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Dressing an apple - a great big cooking apple

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2blessed2bstressed Fri 16-Sep-11 13:36:12

Please help me!
I need some new things for winter and am really struggling to find anything that is even remotely flattering - I spent a fair amount of time last winter politely (mostly) explaining that no, I'm not pregnant, just fat. But just tummy fat, my arms are actually quite toned, and dp says I have great legs.
I'm a sahm, mid 40's 5'3 and a half. Size 12 on the bottom, and 16 on top - thanks to aforementioned tummy.
I really want casual, easy to wear stuff that still looks relatively "trendy". My two closest friends are both glossy blonde size 8's. I occasionally stick pins in tiny dolls of them - to date, neither has noticed! I like having my nails done, always wear make up and thanks to good genes, look a fair bit younger than I am. I lost weight over the summer, but as it's started to get colder I've started craving more carbs and it's sneaking back on, ounce by ounce.
I have access to internet...obviously, and a budget of £500 for at least 3 or 4 "outfits".
Do you think any of you can advise? I'm begging you.....

Gillybobs Fri 16-Sep-11 15:13:09

Im an apple too, bit taller than you at 5'7" but biggest thing for me is discovering "column dressing" where you layer a cardi over a hip length top, different colours or one plain/one patterned. The eye just seems to see the panel of the top thats on show and having a cardi layered over the top hides lumps and bumps (I find!)

Id start with fab dark wash slim or skinny jeans (I have recently discoverd the Levi CUrve ID jeans. If you dont live near a Levi store you can do a little online questionnaire that determines your best fit. I came out as "demi curve" and they are fab. I usually have a problem getting jeans to fit as my tummy needs much bigger size than my hips but these are cut with apples in mind. Have a look here online

Then Id decide on my colour palette and buy a few tops and cardis that will all go together. I like Mint Velvet for things like this cardi which Id wear with something like this underneath. I know stripes are supposed to be unflattering but as long as its not too tight I think they look really smart. (Although I would wear a tummy control vest under it, see comment below : ))

Another style I find flattering is this kind of top with a band at the bottom, the way the fabric hangs at the front means it doesnt cling or accentuate your tummy. Lots of these tops around if you look carefully

I do often wear a "vest" type top under my casual tops to hold me in. Id invest in a couple of these

Fwiw, I always think if you have great boots /leather bag it can really add a touch of luxe to your casual wear. I like Topshop and Oasis for bags that are a bit interesting and not too pricey. And I rarely leave home without a nice scarf on too, its all in the details!


Gillybobs Fri 16-Sep-11 15:17:18

Sorry that blue top I linked to doesnt have the waistband I thought, its this type of shape I meant here

2blessed2bstressed Fri 16-Sep-11 23:14:16

Thank you so much for replying, the mint velvet tops look lovely! I've got a couple of really nice bags, and scarves by the armful, so accessories are covered! I might investigate the levi jeans too - I do think a fab pair of jeans would be a good start.

msbunbury Sat 17-Sep-11 10:32:01

I haven't really got any advice - I'm in a similar boat but bigger than you - I liked the way you phrased the thread title though!!

LiveYourBestLife Sat 17-Sep-11 10:58:01

Try broad/wide & plunge neckline tops that finish below the hips. Layer with v neckline cardi. Try trench coats that end somewhere between the hips and above the knee. Straight leg pants/jeans with a bit of stretch. Keep all fashion detail and fuss around your top half and a kitten heel for elegance. Hope this helps

SaggyHairyArse Sat 17-Sep-11 11:11:56

If you want to lose weight, and I am saying you do or you should feel that you should btw, then the South Beach diet is great for apple shapes - but it is low carb. I am an apple and it worked wonders for me, it basically works on the basis that we indulge ourselves too much in carbs and refined products and you sort of detox for two weeks and then introduce a healthy eating plan. It is brill!

As for the issue of clothing, when I was an apple I found wearing shift style dresses with leggings/tights/boots a winner in the winter. I found if I wore jeans and a top it sort of emphasises my middle which is the bit I do not want emphasising!!!!

And dresses and boots are easy to wear!

Avinalarf Sat 17-Sep-11 13:21:46

I'm a tall apple with good legs and second the shift dress or a-line tunic with thick tights and knee boots look. It is very easy to wear and hides a multitude of sins.

SaggyHairyArse Sun 18-Sep-11 22:36:33

My post was meant to read "and I am NOT saying you do...." blush

2blessed2bstressed Sun 18-Sep-11 23:29:36

Saggy...oh but I do! I've actually got a personal trainer who comes to the house and forces me to exercise blush and it was going ok for a while - I lost a stone over the early summer, but its all back!
I think dresses might be the future...

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