belly. I need new bras but am still breastfeeding and stuck in nursing bras so waiting until DD weans.

I do love 50's dresses but never quite sure how to style them and look 'finished' so thank you for the tips.

That particular dress, what colour cardigan would you go for?

Been straightening my hair and doing my make up every day so far and have given away all my maternity clothes. Now have very little to wear but it,s given me the motivation to actually get some new clothes.

sleeplessinsuburbia Thu 03-Jan-13 00:40:03

I would have gone a red or apple green cardigan. I just googled some rockabilly accessories on sites like diablo Jo's and pinupgirlclothing and saw some cute head scarfs etc which I would add to the skinny jeans and plain coloured fitted top. Maybe get some colorful flats and buy a couple scarfs/ hair pieces/ or jewelry to add until you get more confidence.

Well done for doing hair and make up, that's the more time consuming part than getting dressed!

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