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Anyone tried that 'beach head' styling stuff?

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jennifersofia Thu 08-Sep-11 22:03:10

Apparently it gives you the tousled look of a sandy salty day at the beach...

PonceyMcPonce Thu 08-Sep-11 22:05:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jennifersofia Thu 08-Sep-11 22:10:50

Yeah, I was wondering about that. I was thinking it might make my fine hair fuller, but I wasn't sure if it would just dry it out.

PonceyMcPonce Thu 08-Sep-11 22:14:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LemonDifficult Thu 08-Sep-11 22:17:00

My friend's look has been transformed by the stuff. She has fine straight hair and now she'd beaching it up it's all scruffy and funky and she looks great.

But she was quite gorgeous to begin with.

TragicallyHip Thu 08-Sep-11 22:27:13

I've been using Alberto Umbro (sp) Salt spray and I love it. Also got the backcomb spray that does a good job on my roots. Haven't tried any other salt sprays.

smartyparts Fri 09-Sep-11 00:33:11

After a day on the beach, I look like a crazy woman with mad, frizzy hair.

I would not want to replicate this look.

Beesok Fri 09-Sep-11 01:04:29

personally I prefer the equivalent product of Fekkai (I think it's ocean something) B&B was too drying for me...
Also am not an expert but I think it depends on your hair - I think these products work best on medium-fine hair that already has a tendency to go wavy - my hair dries naturally in soft wavey curls so a product like this gives them a more defined look

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 09-Sep-11 06:55:51

I use the Fekkai one. But Toni and guy do a blow out spray that's half protein half salt so it maintains the condition of your hair.
If it's volume you are after go for bumble and bumble thickening products. They are excellent.

fayeso Fri 09-Sep-11 20:39:54

I agree with smartypants-a day on the beach for me has me looking like a possessed middle aged mad woman....not someting I think is worth paying money for to replicate. I hate salt sprays etc anyway-my hair is greasy and sticky enough without these products!!!

jennifersofia Fri 09-Sep-11 23:09:28

Very helpful ladies - trip to Boots tomorrow methinks!

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