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Foundation sits in my pores is there any solution?

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NotMostPeople Sat 28-Jan-12 13:53:51

I've tried with and without a primer and with and without my Clinique pore mattifying lotion. Foundation just makes me look worse, but I'm in my forties and I need it to even out skin tone. I use a hot cloth cleanser and the pores aren't blocked, but they are big.

What can I do?

cyb Sat 28-Jan-12 14:21:03

what make are you using?

ClothesOfSand Sat 28-Jan-12 14:32:25

I have had tried many primers in an attempt to resolve exactly the same problem. The best that I have found is YSL matt touch primer. The next best is Dr Brandt Pores No More pore refiner.

I have also heard people say smash box photo finish primer is good for covering pores but I haven't tried it.

Chandon Sat 28-Jan-12 14:34:56

Go to the beauty counters of benefit, bobbi brown and tell them your problem They will give you a make over and you can see if you like the result. They will be very quiet at this time of year.

MissBerta Sat 28-Jan-12 14:38:40

Definitely splash out on aa good foundation, if you haven't already. Little things like waiting for foundation to 'settle' before applying loose powder helps. How do you apply it? Perhaps try a foundtion brush or sponge if you haven't already. I love using a brush, it gives a more even coverage.

NotMostPeople Sat 28-Jan-12 16:33:13

Currently using Estee Lauder I think it's called Daywear something like that. I had a sample, it looked good, but it was a one off. I've tried applying with a brush or fingers. I don't think it's the application, but the fact I've got huge open pores, so inevitably the foundations fills the holes and the pigment is deeper where the holes are.

I think maybe I'll have to trawl the counters, will start off with those suggested.

hettie Sat 28-Jan-12 17:59:46

I've had large pores for years and had just accepted them (at my age I've accepted pore minimisers as a waste of money). BUT..... For the last 3 days have been using a sample of decleor neroli serum/oil and my poes are shrinking, am amazed tbh and waiting for it to stop 'working'. I reckon the sample will last a week which should be enough to see if it works (for you too).

ggirl Sat 28-Jan-12 18:01:16

Try bare minerals , I have capacious pores and it's the best for me

mrsmartin Sat 28-Jan-12 18:36:45

hettie and ggirl are both right! It really depends on your budget but you need to look at both your skincare and make up. I used to have MASSIVE pores across my nose - when I wore liquid foundation my nose resembled a golf ball!!! That, coupled with painful breakouts on my jawline, made for a less than pretty face.

Now my skin is flawless (if I do say so myself!)

Skincare - the best thing I have found is Elemis Tri-enzyme facial wash. I use it morning and night after cleansing and my skin is like glass. I then use a decleor oil (neroli, rose or iris depending on what mood I'm in) - 3 drops massaged over the face and neck is enough. I also use Elemis PCMC in the morning, Tri enzyme night cream at night. My skin is 100% sorted and my pores appear closed and smooth.

Make-up - Bare Escentuals is the BEST thing for large pores. All make-up works best with a primer (I use Mally or Laura Geller depending on the effect I want). However, I used BE for two years without primer and it was still excellent. They have BE counters in most Debenhams/House of Frasers now so you should be able to get a free 'make under' and try it out without committing. That said, there are top rated sellers on ebay that sell mini sample pots for a few pounds and QVC have great offers (I like sets and brushes so always buy my products from them!).

cyb Sat 28-Jan-12 18:37:33

I got one of those Sonic cleanse brushes and my skin is looking MUCh better pore wise

mrsmartin Sat 28-Jan-12 18:42:06

Also Hettie - I don't know how big your sample is but 5ml should last you 2 months (if used once per day) - just turn your vial upside down on your fingers and then back over again (like with a purfume sample) - 3 fingers is enough for a full face and neck. Warm the oil between your fingers and then 'dapple' all over your face and neck before massaging in. If you like the oil - try the night balm because you will be amazed when you wake up in the morning (say hello to baby-bum skin!!)

ClothesOfSand Sat 28-Jan-12 18:55:20

Hettie, I assumed that my pores were big now because I was getting old. I used to use Decleor Neroli oil every day but stopped using it about a year ago. I'm going to get some more and see if my pores reduce again.

NotMostPeople Sat 28-Jan-12 19:16:58

I'm afraid to say that I've got one of those bare minerals sets and it doesn't disguise my pores at all just makes them more 3D. I've read on here that the trick is to buff lots, honestly it just doesn't work for my craters. I do find that overall mineral look a bit dull and lacking in luminosity.

The decleor serum sounds worth trying. Budget wise I'm not too restricted. I'm using md solutions glycolic cleanser with a hot cloth, which keep the pores nice and clean. I've read that nothing will shrink them so I'm assuming that my only option is to cover.

Bienchen Sat 28-Jan-12 19:43:17

Clarins Lisse Minute is my godsend, not sure whether it is still readily available but it is on sale in France for sure. I was given a sample pot and when it is nearly gone I will have to buy it, it sure evens out a few large pores I have.

lucidlady Sat 28-Jan-12 19:49:07

Benefit do a really good pore minimiser.

dreamingbohemian Sat 28-Jan-12 19:50:13

I also think you need to look at skincare -- my pores have gotten smaller since I started using some new products (including a facial wash after cleansing).

You said you need to even out your skin -- is it redness the problem? There are loads of products for rosacea and redness, both skincare and makeup.

I now use an Avene anti-redness facial cleanser, it's lovely and so soft, and my skin is so much less blotchy that a lot of times I don't need foundation at all now.

AmazingDisgrace Sat 28-Jan-12 20:24:33

I'm also using the Elemis Tri Enzyme facial wash followed by Elemis toner and moisturising with wish upon a jar (at the moment - tend to do 6 weeks 'on' with WUAJ and 12 weeks 'off' my skin has gone from very dry to combination in the last two years and I can decide which moisturiser works other than WUAJ) Seeing good results from the Elemis especially if I leave it on for a minute before rinsing off.

mrsmartin Sun 29-Jan-12 00:03:03

I was so surprised that some people find B.E accentuates their pores that I paid a visit to my friend and used her as a guinea-pig. She has awful pock-mark scars all over her face but using mally primer (it's like a thick mousse and helped to fill in the scars) and B.E foundation (original) I managed to make her skin look really smooth. I do think skin prep is key with bare escentuals - that and technique. You should buff for the same amount of time as it takes to sing happy birthday twice through. A kabuki brush gives the quickest coverage and the max concealer brush really makes the foundation cover anything. So if you still have some - give it another go.

Also - Alpha H liquid gold can work miracles overnight.

ChiefPotterer Sun 29-Jan-12 09:15:13

The Benefit Dr Feelgood was great for this - is it still around?.

Chandon Sun 29-Jan-12 09:40:40

Dr Feelgood was vaseline mixed with a bit talcum, if I remember! (Always read the ingredients).

They are now pushing the pore minimiser. pore minimisers are mainly silicone (found on ingredients list as dimeticone or triclometicone) so it works as a temporary stop-gap.

In the end ageing, sunbathing and genetics cause large pores. Not much that can be done other than good skin care, and putting the silicone on for a night out....

MordechaiVanunu Sun 29-Jan-12 14:15:48

BAre Escentuals was the worse thing for highlighting my pores, made me look awful.

Love their primer though. Use this with a matte foundation (I use estee lauder double wear light) but NO powder.

NotMostPeople Mon 30-Jan-12 19:42:43

Just reporting back. I got a sample of the benefit pore minimiser which has good reviews and tried it with bare minerals foundation on top and I didn't look 3d or spotty! Still not convinced by the bare minerals look, so am going to try th benefit stuff with my Estée Lauder foundation tomorrow.

Emo76 Mon 30-Jan-12 21:59:39

The Clinique little tube is it pore minimiser works for me, bit like polyfilla !

NotMostPeople Mon 30-Jan-12 22:38:45

Emo I have that one too, it's good stuff but I find that you can't put anything on top of it. The benefit one is similar, but comes in a bigger tube and is designed to be a primer rather than just for the uber pores.

thepureemporia Fri 03-Feb-12 17:29:16

Go for a mineral makeup - they work with your skin allowing it to breathe rather than some that sit there.

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